Niacinamide Benefits For Skin | Acne, Oily Skin, Even Dry Skin? | Chris Gibson

Niacinamide Benefits For Skin | Acne, Oily Skin, Even Dry Skin? | Chris Gibson

well hey everybody welcome back to my channel if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson I am your skin care expert and I am here to help you get your best skin ever and on this channel we talk about skin care products skin care methods skin care routine skin care problems we solve those so skincare is your thing you are definitely in the right place do me a big favor get the subscribe button and the little notification bell so that you get notified when my new videos are up okay so if you’ve heard that there is a skincare ingredient that is like a miracle out there it helps with acne it helps with anti aging it helps with making your skin not produce as much oil so that if you have oily skin you don’t have to deal with that anymore well this skincare ingredient is real and today on this video I’m gonna tell you if it’s really worthwhile and you trying it or adding it to your skincare routine now I know that when I suffered from acne which this particular product is supposed to be so good for I had really deep cystic acne for so long I would have done anything tried anything to help with that and if you’re fighting acne prone skin or acne breakouts and you know exactly what I’m talking about and today just like then there just didn’t seem to be anything I could buy or use that made any real difference whatsoever I just continue to suffer the problem now I did know back then about niacin or b3 the vitamin b3 and I knew that it did help skin especially if you had acne when you had it in your diet or you took nice and pills the problem of niacin pills whether it made your skin turn really really red just for like you’ve been embarrassed like that kind of red so not really a great choice especially if your skin is already inflamed and red from acne or other problems like eczema so it was just one of those things that nobody liked to take it it made you itchy it’s the reason it did this is that when you take not s in it make sure your capillaries open up it sort of increases your superficial circulation for a little bit so yeah it’s just not a really great experience well today we have a version a topical version of vitamin b3 or niceand called niacinamide and that is a product that i’m sure that you’ve heard about is the the miracle product and the question of the day is can it really make a difference in acne even like cystic acne and yes yes it actually can and there’s a whole ton of benefits that it gives your skin so even if you don’t have acne breakouts or acne prone skin you want to stick around and hear about this product or this product ingredient that makes such a big difference in the look in health of your skin so I guess the buzz is well deserved so how can I ascend amide help your skin out well the first thing it can do is it helps build keratin which is a protein that when it’s on your skin it helps protect your skin from the environment and it does this by providing your skin with a ceramide or a fatty barrier reminding these names for these ingredients never sound sexy anyway the important thing here is that this ceramide barrier helps your skin retain moisture and that’s important because if your skin retains moisture it doesn’t have to produce more of its own skin oil which if you suffer from acne and acne breakouts is a huge thing because it’s the oil that your skin produces that the acne bacteria thrives on so it really really can help with oily skin and acne breakouts because of that one thing right there now niacinamide also helps reduce redness in the skin so it helps with eczema and acne and other skin conditions where your skin turns red so if you have a really red ruddy complexion like I do this niacinamide is gonna go a really long way to help you with that the next thing that niacinamide really can do for you is it helps with hyperpigmentation so if you’re a person that has a blotchy complexion or you have some sun damage or leftover dark marks or red marks from acne niacinamide over time can help reduce the look of those actually remove them because it helps the collagen in your skin reproduce so it’s helping reproduce healthier cells to replace the O cells so again if hyperpigmentation is one of those issues that you face niacinamide is really a go-to product for that now another benefit of niacinamide is reduce pore size so if you’re one of those people with big flippin pores like I have man are you gonna be happy with this product this over time and help shrink the pore size naturally again what it’s really doing is it’s helping to balance out the skin especially the moisture and pH balance of the skin so it’s going a long way so that your skin is reproducing healthier and healthier layers as you move through times so it’s really really a great ingredient when it comes to this now another area where niacinamide can help you out and yeah there’s more is sun damage it’s not a sunscreen so you always need to use sunscreen but niacinamide can help reverse sun damage by going in and helping your cells that are reproducing be healthier than the cells that were damaged now niacinamide is also a sun damage reverser reverser sorry is that a word reverse er well anyway it helps by rebuilding the damaged cells that in replacing the damaged cells that come from having damage from ultraviolet light from the Sun this is a huge thing now you still need to be wearing sunscreen that’s not mean it’s a Sun protectant again sunscreen but it will help reverse sun damage which means again the hyperpigmentation fine lines and wrinkles all of the things go with too much exposure to the Sun niacinamide helps reverse that and for all of you who suffer with acne breakouts and acne prone skin particularly cystic acne there’s really good news because study after study is coming back showing that niacinamide particularly if used consistently over time really makes a big difference in cystic acne and acne breakouts so it’s a really great ingredient I like you want to call it a product it’s not a product it is a product but it’s a product ingredient and it really really can make a huge difference with your skin over time now so with all these wonderful things that niacinamide can do you would think it would cost a small fortune but actually it’s relatively inexpensive you hit of course it depends on the brand you’re gonna choose which you have like paulus choice which is the clinical series they have a 40% solution that is $48 that’s not exactly cheap but compared to some other brands it’s not bad all the way down to the ordinary who has their version which is a 10% solution with plus one percent zinc is five dollars and ninety cents for this that’s just crazy that doesn’t mean polished choices and a good isn’t a good option even though it’s 48 dollars it’s a twenty percent solution with glucosamine and personally and that’s their formulation versus the ordinary which is it’s a ten percent solution with one percent zinc studies show that both are good both are going to do the job because five percent of solution of niacinamide is all you really need to get a positive effect on your skin and me being a cheap bitch I am using today the Ordinaries niacinamide ten percent solution now this stuff is really super simple to apply you need to use it twice per day once in the morning and once in the evening after cleansing and it needs to go on right before you use anything else so no serums and moisturizers this will be first so if you’re adding this to your skincare routine that’s the thing to remember it’s a clear solution so you’re just gonna put it on wherever you need it and Pat it in you know we don’t rub things into our skin we just Pat it in to the skin and let it dry it takes about a minute to let it dry so very very easy to apply and you’re gonna start to see results pretty much in a couple of days especially with acne but as you go on through the second third and fourth week your skin should get better and better and then long-term use of this solution is showing that people are having a cessation or stopping of their acne and their deep pore acne breakouts or cystic acne so I hope this information that I’m giving you today really helps you decide if niacinamide is something you need to add to your skincare routine if you’re an acne sufferer or you have acne prone skin it definitely is something I recommend that you use again you can go all the way up to polished choice which is fine or you can go and use the ordinary if you’re stingy like me and you know are on a budget that’s just perfectly fine they both gonna work fine for you just depends on what you want to spend on it now I also have some great videos on how to get your perfect skincare routine based on your skin type and i’ma put those videos right over here let me know in the comments if you decide to use niacinamide and how it works out for you I really really want to know I want to thank you for watching much love stay beautiful and I will see you over on the next one

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