New sweat-monitoring device explained

New sweat-monitoring device explained

Sweat is an interesting bio fluid because it can be collected non-invasively and it has a lot of important biomarkers that relate to health and fitness and physiological status. And our goal was to develop a new kind of technology, a thin skin like soft device platform that can integrate directly with the skin and capture sweat as it’s released from sweat glands, route it around in very tiny micro channels that are embedded in this very thin, soft material and perform colorimetric analysis of key biomarkers for the purposes of health and wellness determination. So this simple device allows us to measure total sweat loss, sweat rate. The colored spots actually are responsive to different targeted biomarkers and their change in color can be quantitatively evaluated using the the camera on the smartphone. So this is the device. It has wireless interface to the phone so when I bring my phone close to the device, it launches an app. It provides that voice recognition that there’s a connection here and then the the phone takes a picture of the device and from analysis of the colors of these different reservoirs that are filled with these color responsive chemical reagents, we can determine quantitatively the glucose level, the ph, the lactate concentration, the chloride concentration as well as the total sweat loss during a given period of exercise.

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