[MMD] – Yandere Simulator “Finally” episode 3 Deceive

[MMD] – Yandere Simulator “Finally”  episode 3 Deceive

Hope Present (People Talking) Ayano : Hello my name is Aishi Ayano, I come from Kudo school. Everybody : Yeah!!! Student Vice President: Now let’s take her to another club first. Have fun !! (stare!!) Atsu : Hi….. Ayano : Yes?…. Atsu : Ummm..I’m Atsu.Nice to meet you.Ayano Ayano : Oh!……Yes…….So do i me too. Ayano : Bye…… “Budo Evil” Text in paper : Meet me at Shisunatown after class at student hotel on deck. I have something to talk to from Ayano. Hanako : Brother.What’s the matter? Hanako : Don’t let me Know.If you Have a girlfriend!!. Hanako : Otherwise. Yamada : Why!!!.What will you want with me?!! Subscribe to me^^ Write a lecture by Hope Roman

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