My *updated* Retin-A Skin Care Routine | Nighttime Skincare Routine

My *updated* Retin-A Skin Care Routine | Nighttime Skincare Routine

boom it is literally 2020 I see that
little red record button and Trevor that means you’re alive hello world what is
up guys welcome back to today’s video or should I say tonight’s video first of
all can I just say it is 2020 by my hair you might think that it is 1990s which I
am totally inspired by today totally my fashion my hair you guys living loving
what do you think let me know in the comments down below here we are in 2020
and I am back you guys I already filmed this video last week but when I sat down
to edit it I was like you 2019 I look old I look stale I need to reshoot this
video bring it to life in 2020 so here we are today guys I’m back to share one
of my highly requested one of my most requested videos honestly I get this all
the time Trevor are you still using retin-a Trevor are you still using
Tretinoin you guys know I have built my channel basically around the
Magnificent effects of a retin-a of tretinoin cream so I just wanted to
sit down with you guys and update you exactly how I’ve been using retin-a in
my skincare routine and I figured that my nighttime skincare routine was the
perfect time to sit down with you guys share so many new skincare products
because it is 2020 also what do you guys think about this backdrop I’m feeling
like night vibes we are here we’re relaxing we’re gonna pamper ourselves
you guys know your nighttime skincare routine is literally the best time to
pamper yourself take your time really treat your skin and honestly if you have
an amazing nighttime skincare routine like if you guys incorporate some of
these products I am about to share with you when you wake up in the morning
honestly all you have to do is rinse your face with some water
put a little bit of moisturizer on some sunscreen and boom you’re out the door
before we dive into my nighttime skincare routine featuring retin-a and
brand new skincare products make sure to give this video a big thumbs up hit
subscribed to join this ever-growing family 2020 is gonna be the year that we
hit 10,000 subscribers honestly I cannot thank you guys enough
alright enough babbling let’s get right into it okay so my first step in my
nighttime skincare routine is obviously cleansing because we have to wash
whay 2019 really to start this year fresh now I’m gonna be using one of my
favorite face washes I’ve actually mentioned this before new year same face
wash this is by masquerade and this is the let’s face it
cleansing stick now this is an oil to foam cleanser and inside here it
contains red beet which is actually going to help to brighten the skin it
contains pink clay which is gonna help to upload any dirt any oils any excess
sebum to really help balance the skin and if you can see in here there’s
actually little rose petals that are gonna help to gently exfoliate the skin
now the reason I like to use this cleanser in particular at the end of the
day is you guys know I’m obsessed with stick cleansers and at the end of the
day in particular you actually just get to press the product right into those
pores you know make sure that the cleanser gets deep in there before you
start to foam it up and wash your face and beautifully honestly this is one of
my favorite cleansers now this would not be a Trevor Ricci skincare routine if we
didn’t you as my favorite Evian mist oh just to make my face so what nice and
wet and ready to cleanse I’m gonna do a little bit on the end of the cleansing
stick here and then I’m just gonna go ahead and swirl the product right on to
my skin what did you guys do for New Year’s I feel this year people just did
not do as much stuff as in the past I don’t know if it’s just like a sign of
the times or what but I feel like people just don’t go out anymore now I’m just
gonna get this nice and follow me I mean I stayed in family and friends that’s
where it’s at look can you guys see the little bits of rose petals here okay so
let me wash this cleanser off I’ll be right back alright guys and my skin is
cleansed I wish you could feel it it feels so good there is nothing like a
cleansed skin now I did want to quickly mention if you guys remember from my
morning skincare routine I’ve been loving literally loving the dr. Dennis
gross alpha-beta cleanser now the reason I
don’t like to use this at the end of the day especially when I’m going to be
using a treta knowing cream or a red and a cream is because this gently
exfoliates the skin I don’t want to mix it with my retin-a and make my skin any
more sensitive or irritate so that’s why I choose The Masquerade
cleansing stick at the end of the day the dr. Denis gross alpha beta cleanser
what a mouthful in the mornings now I do need a little bit of scent therapy
before we go any further so I’m just gonna use a little bit of the Calvin
Klein obsession classic literally I thought it would match my hair today
think like leather sandalwood Browns deep tones very
masculine smelling and it is perfect for the end of the day before bed
it makes the whole bed smell so delicious such a relaxing fragrance all
right so next up is actually a brand new product that I’ve only been using for a
couple of days but I have heard so much about it this is the mugwort essence
from I’m from now this is a single ingredient toner of course from I’m from
the only thing that’s in here is mugwort that’s gonna be very nourishing very
hydrating very calming to the skin so when using something like a retin-a
using a calming essence it’s really gonna help to cool the skin to calm the
skin mugwort in skincare is most well known for its antibacterial and
antifungal antifungal antifungal anti-inflammatory properties it soothes
and heals the skin it nourishes the skin helping to treat redness psoriasis and
other skin sensitivities now you guys know 2020 is no different
whenever I use an essence or a toner I just like to use the palm of my hand you
can use a cotton pad or a cotton ball if you like but I just like to take the
essence to take the toner right in my hands and apply it directly to the skin
that way you don’t lose any product and you get the heat and the pressure of
your hands pushing the product deep into your skin oh this is so soothing and so
relaxing I love my nighttime skincare routine I wish I could spend all day I
need a whole day skincare routine is that a thing or literally you just stay
inside all day and do skincare is anyone with me okay now next up is another
classic here on my channel which is really gonna help to soothe the skin and
calm the skin dear Claire’s rich moist soothing serum
you guys know this is packed literally packed full of sodium hyaluronic
scintilla Asiata cow which is going to help to calm the skin as well
and this serum actually helps to cool the skin so not only is it calming the
skin it but it’s also one of cool the skin again adding a little bit more of a
protective barrier if you’re someone with a very sensitive skin again before
at retino in’ or even if you’re using a retinol not even necessarily a retin-a
but if you just need a little bit of a buffer a little bit of barrier on your
skin just to prevent any inflammation any sensitivity if you’re someone othor
with very sensitive skin before you use a retin-a or retinol try adding on some
skin protecting barriers like serums moisturizers they can actually help to
alleviate the sensitivity at this point you could go ahead and apply your
retin-a directly on the skin but tonight because we’re doing a little bit extra
luxuriating a little bit of extra pam bration i’m gonna go ahead and do a face
mask i’m also gonna whiten my teeth before we go ahead and apply the retin-a
now without a doubt i need to share this with you guys because i’m literally
still shook us to the core this is the raw juice cleanse mask set by esw beauty
literally I’m gonna have this link down below I haven’t been this impressed by a
sheet mask in a very long time when I applied this mask you guys you’re gonna
see literally they fit like a second skin congratulations esw beauty on your
amazing fit of your face mask I don’t think I’ve ever had a face mask fit my
skin so beautifully now esw beauty is full of clean ingredients it’s vegan
it’s organic it’s cruelty-free and of course they are eco friendly inside are
five different face masks they’re in these little packages they are literally
so cute okay so before I go ahead and put on the face mask I did want to talk
about something that I get asked all the time and that is Trevor how do you get
your teeth so white in 2020 you guys I have found the perfect teeth whitening
system now you may have seen our beautiful humble Queen Kim Kardashian
use this before you guys I need to tell you about hi smile now I’m sure you guys
have seen this on the internet hi smile is the teeth whitening system that has a
little blue light it has a little tray here and what you do is you just take
some of the high smile formula peroxide free love it amazing does not
make my teeth sensitive at all you just apply a little bit in the tray pop the
device right in your mouth for 10 minutes literally 10 minutes Crest
Whitestrips an hour hi smile 10 minutes you get 3 tubes of products which equal
6 applications 6 days 10 minutes a day literally so
quick so easy and my teeth have never ever ever ever been this white even my
teeth in the back are white ok so what I’m gonna do is get my high smile ready
I’m gonna apply the gel to the trays then I’m gonna have it set I’m gonna put
on my raw juice cleanse face mask this last 10 minutes the face mask is on for
10 minutes they are literally a match made in heaven
smooth skin hydrated skin and white teeth now everything on the applicator
is marked so it is very simple to apply the gel into the tray literally that
easy because we’re using retin-a I’m gonna use the watermelon rosewater and
grapefruit the pink dream moisturizing mask now we’ll wait until I get this on
the skin you guys are going to be rolling over your grave you’re gonna die
literally just a roll over in your grave and you see how amazing this face mask
fits my skin alright are you guys ready here we go
I cannot even nighttime is the best time to just really enjoy take your time
pamper yourself it’s just us we’re hanging out tonight oh I’m upside down
what do you guys do when you watch my videos do you clean do you hang out do
you do skin care along with me also you guys let me know what other youtubers
you watch who talked about CM care if you’re someone out there who does
YouTube and does skin care please let me know in the comments down below I would
love to talk to you I would love to you know build our community so here we go
I’m not even gonna use a mirror that is a true test for this face mask I mean
hello Georgia it’s not even a saying did I just make that up
but this face mask literally no mirror required or anything are you dying yet
are you gagging I mean hello terally can you guys see this oh my
goodness honestly best fitting face mask of all of 2019 2018 literally until now
okay so I need to go ahead and put in my hi smile work on these pearly whites I’m
not going to be able to talk to you guys for 10 minutes so I’m gonna set a timer
put in my hi smile let this penetrate my skin I’ll meet you guys on the other
side with beautiful skin and white teeth okay so it’s been ten minutes and I took
my high smile off off camera that part is a not so glamorous there’s a little
bit of spitting action but you know what for the white teeth it is worth it you
guys can you see Dee now that my teeth are sparkling 2020 fresh I want to go
ahead the face mask has left my skin definitely a more plump it feels very
cool very calm honestly ready to go to bed so let’s move right along
okay so we’ve reached the climax of today’s video and what you guys asked me
the most and that is Trevor are you still using retin-a treta knowing cream
stiva a and the answer is yes now you guys know like I said I documented my
entire journey using a retin-a literally you guys saw my face peel dry fall off
you guys basically saw my skin at its very worst but what’s cool is that you
also get to see it transform into the skin that I have today
please know that the benefits of retin-a literally are endless everything from
helping to clear acne helping to clear acne scars controlling oil on your skin
and giving you a smoother skin texture refining pores and making them appear
smaller helps the cells of your skin turn over faster now typically you have
about 30 days until those cells really turn over revealing younger skin but
when you’re using a retin-a or at Retta knowing cream can speed up cell turnover
to 15 days so literally every 15 days you have a younger looking skin thicker
skin fuller skin of course a retin-a stimulates elastin call
Jim production so it basically is a skin saver now when I was using retin-a seven
days a week I noticed some of you that sounds absolutely crazy because if you
have sensitive skin I do not recommend using a retin-a seven days a week but
after that first year of full skin transformation I started to use retin-a
as more of a maintenance procedure using it only once a week started to work for
me just to maintain my benefits my entire goal with skin care in 2019 was
really to take my skin to the place that I wanted it to be so moving into 2020 I
can work into more maintenance and give my skin a break from all of those
treatments all of those creams so for my retin-a treatment tonight I’m gonna be
mixing my retin-a in with my origins drink up
intense overnight face mask and if you haven’t tried this before honestly pause
this video click the link down below buy it
you will thank me out of all the overnight face masks I have ever used
this is hands-down the best face mask maybe of all time honestly the best
overnight face mask I’ve ever tried so if you’re someone out there with a very
sensitive skin one of the ways that you can decrease irritation or your chances
of skin irritation is by mixing your retin-a or even your retinols with
additional moisturizer so that’s what I’m gonna do tonight and when I take a
little bit of the origins overnight mask I’m gonna use a little bit more of the
overnight mask then the retin-a itself I’m just gonna add a little just about a
pea-sized amount there I don’t want you guys to go wild in the comments down
below every time I use too much retin-a you guys literally sound off and I love
it but I’m just gonna mix these together and apply it all over the skin now
tonight’s routine was all about hydration and cooling a calming skincare
ingredients because the superstar of tonight’s skincare routine is that treta
knowing cream you really wouldn’t let that do the most of its work spread this
all over the skin creating a really nice barrier alright I mean you guys the
proof is literally in the pudding I don’t think that I love anyone else
anything else more than I love retin-a alright now mixing these two creams is
really gonna cut down on any irritation that I may experience even though I’ve
been using retin-a for almost two years now every time I
use it I still experience a little bit of dry skin now when I use it more
consistently my skin it does retina eyes a little bit better but honestly I get
dry skin almost every time I use it but that’s one of the beautiful benefits of
retina is that it’s helping you shed that old dead dull skin if you go back
to that original video when I first started which I’m not recommending you
do because I don’t want you to watch all those old videos because they’re so
embarrassing but if you go all the way back there you can definitely see that
my skin has transformed oh and I almost forgot
one of the most exciting things that I needed to tell you guys about in
tonight’s video you guys know if you’ve been following me since the very
beginning one of my biggest tips and tricks is after you have your entire
nighttime skincare routine your pillowcase can be a culprit for acne
bacteria you know really ruining all the work that you just did now you guys know
I have an obsession with changing my pillowcase every couple of days because
of all the bacteria in your hair getting on your skin causing zits pimples acne
that’s a culprit that people often don’t think about but you guys I found the
Silvan anti acne pillowcase the coolest part of this pillowcase is it is a
cotton pillowcase that is woven with natural silver fibers if you’re someone
like me who is literally traumatized by the thought of bacteria on your
pillowcase you guys this is amazing silver carries a naturally positive
charge and bacteria carries a naturally negative charge these opposing charges
are what make bacteria attracted to each other now I’ve been using this
pillowcase for about two weeks at this point I’ve still continued to wash it
every three days honestly just because I’m a little bit of a neurotic person
but the silver in the pillowcase helps to attract the bacteria the dirt the oil
all of those acne causing things it harbors it all in the pillowcase and
when you wash it it’s gone honestly I haven’t had a single pimple blemish or
is it since I started using this pillowcase so I don’t know what kind of
magic is going on here but this Silvan pillowcase I’ll have it linked down
below amazing all right guys I guess that concludes my first skincare routine
of 2020 I’m literally shook my teeth are so
white mice skin feels so flawless and so luminous
I’m so glad that we sat down tonight and caught up you guys
2020 is literally going to be our year I can feel it
2019 I don’t know her anymore anyway I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if
you use retin-a or you want any more and videos about retinol and cream retin-a
tips and tricks please let me know in the comments down below anything let me
know and if you made it to the end of today’s
video you know that Romeo and I love and appreciate you so much thanks for
sticking around until the very end happy new year happy 2020 I hope this is your
year chase your dreams chase everything you ever wanted I hope you have an
amazing day and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

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  3. Month 4 on the Retin A (how I found your channel) I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it was it a struggle to keep going at times during the first three months. I think you are right and the only way to go is to mix it 50/50 with something you enjoy using. The feeling of straight Retin A on your skin from the tube is just bleak, it just kind of sits there being nasty.

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  6. Yay! I love tretinoin! I’m about 4 months in and have to admit that after 3 I was losing my mind and wondering if my skin was ever going to adjust! Literally a week later things got a LOT better. I find using a soft rag to gently wipe away the dead skin works wonders! Not sure if it’s the best option but I just make sure to be careful and it helps so much.
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