New Zealand Orders 1290 sq ft of Skin For Survivors Of White Island Volcanic Eruption From USA

New Zealand Orders 1290 sq ft of Skin For Survivors Of White Island Volcanic Eruption From USA

hey everybody Bruce you with traveling
with Bruce I have another update for us regarding the disaster at white island
in new zealand where the volcano erupted without warning and 47 tourists or on
the island we now know that six have perished
we know eight are still missing and also presumed dead but we are now getting the
grim reports that are coming from the hospitals and medical directors that are
treating the survivors unfortunately the country of New Zealand has placed an
order with the United States Health Services for skin twelve hundred and
ninety square feet of skin to treat burn victims from this terrible terrible
disaster the doctors are saying that 29 people are still in hospital twenty-two
still need airway support they cannot breathe on their own some of the victims
have suffered burns – up to 90% of their bodies survivors are aged between 13 and
72 years of age surgeons expect to spend over 500 hours treating survivors with
additional surgeries this is going to take weeks and months going forward the
speculation is that a number of the survivors may not ultimately survive it
it’s very unfortunate it’s very sad story but it’s only fair to bring it to
you to really let you in on what is really happening the ship the ovation of
the Seas where a lot of these passengers victims came from has left the area of
Turanga the ship is now on its way to wellington and were work its way back to
Sydney Australia where the crews started from the ship left yesterday with a very
emotional scene at the harbour as the locals said goodbye
the medical personnel are doing a yeoman’s job New Zealand is at the
moment dealing with more burn victims in one moment in time than they probably
deal with over several years hospitals are overwhelmed some of the victims will
be transferred to Australia but only when they are able to be transferred
because at the moment many of them are in such bad shape they cannot be moved
it’s a very very tragic story I hate to bring it to you but so what I do thank
you for watching this video tolerating it will try to keep you on
top of the story as it goes forward take everybody bye for now

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  1. My question is why would they allow people on a active volcano when you don't know when it will go off how did they not see this happening eventually

  2. You know Bruce this is absolutey horrible. When you read the details of the injured and lost its heartbraking. I need to add this though, reports were issued 24-48 hours before the event warning of seismic activity and possibility of an eruption. Royal Caribbean (in coordination with their land based excursion operator) is completely responsible and the reason those passengers were put in that situtation. Its GROSS NEGLIGENCE on Royal Caribbean’s part. Here again the cruise lines come up short on mitigating risk for their passengers and safety takes a back seat to schedules and profitability. When does this end Bruce??? People need to wake up and demand more regulations for cruise lines for safety. Knowingly putting those passengers in harms way is aggregiously negligent. Period.

  3. Did not think story could get worse but now sadly, looks like it can. Thanks for update Bruce. I am sure not easy to even report on this. Appreciate the updates.

  4. Some of the survivors have been repatriated to Australia over the last couple of days and as far as I know there is still one Australian in hospital in New Zealand and all the ones that are in hospital will need months of specialist care while they are fighting to recover. So whoever is still in hospital in New Zealand are fighting to recover too. Also today they are going to go to the Island to recover the ones who have died to bring them back to the mainland

  5. This report brings home just how horrific this event must have been for all concerned but especially the survivors. A tough road ahead for these poor souls. I don't know if I could survive surviving if I were in this situation. My prayers are for all concerned. Let us aĺl pray.

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