hey guys when I first created the night rebuild formula I did it for body building because your body rebuilds at night that’s when your hormones go to work rebuilding you in the next day you’re a heal better person I didn’t realize the ramifications of what this appeals to from everybody else anybody in the modern world is stressed out and when you’re stressed you’re burning out your adrenals when you burn out your adrenals your hormones don’t work right anymore so this is actually good for anybody that is in the modern world this is designed to help you sleep this is really important because your hormones can’t rebuild unless you’re asleep and your healing hormones get released between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. you need to be asleep for that to happen so this formula helps you go to sleep and it helps your body rebuild as hormones so it’s good for people in the modern world doesn’t matter how old you are that are stressed and obviously because it helps hormones it helps people with middle-age issues menopause issues post menopause issues men or women doesn’t matter night sweats hot flashes mood swings cramps you name it this helps balance your hormones helps your body create the better hormones that are necessary this is probably going to be from what I’m noticing one of the most important products for the modern age other than the green formula which is the nutrition you need anyway I’m gonna give you an attest ammonia here from somebody that I value more than anybody obviously that’s Kara here she is right here have a seat we didn’t even expect this this was something really cool and I thought I’d share it with you which is why I’m making this video in the first place because she said I gotta make a video about this so well when Marcus told me that his nighttime formula has something in it that might help with with my hormone situation and why the way she’s not lacking hormones balancing because everybody is kind of stressed in the modern world and their adrenals are little you know and she had night sweats right yeah she’s soaked the bed at night it was laying touching her was like touching a wet sponge so it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable here take some of this so I took it and the first night the first night that I took it I slept through the night didn’t wake up in a puddle it was just one of the most relaxing sleeps I’ve had in years in one night but in one night that it that it worked in one night and then a girlfriend of mine had taken it and she does not eat as healthy as I do so I didn’t think it would work the first night for her and she was so excited to report that she had no night sets that night either it’s just incredible and if I know something that works for me I am the type of person that I want to share it with as many people as possible because I know there are so many women out there that are looking for for something that to help them a natural remedy to help them with their night sweats and their hormone issues and I found it so if anybody comes running to you or if you have a thought should I be using hormone replacement therapy you know it’s like the common question all women ask when they start hitting middle-aged this is your hormone replacement therapy matter of fact this is not hormone replacement its hormone enhancement this helps your body boosts its hormone balancing and creating abilities with natural herbs really powerful stuff basically what you did here was you just went out and collected what Mother Nature has put all over for us but it’s so difficult to find out what it is and where to find it and what does what and you put it all together here for you this formula is the result of a lifetime of research it has fava beans a great source of natural HGH human growth hormone which improves athletic performance strength muscle mass it helps with PMS female hormone issues menopause and adrenals it has magnesium to help you rest and relax is great for cramps helps clean calcification out of the body helps prevent heart attacks lowers blood pressure insulin resistance and diabetics osteoporosis stress depression and increases DHEA levels to get younger hormone it has suma which stimulates the production of stem cells increases oxygen levels and is great for athletic performance adrenals and hormones loop lorem to also help deliver create HGH human growth hormone and is great for edema heart problems and increases dopamine so you’ll feel good Romani arute for female fertility menstrual issues endometriosis irritable uterus fibroids pelvic pain sex hormones impotence asthma and hair loss it has licorice root which has been used historically to treat hormone imbalances in men and just about every female problem known licorice is also a source of natural DHEA which helps stop DHT leading the hair loss it helps remove arterial plaque reduces body fat treats hypoglycemia cramps and helps boost interferon to help fight disease it has bamboo stem one of the best sources of silica to increase collagen which reduces wrinkles artery plaque and relaxes blood vessels nettle leaf to remove lactic acid and uric acid buildup it’s a steroidal anti-inflammatory to reduce prostate inflammation lowers blood pressure helps dissolve kidney stones and cholesterol regulates thyroid reduces body fat helps adrenals kidney liver thyroid and attacks fungus in the body alfalfa juice powder the richest source of phytoestrogens good for preventing bone loss and creating hormones it protects from radiation poisoning and helps with arthritis cancer ulcers and rebuilds teeth burdock root to clean strengthen and rebuild the liver magnolia bark a prehistoric plant dating back 95 million years that helps relax and assist the liver for production of HGH a saw palmetto for building hormones reducing prostate enlargement blocks DHT to help hair growth and improves urine flow red clover for phytoestrogens for estrogen dominance TMG for rebuilding your DNA holy basil to reduce stress relax your nerves sharpen your memory remove phlegm from the lungs and balance cholesterol passionflower for relaxing restful sleep nervous disorders epilepsy painful menses headaches and blood pressure and hops to calm the nerves cramps restlessness anxiety sleeping problems coughs spasms rheumatism and has been used throughout history to treat hormone imbalances and just about every female problem known giving women a sense of well-being and control there is no other product anywhere in the world with all these ingredients in it all of these there’s like two dozen different herbs and plants in here can you imagine the power they have along with taking this formula other things you should do is stop taking stimulants like coffee sugar and energy drinks they just burn out your adrenals if you need energy clean your body out so it works right do a bunch of Animas and take the wild forest green formula for minerals and nutrition along with a raw vegan diet if you can stop eating three hours before going to bed lose the stress in your life and exercise and for more information about this amazing stuff go to night or Marcus I’m only here to give you stuff that works so you got to try this if you’re stressed out or if you’re middle-aged and your relationship isn’t what it’s supposed to be or you’re stressed out having night sweats mood swings a little blah or if you’re a bodybuilder and you need to build up and get strong or if you’re healing something or if you just want to experience an amazing wonderful night sleep that Righton invading you for years like it had been me exactly so that’s our little thing for today we’re here to give you stuff that works and helps so yeah bye guys

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of ingredients, many of which I've never taken.  Ive had reactions with things like milk thistle and butcher's broom and bee pollen/products.  Have you heard any feedback yet as to allergic/adverse reactions to this formula.  It sounds great, and I have been doing bioidentical progesterone for four years, which has helped some, but the benefits ebb and flow as time goes on. Thanks!

  2. Are the ingredients in your product organic and absent of all gmo's? I don't see the "Non-GMO Project Verified" seal or the "organic" logo on your webpage. I do see "wild crafted" can you define that? I'd like to know exactly what I am buying. Thanks Markus 🙂

  3. Markus – Please can you post any info you have on LYME DISEASE and herbal or raw food treatment?   It is an epidemic that is skyrocketing thru the population of North America. Thank you for your videos! Beautiful info.

  4. Wow what timing……love your truth….and desire to make this a better healthier happier world…..I need this product….much gratitude for all you share (:

  5. Hey Markus thank you so much for the Video…You guys look so beautiful together 🙂 ..!!!!….Have a question is the powder good for autoimmune disease ?? I am actually suffering from Hashimoto's and have hives and rash on my face……

  6. This stuff works. I don't have any known hormone issues, but the first night I took this I woke up the most refreshed and energized in months. I was surprised it worked so fast.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love the relationship you guys have together!!!!!! but I'm confused. How do phytoestrogens help with estrogen dominance? don't they increase estrogen? 

  8. Have your products been tested for heavy metals? Also, where are they made? I don't see any information about that on your website. I just want to make sure every natural product I put in my body is as clean as possible. Thank you.

  9. Hi Markus, at what age did you start a healthy lifestyle? Can wrinkles go away by living a healthy lifestyle?  I would think so, seeing you and Cara looking so good, but I can imagine that's the case because you started a healty lifestyle very young? Thanks for all your inspirational video's!!

  10. Great video  🙂
    What products, e-books, things to do, or stop doing, would you recommend for someone who wakes up 1-3 times a night to pee. I fall right back to sleep, but it's rather annoying lol.

  11. Just ordered!!! Gonna give this try and see how it works for my husband and myself over just the Kudzu I purchase for myself from Thailand. Also got your book on the edible plants. Looking forward to both!!!

  12. hey im am curious markus, in one video you talked about eatting a whole bowl of fava beans vs taking fava bean extract, yet this formula seems contracdicting so im curios to how many grams of each ingredient do you put in your night rebuild and also how you are able to mass produce all this hgih quality health suppliements

  13. Markus, you look better than you have in years. It's too bad you can't bottle up Cara and sell her to the rest of us because she is obviously great medicine! Your new haircut looks great too!

  14. Hi Markus, hi Cara, night sweats disappear when eating a whole food high raw diet AND leaving out all kinds of concentrated isolated sugars like Agavesirup, maplesirup, cocosbluetenzucker etc. I can determine the kind of sugar I ate by the intensity of my hot flash. I don't have them at all when I sweeten my food with honey or banana! Women respond to this more sensitive than men, because their alarm system is more sensitive due to reproduction abilities.

  15. Cool. I don't have those problems yet, but am trying to be in the know before it happens. What herbs are in there? I'm into herbs.

  16. you guys are such a happy, healthy beautiful couple, and I appreciate your sharing with all of us, just exactly what makes it so. Thank you so much…

  17. Menopause Rocks!!!!! Senior Discounts are even better! And if I can grow into old age looking like you two that will be the icing on the cake. Hey Markus do you drink decafinated coffee? What can I use in place of it? Tea just isn't as good. Thanks for these videos. I have struck gold. Better than a counselor. I will be buying your book today.

  18. Did is good I need to order that powder, we have your books and DVD. I and my mom always Juice about 6 days each week, but I will do my best to order this every month I have really horrible period cramps.

  19. Great information!…I live in Las Vegas, NV…question:  I am pre-menopausal and am dealing with hot flashes, the inability to sleep and the dreaded weight gain…my doctor suggested that I should consider bio-identical hormone therapy but now I'm wondering if I should try your formula before going down that path?  

  20. NIGHT-REBUILD price: $49.97 Quantity: 1 Item total $49.97
    Postage and packaging: $19.75
    Total $69.

    Great. Already spent a fortune on 2 dvd packs and a book (hundred dollars + ) £18 on an ebook, man Markus you don't make it easy for people who are unemployed due to sickness and aren't getting sickness pay to get healthy!! So SO expensive. £18 for a real book would be too much.

  21. OK….I pumped up  when I heard the reviews Until I realized the one ingredient in your formula was FAVA bean….I am allergic to FAVA…so is there a possibility that you can make a second formula without this or replace it with something else just as beneficial??? 🙁

  22. Menopause for women can be an easy transition in life without HRT. HRT causes breast cancer with the over production of estrogen and it is abusive the mares who supply HRT. HRT comes from a horse mare's urine. Evening Primrose Oil and Fenugreek are natural remedies for menopause symptoms and hot flashes.!How-Can-Primrose-Oil-Benefit-Health/cy97/EDB71754-59F3-43D3-9FE5-27ABF4A52BB6

  23. This is very true!!! Over 40 and using this formula!! Night sweats gone!!! Also shared with a friend who has the most restful sleep now. Her words " I wake up SO refreshed and ready to start the day"!!!! Thanks Cara for the info!!!

  24. well, I never had that problem, was always on a raw veg. det, but I have 2 friends right now, who need to see this badly. Both close to 50 Thanks Markus and thanks to you tube for having him on.

  25. I definitely need help again. I was in menopause from a hysterectomy in 1998 all the way through 2008, I took myself off hormones. then last May 2014, I hit something again. ugh! I am not sure why so much. My doctor said once that women can go through menopause twice. night sweats etc. I have such anxiety when hot too. Growing up in Arizona, oh my this is not good. Thank God I choose to be happy regardless and I am just taking now a Estrovan weight management Natural medicine. I need to try this. do you offer samples first? thanks!

  26. Is this stuff good for a 22 year old college student who is stressed and having palpitations due to anxiety?

  27. Hi Markus!! first of all I love you and Cara!! Question: Is this formula safe to take while nursing and/ or pregnancy? I'm still nursing and hoping to get pregnant again, but I would love to try this, sounds amazing. Thanks!!

  28. Markus & Cara -THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You were NOT kidding Cara, this worked the very 1st night! I felt the same way as you – waking up drenched in sweat – SO gross! I'm going to get some for my parents – My mom takes bio-identical HRT, and thinks that is the only solution.  I weaned them off of their sugar addiction by making them your freezer chocolate, and now that's the only sweet treat they eat – so again, thank you!!!

  29. hi Markus and Cara, I love what you are doing for peoples health, I bought you edible plants book, vit C powder and also the night rebuild a few months ago but the night rebuild has a use by date of July 2015 and I still have half left.  Will it still have its potency, I thought it would have a longer shelf life.

  30. Marcus this might sound kind of weird but I think it's spiritual about two and a half weeks into taking wild green formula my life inside changed do these plants talk to you lol? you mentioned if your relationship is not where it's supposed to be or rather the relationship you're in,these plants talk to you and guide you I think? yes no maybe?. I would say be careful taking these herbs for the first time 2ne1 because they can change your life. change is uncomfortable but sometimes that's where you've got to go.

  31. Is this formula good for any age and/or hormonal imbalance? I'm in my early 20s and I am cleansing my body after taking the birth control pill (that pill messed me up so much).

  32. I love your energy and your relationship with Cara <3 I was wondering, when you say stop eating 3 hours before bed…does that include a smoothie? Whoops.

  33. Great product but it's no good for people who have had estrogen positive breast cancer like myself as it contains lots of plant estrogen which although weaker than human produced estrogen it is still not advisable.

  34. Love it..but due to hypertension ( have tried every herb), I cannot take licorice root…would love it if this was not in there. Great product line. You guys are awesome!!!

  35. Dear markus i am so happy that we can buy your product ins germany now : )I tried the night formula and the first night i slept great. But sometimes it keeps me a little awake. I gave it my mother which is in her menopause and she said she gers sooo much energy during the night….
    Do you think it is because we both have a sluggish thyroid or a little adrenal problems and therefore it keeps us awake?Is your licorice root the american one ore chinese?
    Btw the vitamin c is awsome and i will buy the others too.
    I hope you and cara visit germany soon

  36. Hey Markus, I have lots of your products and books. I give your books to people as presents. All of your supplements taste great and make me feel great. The only product I have a hard time taking is the Nighttime Formula. Any suggestions on other ways to take it instead of in water??

  37. Omg where can I buy this! I was just watching another vid of you two and I was so impressed and then I searched for something for my hot flashes and hear you are again!, I don't believe in coincidences so I'm buying this now! Where can I get it? Thanks again xx

  38. markuz,you must selling your product in indonesia.. nowaday man and woman in my country start take every dangerous pill to build mass body

  39. Do you think this can help with painful sex due to thinning of the skin in the labia area?

  40. Hi Markus, one of the ingredients are fava beans, I have this thing called G6PD deficiency, was told my whole life to avoid fava beans, would it be safe to consume though?

  41. I've got to check this out. I'm 30 and barely sleep (my sleep rhythms have been terribly off since having little ones). After 5 years of minimal sleep, this sounds fantastic!

    PS Cara, your hair and make-up look angelic 🙂

  42. I've noticed on a few videos that there are some people that are displeased with the prices. Successful people rise to the occasion. If you want something, see it's true value, then you learn to jump the hurdle. If you complain about a pricey product, make your own and see how much time and effort it takes. Then, ask yourself how much for which you'd sell it. By that time, you won't be needing to purchase it from anyone else and you'll understand its value.

  43. For those that do not have hot flashes and sleep soundly… would this product be okay? I just love the ingredients!
    and what is the MAGNESIUM MALATE sourced from?
    *Looking also for a magnesium supplement!

  44. You two are so darn cute… puts a smile on my face whenever y’all do a video together… just got my night formula in the mail.. can’t wait to try it ! ?

  45. How do you take this?
    How does it taste?
    I bought the Markus vitamin C , I believe in it but it doesn’t taste very good which limits how much I am able to take.

  46. Hi Markus, is night repair formula ok to use on a continual basis for menopause instead of HRT, hormone replacement therapy or bioidentical hormones. There is so much information out there about menopausal women needing to take hormones to rebalance the body. What happens if women do not take hormones is it unhealthy? i don't want to take pills that is why i'm asking.

  47. Oh shoot, I placed an order before yesterday but I didn’t know about this product. I know, I know, it’s on the website but I didn’t take the time to go through the products.

  48. Marcus can men take this product and if so what positive effect does it have on the male body? one more question I have already your green formula if I can only afford the night formula or age free what would you recommend out of those two?

  49. Dear Markus or subscribers who ordered Night Formula. I would like to order a bottle, but I am curious how many dosages are in one bottle. I live in Russia and shipping takes about a month, so I would like to find out one bottle is for how long to have time to order the next one. Thanks;)

  50. Cara and Markus…how are you getting this down? The powder in water isn’t the most pleasant drink to get there some way to mix it with something to make it palatable? I’m a newbie, so be kind…trying to learn!

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