MV REACTION | BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears | KIM TAEHYUNG!!

MV REACTION | BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears | KIM TAEHYUNG!!

oh and it look like a soft wheat I needed for ideas are you sure wanna like welcome back to so sweet ignore the background but today we’re happy to go [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh No [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] oh that’s what he too was a link to the second the evil way the wish and all to have anything to do don’t know round three oh come on sir so it’s not over you you thought [Music] teaser the teaser where they look at it agent oh my god [Music] oh you look so good it’s gonna be 9x MP oh oh why did I surprise I did you see that yeah my boys now oh I do is that you know it’s not yes shoulders I like you this is why we have dress I saw a screenshot of this ostrich I’ll be like yes that was it I was like cool okay yeah it’s me hey it’s me Evan like it’s generous oh oh yeah that’s you oh here’s a weird fellow oh it’s cute I should [Applause] did I really just hear them Oh cracking did you see his bad-boy our new zio same don’t act like you don’t see spoilers to like jump in the air toes jigna I’m done and done I tell you he do I’m so good why didn’t you cover each other’s Holland Mike open your eyes to the ground near the car washes with okay we’re gonna go look at theories now already dead this is actually my gosh I’m actually my ghost ghost we’re gonna go look at their ease bye bye so we’ve come up with theories kind of it’s not like the phone so you don’t like the statue with like the black wings knife Jen was kissing we’re saying that like the statue is tay because of the scars on his back because we run the wings yeah and like we’re saying that jen practically kiss Tay that’s their theory our theory here and human because sugar the wine bold order me isn’t it it was an arrow with Rama Jong Kook Jong yes oh my chicken cook I hate not gonna bat in the cookie took up Cookie Monster Cookie Monster cookie what’s he buying stuff I don’t remember new was even Jimmy – yeah yeah because of the painting in the last mean individual shock moving sock are gonna be yeah that’s precious they always thought of oh but can I be like oh my god I love how he has been contact what is very long hair one myself I own it when we all fell at the same time that was unbidden falling fur dude they were so ruined this music video my theory was that like visa fallen angel because his wings are cut off oh yeah yeah I mean it’s but did you see his back figure oh we did okay so now we’re going to watch Tiger perform like I’m suffering this is the best bridge it kind of lost it when I saw him backstage and then I was like this coming you and then I waved hot so much in the mid cards and then you notice me

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  1. 6:29 that girl in the back is like ‘BITCHES watcha think you doin fangirlin over mah hubbys’ 😂😂😂

  2. They have a thing for taehyung he is my bias wreaker so ik how they feel you can guess who my bias is XD IT IS SO EASY

  3. They all have different biases so when theirs comes on they cheer and scream for them but when V comes on everyone screams because V is everyones bias too! Also, which girl is the one who like Suga and V! Which ever one she is! I Vote for You and I appreciate You! I haven't seen someone else have Suga and V as their biases other than me! So we're a team!

  4. taehyung has joined the chat 2:48 taehyung left the chat me: (dies) of taeyungs beautyness Taeyung: oh yeah yeh guys yoi se dat GUYS IM GUUUD me: (DIES MORE PAINFULLYTHEN EVER) LUUUUUL jim: Hey its meh turn nah 3:53 heck YEH BOIS IM SEXY LOOK AT MEH BODY ITS GUD Taehyung: NOO LOOK AT MEH SEXYNESS 3:59 IN YO FACE JIM Jim: oh Fawk you man kookie: guys stop fighting and look at my beauty 2:57 J: naw they ain't sexy or cute but is this sexy and cute :^) 3:16 alright I'm done with this cringy shit k bye now

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