Mobile Legends New Skin | All Upcoming Skin 2020 | GOD OF MLBB

Mobile Legends New Skin | All Upcoming Skin 2020 | GOD OF MLBB

All Upcoming Skin 2019

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  1. Please help me then I help you back
    Just gi
    give me your link in the comments after done help me

  2. I hope add of other abily of saber 1st in saber its so weak sometime not damage in enemy please upgrade saber to use better..

  3. 10:27 The Pharsa bird should change, because in the presentation of the hero appears an owl and why not in battle ?! There are errors!



  6. Help me

  7. Respect? ive just created my channel inspired by you. more power bro. Pls support my channel love you all??

  8. Can you guys please help me with this? Let's help each other out.

  9. Skin lightborn gratis

  10. Add more items special are magic resistance tank item plsssss. If you see my idea is good so every 6 mounths pls add 1 special skin for lucky spin. I think you need at least 4 skins for that :((

  11. help me i will help you back please

  12. Pahelp po sa event just click and login ty

  13. Please click link to help! You can win rewards too! Reply with your and i will help you back!

  14. Legit Free skin ni alucard and tigreal mga idol ❤

  15. yang mau d back aku ada 2 akun


  17. Help pls

    Let's help each other out, comment your link below

  19. Skin For Moonton free

  20. I bought the Dangerous love skin instead of Cheergunner.. now I'm thinking of buying cheergunner just for painted skin

  21. Poor vale you have been forgotten again…. they release you on original server late and now they dont even make you a new skin…. huhuhu..
    Been waiting for vale new skin…
    Hi to all Vale users..

  22. Can u help me to get a skin?
    I will help u back

  23. can u help me? and i will help u too

  24. so lunox got 3 skins in 2019 and get another skin in 2020.. kagura doesn't have skin in 2019 and also in 2020.. wtf

  25. Send mebur links

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