Night Sweats And People With Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs)

Night Sweats And People With Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs)

Catalina Loveman: Question from Sean. Sean would like to know if you have any recommendations
for night sweats. Maureen Thyne: Oh, night sweats. So, Sean you hit the nail on the head. This is another symptom, Catalina, that I
didn’t really talk about too much about yet. But a lot of times for patients when their
bone marrow is very active, which is sort of the unifying feature of all of these diagnosis,
of all of these diagnoses, that the bone marrow is over productive and over active, trying
to make more things than it needs to. That overproduction very often gives people
symptoms, including night sweats. And Sean, I’m horribly sorry to hear you’re
suffering from this, there is not a lot of great help for this. There’s no specific treatment for it. There are sometimes improvements for people
as their blood counts are better controlled. So, ultimately treating the underlying disease,
whatever your diagonosis is, can sometimes help the symptoms that come along with the
diagnosis. Catalina Loveman: Great. Thank you. Alla has a question. She would like to know, talking about nighttime
sweats, does it always happen at night, why at night? Could it be during the daytime? Maureen Thyne: It’s a good question. And yes, it could be during the daytime. Why it happens at night comes down to when
the body is doing most of its production. So during our time of rest, when we’re sleeping,
and our body is trying to rejuvenate itself, and to do a lot of its work, that seems to
be when the bone marrow is more active and that activity tend to be what cause the night
sweats. So it is slights more common for patients
to have the night sweats at night but you can certainly have sweats during the day. Also, it’s more of a non-specific thing,
but that the body is sort of throwing off this extra heat because of that production
increase that’s happening internally.

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