Mobile Legends New Skin | 7 Upcoming Skin 2020 l GOD OF MLBB

Mobile Legends New Skin | 7 Upcoming Skin 2020 l GOD OF MLBB


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  1. I want the lunox skin so bad… My best hero is lunox oof… I rlly want all her skins but th eonly one I don't have is zodiac and this XD its Sooo beautiful I'm going to pray that lunox aint lucky box…

  2. Lol.

    I watched this and after i said to myself
    “I wanted some skins”
    checks diamonds

    Imma just stick to this plain one

  3. lunox’s skin looks basic (i’m a lunox main). that’d be beautiful if moonton didn’t stick to only purple, blue, yellow and orange. black and white would be sooo beautiful.

  4. Lunox's skin looks nice but it could've been better. The hair, wings and outfit all look gorgeous but the colors are too similar with her previous skins. I wish they can change it to smth with a touch of green so she'll look more of an enchantress.

  5. I was waiting for new Lylia skin for a long time but now I think I'll buy her idol skin bc it's much better than that 😥

  6. Odett skin her dress better than Lunox,Lunox Epic skin maybe Odett just Starlight skin I don't know I just feel like that

  7. Lunox still have blue and yellow look and skill effect in almost every new skin of her, I’m still waiting for different colour and skill effect, if not I won’t buy her skin.

  8. Why is every lunox skill blue and yellow?! I'm bored of it.I thought MLBB were going to make her skill effects purple or pink or sumthin. Skill effects are good but skill colours are trash 👎🏻

  9. These starlight skins.. man.. they keep getting more dull and ugly by the month, February's one just looks like a "I can't be arsed" recolour.. at least make them bright, fun, interesting, special.. they're a big selling point of getting Starlight to begin with, make people want to purchase it.

  10. Lunox has too many skins man. And they're kinda boring. How abt give other heroes with less than 4 skins some new skin ?

  11. Lunox is already pretty, and now she'd gotten the prettiest skin, as a Lunox main and Winx lover, I almost shouted in love by that fairy based skin, even had to use my hands to cover so I wouldn't wake up my mom…

  12. I'm literally crying when I saw oddeth and lunox skin Like I don't have dias but I really want them soo bad 😭😢

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