Ned Reacts To The Try Guys Bone Cracking Video

Ned Reacts To The Try Guys Bone Cracking Video

– No! No! (Ned screams) (upbeat music) Worst video ever take one. There’s not gonna be a take two, because I am getting this over
with as quickly as possible. Recently, The Try Guys did a video where we got our bones cracked. I was unavailable but also
I did not want to be in it, so I didn’t try and reschedule it. I haven’t seen it yet. I got five seconds in
and I was like, nope. I saw someone’s neck get snapped, and I’m like, surely, they are dead. I’m super squeamish about
neck popping, bone cracking, I do not watch those types of videos, but apparently eight million
people watched ours, so, since we made Eugene babysit
Wes and sit in Keith’s lap, it’s only fair that I was
forced to do something that made me deeply uncomfortable. So, I’m watching it today. Bring on the bone cracking! Transition! Oh, he got his neck snapped! How is Keith still alive right now? – It’s not just a bad CBS show anymore. – Don’t diss Bones like that, Bones is a great show, you take that–oh. (Ned yells) – I think it’s leaking fluid–
– How does your neck go like that?
– Go! – Yeah exactly–bop! – How acting stars kill people–
– Exactly! Keith gets me! – It is borderline sexual right? – Uh, yes, I also agree
with Eugene it is pretty, pretty sexual. (Keith and Zach scream)
– Ahh, that hurt me. Ah, I remember that. – Not at universal studios, right? – Good joke Ned, good bit. Really feel like I kind
of connect with Keith, and Eugene’s really funny, you know, people don’t know that about Eugene, he really funny– it’s
like he’s always thinking he’s turned on, and I think Zach could really benefit from this. Yeah, but I never,
actually talked about one. – I’m a certified chiropractic
(sarcastic affirmation) – She’s got neck-snapping experience. She’s basically Jason Bourne doctor. – Where else will she
pop– will she pop my legs? So pop my hips?
– She pops hips? – What? I don’t even like cracking my own knuckles–feels good, for a second, then you got to crack it
again–it’s a vicious cycle. If I do it– let me just try it. Now see, boom. Super flex. Ahhhh! Just cracked my knuckle. – I am 13 weeks pregnant. – You did it Rachel! We are pregnant with twins! Miles! You did it! What happened to your beard? – I’ve had chronic back
pain my entire life, I really rely on a
– Sad. This is the like, sensitive part. – I would say 60% of
people work at the desk. – This is kind of cool, it
just gives you advice for like, how to live your life. – I feel great, my
body’s great just pop me. – Just pop me. Pop me! Pop me! Dang Eugene those nails are! Woo! (Growling noise) – Look, curve to the right.
– She does a curve in his spine? Oh no! (gasps)
She has leg stuff? Ooh his ass is broke! No way. Eugene has a better side for his butt? Eugene has a good ass and a bad ass. Wow! Ah Zach. I’m so worried about Zach. He seems like he’s so fragile. (back pops)
Oh no! Keith, no! Oh! I don’t like the way–the
popping, its like you hear a pop and then you see
someone’s neck get snapped– Oh, not the neck, not the neck–ahh! (tortured laughing) No, no no no no no no nope–
(Ned groans) That–he likes it! He likes it! How does he like it? (screams and gasps) How do I see twisted–oh the–oh my god. Oh my god. How did that not hurt the babies? (exhaling whistle) God this is the worst video ever. (repulsed groaning) (mumbles) That makes my skin crawl,
makes my bones tingle. Oh, oh. (tormented crying) I don’t like this. I don’t like this. (more groaning) God it’s like–oh oh no no no! He just repeated it three times! (mumbles) why? Why’d you do that? I’m only halfway through the video, and it’s already really tough to watch. Ugh, they’re trying to relax but then, everything is just snapping. Ugh, this is (mumbles). Look, my mom had a real bad back problem when I was growing up, this stuff really just makes me uncomfortable. (choking noises) No, no, not the twins, not
the twins, not the twins. Say, easy easy easy, you’re cracking for three. (high pitched cries) – Oh yeah. Oh yeah, this is way harder
to watch than birthing videos. Yeah, I had already seen
a couple of birthing– I knew what to expect. It’s a miracle of life, baby. What’s this, what’s this, just like, just what is this? Why do people do this? What is this? What is this, what is this, what is this? What is this! Why, what does it do? (incoherent stuttering) But, feels good, I don’t know. (stuttering)
Go to the movies, or something. I don’t know, like, take a walk. Do physical ther–I don’t know. Okay, let’s get back into it. Why is that microphone so close? You look so relaxed. Ugh, this is too much. (more mumbling) It’s funny. Jennifer, (mumbles) she’s secretly very funny. It makes me laugh. Ah, he snapped his wrist! Oh no! Oh–I like the calming music, it’s nice contrast, you know? How’s mental? Is that a phrase you say, Miles? Mm, boy. How’d they pop his shoulder? – It was great, it was great
to see everybody– (exhales) Wow, that, was a lot of snapping. (exhales again)
I don’t know what to say. Did I enjoy that, no. Did I want to watch it again, no. Do I have a couple of tiny notes, yes. Watching it all made my neck
tense up to protect itself. And now I need a
chiropractor to help me out. What? Dr. Trumpi does massages? Massages were an option?! You’re telling me we could have gone all the way to Santa Monica, not to get our bones
cracked–just to get massages? (Wild thumping)
Cone on! (Upbeat rock music) Man those Try Guys are four
funny relatable guys, huh? I like when they try things.

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  1. I dont like ear wax cleaning vids, i dont like pimple popping vids, i dont really like sand cutting vids, but for some reason the bone cracking is something i find satisfying

  2. Cracking someone's neck is not recommended and it's linked to strokes. Chiropractors actually killed people like that. Please, don't do that.

  3. 6:16 I really couldn't help but ask through my phone screen "you alright, man?" that was an amazing mental breakdown I loved that

  4. Yeah I showed that video to someone that hates the sound of me even popping my fingers, the reaction wasnt this visceral BUT that's probably because he doesnt know these folk.

  5. Ned losing his shit is THE! FUNNIEST! Every time he's ever gone a tangent about "what is this?!" I lose it every time LMFAO!!

  6. sad to know how ned is so ignorant about this. its an ancient cure and he probably needs it more than the other try guys. and ned is my favorite try guy.

  7. Wait till he learns newborns can be adjusted immediately after leaving the womb!

    Internet, what's the consensus of this? Good? Bad? Situational?

  8. Ned you should really try it. And you don't have to have a table like that there are many many different types of Chiropractic. Where I live there's a guy who does it on a waterbed where you just float there and it automatically will pop you or relax you enough to where he could just barely touch you and you will pop. And with as many injuries that you have. It would really help. Love you guys keep up the great work

  9. the real question is what does dr. trumpi not do? unlike trump she can do so many things and correctly that too.

  10. Ned sounds like Kermit the frog trying to talk like Ben Stiller / De Niro each time he said "what is this"
    Or is it just me ?

  11. Ned sounds like Kermit the frog trying to talk like Ben Stiller / De Niro each time he said "what is this"
    Or is it just me ?

  12. I don’t know what I would be doing with my life if I didn’t have a chiropractor, my back and hips have been so bad in the past that I have been unable to move for days at a time

  13. I've been watching the Try Guys videos for a few weeks now and this is the hardest I've ever laughed at one. Also now I need to get my bones cracked too because it sounds so relaxing!

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