Muesli Made From Tears

Muesli Made From Tears

Muesli Made From Tears You know, my life’s been pretty hard lately. All these children don’t listen to me. I don’t know informatic code as well, as I did before. “I stopped writing funny comments on a city’s FB page, and after that even started taking walks in the rain in my shorts, that I bought for 5 bucks at the bazaar.” “Until that wondrous encounter happened.” Whoa, some poor sod just like me. Should take him to the bar, Gonna tell him what I know about informatic code. Hey, friend, was it you who brought me here? Here is a drink to you! Did you know, that I am a part of a secret organization of Earth’s protectors from aliens! Do you wish to join us? Of course! “I was so happy!” Oh, woe is me! Ilf, I have been hit! Oh no! Don’t die! Ah, wait half a jiff, their bullets are imaginary. What? Really? Yes, really. Have you not believed me? Yup. Well, let’s move on. So I was reading this page, Are you a real villain – Adolf Hitler? For Ancestors! Haha, I deceived you, Ilf! What a simpleton! You’re a dead man! “Our friendship turned out to be a lie. but Ancestors have been avenged…”

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