Mobile Legends New Skin | 10 Upcoming Skin 2019 | GOD OF MLBB

Mobile Legends New Skin | 10 Upcoming Skin 2019 | GOD OF MLBB

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  1. Legal a maioria, só queria saber porquê que sempre as do moskov são as mais ruins? Meu personagem favorito e sempre que tem skin nova pra ele sempre é da survey mais feia e pobre em detalhes. Ae moonton tem preconceito com o trevoso mano? ??‍♂️ assim fica difícil pra eu comprar pow.

  2. me lovely the skin of angela . Vampire
    Another skin what me like uuh irithel , ling and another
    Conclixion todos XDDD

  3. Moonton: this is awesome skin for you guys. Hope you guys enjoy it.
    Me: where is yss new skin? Even layla have more skin than him.

  4. The only thing I like about Lesley’s Legend Skin is her Ult and Intro…. thats pretty much it. Spending $100 for what seems to be an Epic skin with new voicelines and a special recall effect aint really doing it for me. The Zodiac Helcurt is where its at!

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  7. Bantu event ml skin epic

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