Mobile Legends New Skin | 35 Upcoming Skin 2019 | GOD OF MLBB

Mobile Legends New Skin | 35 Upcoming Skin 2019 | GOD OF MLBB

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  1. 0:03 Dyrroth special
    0:16 X-Borg Elite (Moto Drifter)
    0:30 Terizla Elite (Flare)
    0:45 Esmeralda Elite (poison vine)
    0:53 Guinevere Special (Amethyst Dance)
    1:05 Granger Special (BioSoldier) n epic skin
    1:42 Harith Special (fashion expert) n epic skin
    2:11 Change special (Floral Elfo)
    2:36 Jawhead skin
    2:50 Lesley Legend (Angelic agent)
    3:02 Lancelot Epic (floral knight)
    3:26 Irithel Epic (Astral Wanderer)
    4:08 Kimmy Elite (Charge Leader)
    4:32 Lylia Elite
    4:47 Maria Elite (Deathrock)
    5:00 Lunox Zodiac (Libra)
    5:15 Aldous Epic ❤️ I LOVE THIS SKIN
    5:30 Selena Starlight
    5:50 Kaja Elite (Horror whiplash) n epic skin
    6:10 Angela special
    6:27 Zhask Special
    6:44 Hylos S13 (Jungle watcher)
    7:10 Karrie epic
    7:37 Yi-shun shin Epic (Lone Destructor)
    7:51 Gord Elite (No.1Controller)
    8:05 Hayabusa Epic
    8:19 Fanny Epic
    8:43 Bruno Limited (PSG striker)
    8:56 Bane Elite (Business Tycoon)
    9:09 akai elite (stream recluse)
    9:25 Alucard Epic
    9:40 Tigreal Epic
    9:52 Nana Epic

  2. Alucard- Valorous Chevalier Sword

    Tigreal- Dauntless Chevalier Shield

    Harith- Master of Arcane Spells

    Granger- Resolute Chevalier Spear

    Fanny- Righteous Chevalier Wings

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  4. I always wonder if the mystery squad is connected to saber or venom squad or they squad will be the one to stop the fight beetween the two squads

  5. I wish they make a jotaro from jjba for badang with star platinum effects
    That would be cool for moonton and badang users

  6. Pa shout out idol ❤????
    Hinge ako skin idol
    Server: 3580 hk3
    Skin: V.E.N.O.M Gusion
    I hope i can get skin
    Ilove all your video and god bless idol
    Pag patuloy mo lang po ang pag vivid sobrang nagustohan kopo hehehe ulove all your video idoland i always support your channel and videos?❤???

  7. Click on this link and let's help each other on the event ^^

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