Monthly Favorites Video! Luxury Items, Cheap Skin Care, Fitness! Reviews

Monthly Favorites Video! Luxury Items, Cheap Skin Care, Fitness! Reviews

five four three two one hi guys it’s
Blake and welcome to my channel I’m really excited about today’s video
because I’m going to be doing drumroll please …..
jazz hands…. a monthly favorites video! *slight laugh* so I haven’t done a monthly favorites
video in the longest time I feel like it’s been over a year maybe two years
and it’s just been a long time coming. I want to make this a monthly segment on
my channel but you guys already know I’m literally the worst youtuber I’m like
the worst at uploading and editing and all that but I’m trying and that’s what
counts that’s the important part January 2020 has been an absolutely
insane month I’m just gonna start that video off saying… from disease to
almost starting a world war to the death of a freaking legend it just been
absolutely insane and I just wanted to say a couple things I think it’s more
important now than ever to just be kind to each other to put love and positive
energy into the world it sounds really cheesy but it really
does make a difference when you’re trying to be a good person and you’re
being good to other people especially the people around you and the people
that you care about it really makes a difference so my message to you right
now is to make sure that you hug the people close to you that you tell your
friends you care about them your family that you love them just put some love
into the world and be a kind person that’s all that I am trying to say but
anyways so let’s just get on with this video because I’m not the most eloquent
speaker but my heart is in the right place okay I’m actually gonna get into
it by showing you the first two things which I’m actually wearing and they are
these rings um this one this one is actually what I got for Christmas is a
cartier love ring and it has three diamonds in it and I just think it is
super cute it’s like flashy but it’s not too flashy
I think it’s like a little bit understated and it’s just a gold ring
with three diamonds in it it’s super cute
I’ve been wearing it pretty much every single day and my mom always gets mad at
me and I said this in another video but I’m gonna repeat it I like to wear it on
my ring finger like my marriage ring finger and my mom yells at me she’s like
get it off that finger like I want you to meet somebody I want you to find a
man like you can’t do it if you have a ring on this finger anyways I thought
that was funny but the other ring I have an absolutely loving no pun intended is
this love ring I hope you guys can see it this autofocus has just been really
trying me you guys it really has been okay so it just is love and there’s like
a little random gemstone in it pardon my ugly hands I’ve been wearing
both of these it’s funny because this is like the love ring and then this is
literally a love ring I got this one from Cartier for a lot of money and this
one I got from TJ Maxx for like 14 dollars and I’m absolutely in love um I
actually have a bone to pick with some people that feel like everything they
own has to be expensive I don’t understand that mentality because of
course like I’m just one of those people that I love my expensive pieces but I
like just like them here and they’re like expensive jewelry I like nice shoes
and occasionally like nice sweaters and stuff but not everything has to be super
flashy and expensive I don’t know if that makes sense like I’m the kind of
person that will have the really expensive gold and diamond ring next to
the random stainless steel ring I don’t even know what this is you know what I
mean I just does anybody else keep bugged by that when somebody has to be
all designer everything I just find that kind of weird but anyways um the next
thing that I’m absolutely in love with is these little glasses and this is not
the case and it cannot be this is a random okay but these are the glasses
these are Ray Bans and it’s their collection with Ferrari actually so they
are red on this side it has the Ray Beyond logo and then on this side it has
the Ferrari logo which I’m gonna try to get in here for you but you already know
this autofocus isn’t my friend anyways it basically it says Ferrari simple I
love that it has the red little nose pieces I just think that’s super cool
and I like the silver I’m usually a cold person but like I felt with the silver
so so that they look like they’re a little like a red sporty harrypotter
look you know like you know well God didn’t love you so
so yeah I think these are kind of cute and I’ll keep them on for a second oh no
anyways um the next thing I’m gonna keep going with this little red theme is this
bag so I used to wear bags a lot like purse person is and I never really cared
and then I just got out of the habit of wearing them and I’ve been wearing this
a lot actually it is this little Louie Vuitton I’m double zip across the body I
think it’s super cute it’s like not super I mean I guess it is kind of
flashy and showy but I just like that it’s so small I look like so
disproportioned and the shirt right now I don’t know what the hell is happening
just it’s been like really big lately I don’t know what’s happening because I’m
working out good anyways I absolutely love this bag I think it’s super cute on
the back side it is pink I like how it has like the two zippers like this one I
usually put like my cards and everything and then on it has to wait so I could
put like my sunglasses and there and they don’t get scratched up they also
have this little middle part which is perfect for a Trader Joe’s receipt gotta
love Trader Joe’s and yeah just super cute super nifty and handy dandy
actually they can wear these I think that’s cute I’m actually gonna move on
to some skin products that I’ve been loving I’ll get away from like the
clothing aspect and everything um first thing that I have been loving is
actually this moisturizer and I have a really cheap skincare routine I actually
want to do a video on it in the future I don’t have the best skin but it’s good
for like where it is right now I don’t know it’s good for how it has been for
pretty much all of my life I’ve struggled with acne I was on accutane
which worked for a little bit and then it ended up like making my skin pretty
bad again anyways or it got worse again I don’t
know if that makes sense but this is one of the only moisturizers I can use that
doesn’t break me out is by CeraVe and it’s called facial moisturizing lotion
ultra lite and it is supposed to be for a night time but I pretty much use it
anytime I go through a lot of these because I’m across campus but anyways
great moisturizer if you guys want to use one that’s like cheap I think it’s
drugs really $10 I would definitely recommend
this one it’s how I stay Cloe and that’s all okay the other thing that I have
been loving our spa treatment so I actually got this spa treatment from
Dermalogica it’s called clear start and I it was working initially like the
first two times I used it and then ever since then it just hasn’t been working
for me so I don’t recommend this one but I do recommend this spot treatment by
Murad this has been super good for spa treatment when I do get those little
pesky like acne spots and my biggest problem is actually shaving because when
I shave and I try to like you know be smooth this moon plane you know it it
just it messes on my skin so what I’ve been using for that is after I shave
I’ve been using this stuff it’s called the cool fix I really love this stuff
because it’s been helping with my ingrowns on my face I get them pretty
bad and I absolutely hate it when I do get them I use like the spa treatment on
it but this has been preventing them for a while my actually oh shit I actually
got turned on to this by my friend tiwa he has a YouTube channel on here hi to
you all if you watch this but this is just the best stuff it’s not like really
smelling you where you’re gonna feel like you’re gonna smell that alcohol and
you’re not gonna really burn it just nice and it works really well I also
like that it says a portion of the proceeds of the sale a proportion of
approach to basically money when you buy this goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma
Society which i think is awesome it’s also not tested on animals which is
pretty cool I just absolutely love this and anyways next thing that I’ve been in
love with actually is these shoes so I just got another pair and that’s why
they aren’t worn but I have been in love with just simple white fans I feel like
they are so understated and I think everybody wears them but I’m just
getting into them now for a long time I only wanted to wear like oh design
she’s like a only wonder where the creature the product whatever I’m over
that I’m like so fine with rocking some bands and like trashing some vamps
because these are gonna get so messed up so fast but of course I had to get X I’m
sorry of course I had to get extra cushioning because I feel like that’s
just good to have support and everything like that but these are just really cute
and I love them and I’m obsessed with vans even though they kind of like
squish me feet at the top I’m between sizes with them so it’s it’s a love-hate
relationship so yeah another thing I have been loving is actually this jacket
it’s been like super cold in Arizona you guys not super cold to spend in like the
50s and 60s but that’s cold for Arizona considering it gets to be like 115
degrees in the summer but anyways I have been rocking this jacket a lot recently
it is from diesel and I love this color green I have green eyes so that really
like makes them pop but it’s kind of like a military style like some of the
details it has like the little big military buttons and this thingy okay
you guys can see anyways so it’s just like it’s like it’s just cute and it
kind of like can be like casual but it could also be kind of dressy if you want
it to be usually I wear just like all black on this and it’s kind of a cute
look so I’m really obsessed with this jacket I think I got it at socks and I
got in a couple years ago but I’ve just been wearing it a lot recently get over
there another thing I’ve been working out like
you non-stop I actually got a personal trainer and I have a video that I’m
working on with them not with them I’m making a video of them training me and
it’s been a really long road but that video will come out soon I really want
to do like a fitness part of my channel where I kind of talk about my little
fitness journey and like what I’m doing and sharing tips and stuff but some of
the things that I’ve been using like reusable water bottles and reusable
things basically what I’m using is this friggin bread blender bottle I’ve been
using a bunch of them I have so many it’s ridicules it literally
by 10:00 the entire top drawer of my dishwasher is full of these I think they
are super cool ooh and you can put like your smoothies in them you can put your
like protein in that but I just like putting water in them ice water and then
but I got them from teaching max for like six or seven dollars just awesome
they’re BPA free and it says genuine yeah okay anyway it’s one of the last
things I’m actually going to show you guys something that I’ve been hating and
I used to love this frickin tanner it’s called I love paradise I’ve used this
tanner a lot when I tell you the last couple times that I used it I have ended
up a freaking oompa-loompa look like the freaking President of the United States
like a state’s like a Cheeto I don’t know what I’m saying
basically this stuff goes on clear and so when you’re using it you don’t
necessarily know like how much you’re putting on or how it’s going so you can
literally end up with like one tip white and 1/2 tanh and it’s really rough it’s
like a good color but I’ve just ended up like messing it up so many times that
it’s not even worth buying anymore I’ll get a different one so yeah that’s been
one thing I have been like hating recently I loved it and now I hate it
and the other thing that’s been a monthly favorite of mine is actually a
show that I used to watch when I was little it’s called avatar last airbender
I absolutely loved this show and I feel so stupid for saying it and it’s like a
guilty pleasure mine to be honest but um I love it and I you actually if I was to
be a character I would be Katara I would be a waterbender because I’m an
emotional cancer and yeah if you guys used to watch that show like let me know
like what character you were and if you liked it and like who what bender you
would be because I just I just like so anyways that it’s like my little monthly
favorites video I’m pretty much done I don’t think I if I forgot something oh
well that’s what it does I’ll show you next month but yeah I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and if you did then make sure to give it a big thumbs up and
subscribe to me Blake Allen also turn on post notifications that’s like a little
block bell I love you so much and just remember you guys that likes the mast
the world’s a mess everything seems to be a vest right now so let’s be messes
together bye

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  1. Only you can get away with calling a Cartier ring with diamonds understated! Love you for this! I fully agree that style hasn´t anything to do with wearing brands from head to toe- what counts is expressing your personality. xxx PS: the Diesel jacket looks mega cute- a bit retro 40ies . "Little big buttons," you are priceless xxx

  2. Hiya Blake, I’m still alive, lol. My mental health has sucked donkey balls the past few months, hence my disappearance. Fun video, you look adorable always and I’m so glad you are doing better. I’ve got 2 new youtubers I’ve been watching. James and Robert Welsh. One (hot!) twin does skincare, the other makeup. You will love them so check them out and tell me what you think. 🌸💕🌸

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