My morning skincare routine for glowing skin with Tretinoin (Retin A)

My morning skincare routine for glowing skin with Tretinoin (Retin A)

Using prescription Retinoids can lead to irritation and flakiness So if you want to know how to keep your skin calm, glowing and hydrated, just keep watching! Because I’m going to show you My morning routine for prescription retinoids. Hi, I’m Doctor Anne. I’m a medical doctor with a passion for skin care that works. On this channel We explore the science behind skin and do quick reviews So you learn to pick exactly those products that work for your individual skin concern. If this is something you’re interested in, please consider subscribing and ring the notification bell! The key to a gentle morning routine is of course gentle products. I do cleanse my face in the mornings after Retinoids, because I want to get every last bit off, and one cleanser that I personally think is amazing for that is The Inkey List Oil and Water Double Cleanser. It’s a double phasic cleanser that you need to shake up and it’s both thorough enough to get rid of all the product, but it’s really Gentle and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. You can just rinse it off without residue, which I did off camera because this is not my bathroom, My bathroom is so teeny-tiny and I can’t film in there. Next up is a light hydrating layer and I use the pixi Milky Tonic for this. You could use any essence or any other Hydrating toner or face mist, whatever you like and I just press that in all over my face, on my neck and get way down To my boobs, which I’m for obvious reasons not showing on camera. Then: more hydration. I’m currently using the Instytutum Super Serum. It is quite expensive, any other humectant serum would work as well. But I love the texture of this one, It really feels like nothing and sinks in immediately. I like to mix in a few drops off of The Ordinary Buffet, which is hydrating as well But contains a few other peptides that I prefer to have on hand for my aging 40-plus skin. Then I want some anti oxidants in my skincare routine and I opt for The Inkey List Q10 because I don’t like to use Vitamin C when introducing strong retinoids. You could totally do that if your skin is fine with it And you have reached the peak strength of retinol that you want to use, but for me currently it is a little too much. This is more of a lotion-ey serum than a watery serum, so in the summertime this is enough as last step in my skincare routine before my sunscreen. In the winter I like to follow it up with a dedicated Moisturizer, but first the eyes. The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Serum should come as no surprise if you’ve been around here for a while. It is my desert island favorite eye-product to reduce puffiness, help with dark circles and just overall for Brightening my under eye area. And then another product from The Inkey List – I swear it’s not sponsored, I just like using their stuff. Not even PR, I purchased all this myself. Yeah, another The Inkey List product that I’ve been testing is the Snow Mushroom moisturizer. This one is supposed to calm redness and irritation. Now I don’t have a lot of redness usually in my skin, but some irritation now that I am again on strong prescription retinoids It contains a few soothing ingredients, I’ll have full review up soon. If you have of course really dry skin, use something heavier in winter. Last step, always, sun or shine, ins winter or summer is Sunscreen. This is the ISDIN Photoprotector Fusion Water SPF 50 Plus. It’s really lightweight, It’s my favorite sunscreen and I´ve used it for years and make sure you really apply a decent amount This might feel like a lot at first, but trust me, it sinks in and you won’t notice it and you’re well protected. Now It’s time for me to let that sink in, get dressed, make the bed and I’ll be back with a bonus tip! Now that I´m dressed and it’s time to do my makeup, a quick bonus tip: Usually the flakiness around here and here, especially on the second day after using retinoids gets worse as the day goes on, and Most foundations look off, because they separate and they just enhance the flakiness. So what I found works best for me in these days is just taking a creamy concealer like the NARS Creamy Concealer one, any Hydrating one will do, and just use that of course under the eyes and then just a little bit around the nose here Maybe some on the tip of the nose Chin and up here and just work that in with your fingers that way your skin looks more even and lifted because it covers the areas of redness But you don’t get the flakiness and the foundation that’s falling off your face. Yes, if you have a lot of blemishes like this one, you might need to do extra spot concealing which is time-consuming, But trust me it will look a lot better than covering your full face in Foundation, and that’s it for me! I´m going to link to more videos on the screen about Retinoids if this is a topic you’re interested in and, yeah, am going to see you all very soon another video. Bye!

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