My Simple Skin Care Routines For Acne And Dry Skin | Chris Gibson

My Simple Skin Care Routines For Acne And Dry Skin | Chris Gibson

well hey everybody welcome back to the channel today if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson I’m your skin care expert and I’m here to help you get your best skin ever and on this channel we talk about skin care product skin care routine skin care gurus skin clear issues or problems when we fix those so if that’s your thing do me a big favor and hit that subscribe button and the little notification bell so that you know when I have new videos up each week that way you don’t miss them okay so today this video is gonna be a little bit different and the reason for that is I need to talk to you guys about skincare routines and there’s a lot of you that have just started recently following me as well that may not know about a tool that I have in place to help you figure that out but I know most of us would like to have a skincare routine that one works and who is really short and then there are some of you who like Madeline Petch and her 38 step skincare routine that lasts two hours yeah two hours be sure and check out my reaction video on that one really love the process so much that you put a lot of time into it and that’s all good it doesn’t really matter what it is is what it is for you but I’d be doing us all a disservice if I said that one skincare routine fits everybody that’s just not the truth it’s just like saying one skincare product or one skincare product line is gonna work for everyone and solve all their problems it’s just their skin is too diverse we are too diverse it doesn’t work that way and for those of you who are subscribed which is a really another good reason to subscribe I just ran a poll on YouTube with you guys and it was called tell me your top skincare concerns what are they and first place was everything breaks me out second place was I don’t understand what products do or I would like to understand more about how products work and which products are right for me followed by dry skin oily skin and so on so right there there’s diversity even in the poll just like there is in all of us and in what skincare routine is the right one now the skincare industry as a whole would like us to follow the 4 to 5 formula rule which is normal skin oily skin dry skin combination in acne-prone skin they really like to put us all in that bubble and have us all operate within that and choose products from that sort of mentality but they’re Guinea doesn’t work our skin is a tapestry of genetics and age and sensitivities and yes those other five things so how in the world are you supposed to figure out which products are right in which routine is right well I have an answer for you about a year ago I put together a skin so fabulous network or it’s sort of like an interactive blog that’s also an app that can go on your phone or you can just access it from your laptop and because you guys ask such great questions you really really do and YouTube makes it really difficult for us to interact and a lot of you kind of shy away from putting your personal skincare issues in the comments in a video on YouTube I get that it makes total sense so about a year ago I put together as I said this network skin so fabulous Network and it’s designed to help you figure out what your true skin type is or as I like to call it skin type ID and I made this really easy for you to do and join us over there because over there you have the ability to interact with me even instant messaging you have the ability to interact with other people that are in that community for those particular concerns and it’s all free so you have access to my 25 years what kind of it really been that long skin care experience along with everybody else so I really want to encourage you to jump down to the video description box and hit that link and join us over there because there are so much more content that isn’t on YouTube that’s there and we all get to interact with each other and it’s a lot of fun and a lot of helpful information gets passed along and the really great thing is that once you join us over there you have the ability to figure out what your skin type ideas in like ten minutes plus it’s going to tell you what products you should be using what ingredients to stay away from which things are best for you it really is going to be a helpful tool and it’ll save you having to watch thirty five of my videos although I would love you to binge watch my stuff because when you guys been watching YouTube loves me and we grow so but that said it really is mostly important that you get the help that you need so this tool is for you it’s not for me it’s for you but I really enjoy anorak with you guys over there now I’m also gonna put the six steps to flawless skin video series right over here so I highly recommend you check those out because they too will help you get the right skin care routine and product mix going for yourself in addition to joining us over on the skin so fabulous Network which of course I hope you do again that tool is designed for you I know it’s a short one today folks thank you so much for for watching and supporting the channel it means the world to me I really love you guys so that said I will see you guys over on the next video or on the network

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  1. Great video and so good to see guys promoting skincare so im a new subscriber.. I have a skincare channel too so check it out and let me know what you think.. Keep it up

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