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  1. To be honest, we don't need foldable phones, but it's necessary for technology development so that it can be implemented in other devices that can actually be useful.

  2. Foldable phones are not great. I don't like them. I have no issues fitting my pixel 3xl in my pocket. Clothing needs bigger pockets for phones

  3. 300$ screen replacement "cheaper that an iphone 11 pro". Cmon folks, where did we stopped carrying about repairability ? Don't buy shit phone that cost a arm to repair. screen replacement on iphone 8 was like 40$ !

  4. YOur shop in Germany is a disaster. They sent me the wrong items and now they do not answer anymore because the don't have the right parts. In the meanwhile I got moisture in my phone and the the front camera is now blurry.

  5. I mean it's "folding phone" with a touch screen. Why wouldn't it be complicated as shit? You want to make sure it still works and continues to work when it's closed. I can see why there's a lot of flexible cables and its moderate specs. Though I still don't think it's even $1500, maybe like $1400 or $1350

  6. Why do women's pants have such tiny pockets? I literally don't know where I'd put all the stuff I carry in my pockets if my pockets were that small >.>

  7. Foldable phone > Bar phones. Japanese ppl did folding flip phones before anyone else and did it better imo and nobody knew about them ~

  8. I'm even more confused about how these things work, looks like it's just two displays? But how can it look like one whilst folding?

  9. You don't need a femoid reading a script when we can all see it's a man taking the phone apart. Please have the person with the know how giving the commentary because her valley accent is obnoxious and has no place in a tech video.

  10. Yo I had no idea Ifixit has a channel. Not gonna lie I bought 2 tool kits for $20 one because the first broke and now the second one. And it was casual use. I have been looking for a kit that is more expensive and better and did not know who to pick. The very fact I see this has a huge YT channel with a real following. I think I am going Ifixit next. I have seen Linus sponsor it, but didn't know this many people liked the company. Must say something about the product.

  11. Big, small, fold or not… If you don't put the phone on airplane mode, stick it in your pocket, figure on getting irradiated… so tell me, which pocket are you sticking that phone in… just image that part falling off.

  12. I cam tell this technology took a while to develop… But processor evolution is too quick.. If it was 850 it would sell

  13. Milhões de dólares em investimento pra fazer uma porcaria dessas por dentro, e ainda cobra o preço de uma moto nova.
    Não elogiando a Samsung, mais ela sabe fazer o serviço bem. Por isso está na frente das demais concorrentes.

  14. They need props for this design tbh. This isn’t an everyday phone. I think we call agree that it’s more a collectors item.

  15. Im sorry but apart from the batteries being glued into place this doesn't look that hard. I'd give it like a 4 in repareability

  16. but looki nice remake not that NOKIA 3310 remake who was fail. The original 3310 was nice but they fail on remake. Motorola make a goo and nice remake.

  17. The innards look rather cheap. I mean, they're probably not – but conventional bar phone innards seem more wholesome. It may be high-end now but a resurgence of cheap flip phones doesn't seem impossible.

  18. Moto razr 2020 is a easy disappointment! I think galaxy s20 ultra and Galaxy Z flip is going flip this disappointment!

  19. Wait.. wait… THIS THING IS 1500$???????? A Motorola phone?? I honestly thought this would be a budget phone, if it wasnt foldable it probably would be.

  20. I find all the negative reviews about the new motorola razor disheartening.Theres this general rationale going on the internet,right now that if its not an Apple product or a Samsung product then its an inferior product.Say a company like Motorola who has a history of innovation,from the tvs they used to manufacture,to cellphones.Thatre trying change things up.And came up with something that is truly exciting.Then you have a company,that is well known for copying others Samsung.Copying the original Razr,Then the Iphone.Now the Razor foldable with the zflip.Everyones excited about the zflip because its a samsung.But Motorola was the one that started it all and everyone is criticizing them.Im glad im getting my Razr foldable today.

  21. I would have personally given it a 2 since it's components were fairly modular. What happened to repair radio? I haven't seen you post any new episodes in a while.

  22. While they show a "typical" total of 2510 mAh, this teardown also allows us to see that they are truly only "rated" for 2350 mAh. When the battery is that small, that extra 160 mAh is not nothing. If paying $1500, you'd think they'd make sure the "rated" capacity was 2500 mAh – under promise, over deliver.

  23. I don't understand the necessity of sticking a phone in your jean pockets. It doesn't make sense. People don't take care of their electronics and think they are going to survive.

  24. Since fold phones are on trending these days, I'm wondering if it will become standard in the next five years or so.. I would probably love it.

  25. I feel like a 3 or 4 would have been a better rating for it. It has a lot of modularity inside it given the screen they had to work with

  26. IMHO, iFixit ratings are total bullshit and this one is a prime example where a – even in the video mentioned – nondestructive disassembly IS possible but it still only receives a lousy 1. And why even bother reviewing devices for their serviceability anyway when it's obvious that it wasn't meant to be serviceable? A serviceable phone/device will look totally different than a non serviceable one and unless you're into screws being visible everywhere chances are high you're not getting a serviceable one!

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