Nivara – Water for the World

Nivara – Water for the World

I’m Eric and I’m pushin we are
innovators focused on making positive social change over the past year and a
half we’ve been working on a project called nivara inspired by the challenge
of providing clean water we conceived of this project when we learnt of the
remarkable ability of activated carbon to purify water we are proud to bring
you Nivara (Sanskrit “clean water”) a machine that uses solar power to bring clean water to the people
who need it current Clean Water solutions are
terribly inadequate even the best filters must be replaced and
replacements are not only wasteful but an added financial burden to
impoverished communities can you believe that in today’s world 4,000 children die
each day due to water contamination we address this problem by placing the
power to create water filters into the hands of the people who need them
activated carbon removes contaminants such as industrial wastes agricultural
runoff heavy metals and micro pollutants to purify water the reason for its
effectiveness and filtration is it’s incredibly high surface area matrix that
traps impurities one spoonful of activated carbon has the same surface
area as a football field adding it to a slow sand filtration system makes a
highly effective water filter the problem is that it is now commercially
made in an expensive and polluting way our system is open source carbon neutral
and completely sustainable first step to making activated carbon is finding a
source of charcoal we use coconut shell as it is easy to source in South India
anyone can make charcoal with very basic tools and techniques we first explored different activation
parameters in our test furnace then we tested the samples in the lab using a
chemical test to find the best conditions we focused on designing a
system that is rugged inexpensive simple to operate and easy to maintain so we
used only one motor to accurately follow the Sun throughout the day
the reflective dish is capable of generating temperatures of more than
1,100 degrees Celsius to activate the charcoal when not used for activation it
can cook large quantities of food to feed the community the design is easily
scalable to the needs of the people this system also empowers communities by
giving them a profitable and sustainable small business our machine costs an
estimated hundred and fifty dollars to fabricate and in its current form is
able to produce one kilogram of activated carbon per day which is enough
to filter about 20,000 litres of water navara aspiring to bring clean water to
the world

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