[MV REACTION I French/ ENG SUB] BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears

[MV REACTION I French/ ENG SUB] BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Hellooooo It’s start with happiness We have to ok ?! Before getting a mental breakdown in few minutes It’s so stressful gawwd So if you didn’t read the title or if you didn’t understand or if you’re not able to read (IRONIC) i start well you’re already aggressive OK ! that’s amazing lol Noo you have to know that I’m sweet Any way … OMG she’s worst This is the comeback of BTS with their new fullalbum (WHICH WILL LITERALLY KILL US with WINGS) Fistly they made us really thinking with the short films That was torturing Let’s talk about the waiting time everydays and suddenly for Jin THE BIG TROLL The same for the photo Are you kidding me Any way Let’s react to the MV managed by the agency who is the best to make us doubted When you seen that there was the word “Stigma” in the MV No more dream They just use every elements they hide It seems that they do a milkshake they put everything in and serve it Yep that’s true !! OK now for real let’s see it let’s torture ourselves OH and by the way a little precision his BIAS is Tae , it’s the V But I don’t really have a BIAS well no I have And after that’s Nam (Rap Monster) OK she has pyramids That’s it I have pyramids ahah I have Tae (V) then JHope and Nam For me it’s Yoongi (Suga) and Jimin is my bias breaker well in the teaser we understand that it was Yoonmin So if you understand now you know that I love the “Yoonmin” So that means I’ll be in a state worse than you YEAH I think it too For me I think it will be OK, I will handle this Let’s go now because we film the intro a little bit before cause at 5pm we will be there like “refresh that pageee” See you right after to us in state of brain death Here we go Let’s goo Ho** sh** It’s loading And suddenly there’s an error during the loading Oh no no there’s not an error OMG !! We are already 93 views and 1400 likes ^^ I LOVE YOUTUBE ! I check the sound , full screen and all of that… I saw Hobi OMG I’m so scared/// Stop it stop it we have to stay concentrate Well well Jimin and Yoongi It’s Yoongi no, am I wrong!? No I’m right I have to acclimate myself to the hair colors OHHH ! V ! He is so… To the visual the qualities (in unison) it’s SUPER I love so much it’s really well done Frankly it’s clean /// At that point they will overtake Sherlock as the MV the most expensive of the history Jin is so pretty ! And that’s always him that…Why Jin ? Please explain us I like him with pink hair //// We will never know why with bighit I like Nam as well when he had pink hair I’m scared the music comes OH LORD ! Dying time !!!!! It matchs with them a mature concept OOHH damn the background music //I like it so much I like it too and Jimin is so good looking like this OMG they kill me /// The dance is damn good Mmh they will put every elements of the short films But visually I love /// That’s so good It change so much from what they did until now It’s more clean // We can see that they grow up// yeah! AAh I’m dying !! Why dying ahhhh it was him under the veil !?/// YAASS ! /// Oh keep calm i didn’t see Did you not see the image on twitter !? He is so damn pretty, Kook by the way We can’t say otherwise I love the dance Ah this is so good I like when Hobi is in the middle He has pretty hair OOOHHH that was the step to not do But why is he dress like a torero !!?? Let’s not ask questions /// He is my bias but to not die I have to keep calm But when he dances I can’t We didn’t see the scene with you know the … the smoke What the … NOOO Oh that’s teaser’s scene/// yess ! But there is the one with the… (smoke ) who is still missing Wait why Tae ? I did not understand ! It’s so goooood !! /// YAASS ! I will play it constantly But is it “money” ? I think so ! // So it’s money and not drug or sex in that one May be in the other songs of the album because they said that the concept will be the temptation with money , drug and sex Here it becomes “50 shades of grey” “50 shades of min” because it’s Yoongi poor Jimin It was Jin under !? I thought it was Jimin /// Yeah me too because of the lips ///yes the lips These two have the larger lips It is true ^^ Oh no Nam don’t do it again with your sentences !! Let him express himself OK It is not the end Oh god you will kill us No way it’s 4 minutes now and it’s about 6 minutes Here I’m dead Is it Yoongi that hold Jimin !? /// Yes it is We already saw it in the teaser /// Wait why…/// Ssshhut up he play piano /// Keep calm ! What the ??? ///Is it Jin !? Wellll good question Thanks to the hair I wasn’t sure but… WTF! Wow ! OH we see the wings’ traces /// That’s V What the !!!!!!???? Oh my god ///The colors like on the paint /// So it was Tae on it But no look Jimin has the colors tears too OK so the sentence on the wall we have to read it /// But I think It’s in German or in latin /// No because there was a word like “much” Are you sure because there was a thing that look like in German There is always Jin with flowers Wait Whut ?! Hold on so …/// Is it the like the same thing as the paint you know the guy age on the paint but not for real !? Here Jin looks himself in the mirror so he ages with a fissure /// Yes but here V is important V because he had the traces of wings Jimin when he puts off the bandage there is ////Yes for V there are wings but they were cut and put on the statue /// We will see a second time That’s strange ///OK let’s see it a second time ok ?? We watched it again///It was too much emotions So we watched it again and we were more like detectives That’s it so I will talk about Yoonmin and you’ll talk about V and Jin There is separated part with the analyze of the MV because it was too long to watch. We will put the link in the description below

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