NO SKIN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale

NO SKIN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale

eh *taps on mic* *feedback from mic* Is this thing on? *chuckle* Everything everything’s recording I-I got my webcam going… *unintelligible* Dudes welcome back to uh… This is my first game play in like four months and… Crainer is dancing… go figure So Dudes like I said I haven’t recorded a video game in almost four months so bear with me if I break stuff Russell… Try to make it look good. Yeah, as you could tell in my last video my lips were all red I still don’t even know how to do my lights right I look terrible and my head looks terrible. Don’t judge me so So dudes again. Thanks for sticking with me We’re playing fortnite today a lot of you guys have been asking crainer to play with me some fortnite So let’s do this. This is the only game. I really been playing since I left so Hopefully I’m still good. Let’s do this (Intro music)
(Tobu – Such Fun) Crainer? Ian? He-hellah hello (Crainer): ho hi bro. I’m a fish look at me it has been so long where have you been my whole life? Where’ve you been dude? Okay, okay Crainer now what we’re doing today Okay I know you wanted to play a fortnite with me so what I want you to do first change your skin. Why? Take off your skin. I’m not gonna change my skin dude i’m a fish Listen to what I’m saying listen to what I’m saying. Yeah, when people see no skinned players They take it eas- they take it easy on them because they’re noobs, trust me (Crainer): but i am a noob i- ok I know, do it dude, It’s fun. Okay. I’ll be uh there we go No complete new ski, it’s a guaranteed win in fortnight, clickbait *Air horns blow* Okay there we go Let’s do it, all right Crainer where we going I do, your- you’re the you’re the professional youtuber. What do we do? How do we do things? do you want to die fast or do you want to try and win? *Laughs* What do you mean die fast dude? wel- If we want to land tilted towers, I mean we’re probably gonna die fast You know I’m saying? we’re going tilted towers, Let’s do it. We won’t die dude, Okay, c’mon c’mon we’re professional minecraft youtubers Okay, I’m ready. Are you ready? alright going in, going in, going in, going in Tilted tow- Aren’t to or if they aren’t they blowing this thing up soon with like a meteor or something I think they’re like rumors about it, but I don’t know if it’s true, dude Aren’t you aren’t you didn’t you change all three of your channels to fortnight? No, I thought that’s what you did. I played it like a complan sighs dude stop, babe, okay? Okay, we’re okay. There you why okay? Why is your name crane or 1422 were you born in 1422? No, I just like you know Kenny here on the top building. Okay, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue But what are you talking about, bro? Science dude, it’s sighs. Okay stop, dude Okay, I got guns. I got guns. I got guns you have guns yeah I’m never gonna take this take this take this take it take this I take you cross me out. Dude hurry, dude It’s been a while. I don’t know how to play my crafts anymore. It’s not minecraft yet Just because we build it’s not minecraft. What is I thought we play minecraft? This sense? Where does minecraft look like this? Crane I got a full shield ok ok I’m breaking palace and breaking pal so we can kill stuff you ready to kill stuff I’m ready. I’m ready. You don’t have a shotgun. This is not good Craner I mean you could get in mine, but then I don’t have one ok somebody’s up there building to the south Where it can’t borrow it you can get it come here here, Jess. I got shotgun ok good I put that there alright dude argued. This is tilted towers. Are you tilting shots shots on that north north northwest? Dude, whoa you’re going hand bro, boo. We have to kill everything. Do you need a shotgun here take the green shotgun? I don’t like that one. Okay, come on kill stop You’re making me paddy ball that I already used to do in this game, dude like I’m panicked constantly. I’m always sweating Are you sweating – don’t sweat? Got a gross huh, it is just probably take a shower. Oh, I hear people is that at us No, okay, okay? Let’s go right across from boss. Dude. Are you sure you want to do this? Yes. Yes. Yes, I am Hey, why are you so confident? It’s making me even more nervous than if you weren’t confident I Think they’re in this building in that building Going in are they up or down. Haha Louis Rainier was in this building Got him got him got her in say today. He thought he died Calm down Craner, it’s not not hi. Okay. Well. I got a drink this I got a drink this give me like five years two years later. Okay. I’m drinking this hold on There’s somebody close to us, too. I’m still drinking dude. I’m still drunk. You’re still drinking geez dude. I’m thirsty Obama’s I hear him, okay. I want two shotguns. I want two shotguns who did you get a chest oh? So we got a chest somebody got a chest in our building how dare they oh right here breaking your build You good he went downstairs he went downstairs. See oh shit. I hit shutter than once almost dad oh That’s two people dude. I got him. I got one. I got one. I got one Nice, you got oh, dude Sit down Is that your new thing is that what people say when they kill people is that your new thing? Oh another chug chug, you’ve what’s up with the chug jokes today. I don’t know, but I’m loving it dude all right all right Oh, Oh, she’ll chill drink uh-uh uh-uh hobos Felix And okay, I have six minis and 1sheeld dude. How do you have okay? Give me a couple of those biddies. What the crap? You’re just two bolts on yourself. No. They’re mine Gave me any good you got to give me $100 per Minnie No, did have him any videos in four months pay me no dude. That’s not my issue I didn’t make you not make videos. Okay. What do we do? We’re thinking everybody it’s up the towers like that. We’re in the zone. Hey, let’s just chill dude so if it’s ours It’s ours dude if we take till two towers. I think we overtook till two towers, bro. I Guess we win the game do you wanna go to the next game just back out there next now. Oh my gosh Alright, so what what do you like more? Do you like the three round bursts? AR or the single tap I? Prefer the purse because I can miss shots and still kill people Yeah Like with the other one you actually have to reload it with this one. You just keep going until you hit something You know okay? I got it. I think I had a chest dude. Did you? let ah audio We’re that 95 I hit him twice, I got 2 headshots on him I Think there’s somebody in the building. Yeah, there is there is there is oh? Right there. I got him got him got him. The other guy’s extremely let the other guys extremely lit oh We got a pulled chalk dude, okay? I got him. I got a both got a both gotta both good job. Dude. Oh, my goodness. You are my Savior I will kiss you now. Don’t kiss me whatever you do don’t kiss me. That’s gross. Oh, there’s a first-aid kit out here I’ll bring it to you. Oh, I need that I need that I need that Take it take it take it first take it drink it drink the first aid kit Dude, drink the fourth down kiss go bomb dude. No drink the first-aid kit dress it. It’s at the bottom Nothing changes with you. What do you mean nothing take this with me, right? Here right here right here in the house in the house in the house Maybe because you say so many words at once do any due process You know I don’t know how to speak. I’m a I’m a I’m bandaging up Oh, we gotta go the zone is so far away. Oh no Really, I’m gonna take that I mean yeah. I’m gonna take the blue single shot instead of the three round bursts Yeah, I’m going with you. Okay. You come with me cheston’s go to this chat Let me get the chair them and get the sniper rifle in here It’s just nyah. Nope I Want the sniper dude can you hold can you? Dang it You took you took my little bouncy grenades you want the bow seized no go ahead Are you sure are you gonna die with them? Maybe I can’t dude I can’t promise anything All I’m doing is playing a game and having fun, dude Dude, this is like the worst place to walk through you do know that right is it why because? Everybody can just like sit up on the mountain to shoot down at us, dude Step You actually managed to stop me No As you said nothing changes with me You’re still trolling me dude something purple up there you see that I think that’s gone is that a silenced pistol Big it’s a beagle. Dude. Maybe is it a deagle. Yeah, it’s a vehicle Should I should I’m taking the deal? I’m taking the deagle. I’m taking it I’m taking if you hit somebody with that thing they dude Yeah, if I hope you hit him in the in the foot you gotta hit him in the foot, dude Yeah, if you had him in the foot there Gaddis guarantee if you hit him in the head it does less damage Yeah, that’s a fact Your brakes on your foot, dude Maybe you’re you see that giant structure up there. I’m kind of scared that people might be Ian, can you stop? Okay, okay, where are we going? I’m following you dude. Okay? You think there’s people up there. I see loot up there We’re still kind of far from the zone Yeah, we really need to get a move on dude Okay, I’m following you you’re 19 players left. How many kills you have – I have three with five kills, dude Well aren’t we supposed to get more if we go to Tilted Yeah, but I guess maybe not that many people went this time. You know what you know what dude what? That makes me This is a game about listening and being in the moment okay? Alrighty, we got this we got this you got to believe you run in front of me. You know What the crap you’re doing? Oh, there’s a care package east ECC’s. We want to go for that thing. I don’t know dude oh I was harvesting trees, dude. We play Minecraft for a living You know what Ian this game makes me extra paranoid. Okay? Okay? I get that I think people over here 165 yep, yep people oh, I see em I see me soon, okay We run behind room behind room behind follow me follow me follow me. I’m a doctor. I’m following You just call me darling. No. I’m a doctor 195 right next to me ish okay See him. Nope. It’s right there. Oh the zones coming in He’s gonna I saw him I saw myself do we get in the zone get this home get this home Okay I’m scared hold me I Don’t care about the soul right now again. Oh no Ronny it run I Hate son rap okay, run River Run got him. Okay okay run run run. Hey you’re blocking me probably Okay, okay. We kill them. We kill him. We can’t look at a head. Okay. Do you have Hugh like? Yeah, I have fall minis. Okay. Okay. Do you have any bandages? Oh? I see somebody at 120 Okay, okay, hold on. Let me reload 120 120 and s/ii I see him I see him I see him dude. I need heal so bad Oh, you’re almost dead dude ooh. They probably had some loot out there in the storm I don’t know if you want to try and go out there. I don’t have heals to do it somebody out in this dog I’m going oh No Oh Oh, I saw, you blocked me off into storm. Okay. I did oh I did dude. I am so low This is a horrible idea. Why did you tell me to do this? heels out there I Came back. Oh. Oh okay, okay? We’re good. We’re good. We’re good Do you have any heels they all over that no, I don’t I only have these blue parts dude. Okay, okay? You’re damn right over there, dude. Oh, yeah behind me. Oh crap somebody Did you kill him? not yet, oh Oh, oh, let me get those heels. Let me get those heels. Sorry Okay, okay, um um Yeah, I know wait a chug-chug that’s a slurp, dude. Oh, I’m sorry. I almost look it wrong. I’m sorry. I’m nervous Do you know how to English? I guess really anxious well played this game dudas doctor my health Well over there yep Remember, I told you about those guys. They have a freaking fault now, dude Oh, yeah, the four to port port afford four to porta potti 15 North You want to say Oh, we should actually go into the circle. It’s kind of slow though Okay, I’m going in anyway. Dude. You’re crazy. You’re crazy. You ain’t I’m at a pretty bad. Spot. Oh, they’re pushing they’re pushing I had shot over there I Had shot him let’s go in I’m pushing on pushing pushing yeah You take damage okay behind you moment Where is he he’s right here. I can top oh crap. I’m stuck We got it nice, okay, okay, we’re good we’re good give any mini ska give any minis, dude Hit oh, I’ve heels – We got a fun Day the brandy to bring these we need sir, Rob dude hello Good run I Bring you things I’m bringing things with me. I don’t care I got a sniper gold yeah, I got a fall upon. What do we want to do with these things, okay? Do you have do you have minis? No, I just gave you all my minis. Do it how am I supposed to carry everything Craner? I’m not your work mule You I saw a fall apart. I had to grab it. Okay. Don’t judge. Hey you Okay, hold on let me drink this and then we go there’s eight players left Craner I know. I don’t know so don’t remind me okay. I got it. I did it all right. What do we? Doing good did I get nervous? This guy guy 1 6 550 Crap they see us ok run this way run this way run this way ok. I’m right at oh gosh I stopped myself with a little ball run this way run this way Yeah, I’m running oh No, don’t get shot at don’t get dad. Whatever you do don’t get it so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna Go this way right and then one on every week. I know I’m allergic ok that point I’m going up here. Hopefully. There’s no yellow building. I’m my crap. Oh this guy here with a grenade grenade. You’re Nate Always right there. I hit him He’s above me oh No get off me mother you got it no I Don’t know Even behind no though be careful, dude. No. I’m dead I knocked him Okay, there’s still one guy left, dude He said I don’t know if he’s lower dot but he’s right down there somewhere dude be very careful, okay Got it Is he getting it up nope why did he have to kill me I’m going in okay? He’s right up there. Yep. I see him oh No He’s right next to you, huh Does she not see you What is that back I’m gonna kill her who the killer the healer food, dude, you need some grandma items as well I have really good stuff that you can use I can’t do the zones coming in oh gosh Mountain oh The other guy Oh no Oh no Geez Okay, okay, okay, okay? Okay, dude. I don’t have heals. I’m so well It was so many heels out there, dude if I he was to jump out and grab something I don’t have time dude this all gonna kill me. Oh my goodness. This only one team left, dude No, I know I don’t know what to do do we have good weapons kinda, dude. I have so many items You could have used are you i know Why did that I have to kill me okay here we go oh oh Oh’ down there dude. I know I know it’s 1 V 1 V 1 it’s 1 V 1 V 1 oh, that’s good. Oh Gosh Cover you so there’s a guy there Behind you maybe as well Oh rocket He’s got a lot of rockets Oh me, I’m good Make sure you come up behind you as well Oh Gosh Be careful, it’s still another guy There’s a guy there and a guy here oh Okay, do let’s see who wins hold on is the guy gonna win that killed me? Dude, if I only grabbed heals! Dang it! That was fun though. Holy crap dude. Crainer: That was a fun game. DANGITTT!!! I want to see who wins dudes if we upload this. I’ve I don’t freaking know hit the like button I don’t know do it let us know. It’s you and us to play more fortnite You want us to play minecraft you want us to play? Nintendo 64 What? Dude, this will set in Ted Scott. I know this really good. Okay. We did dude. I’m happy about this. Okay here we go Uh-oh, oh how the tables have turned Give even lucky charms the guy that killed me dude. That’s good well played YouTube himself

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  2. Ssundee: " aren't they blowing this place up soon"
    Me: " dont worry u got until season 8 for that and it comes back anyway

  3. Ssundee was great when I was 10 and would watch his jail break vids season 1. But ssundee completely changed, he clearly plays fortnite for views trash ass game btw, he uses red arrows which is the number 1 way to get somebody to click on your vid and doesn’t feel the same as it did 4 years ago

  4. lo i remember when the scoped ar was called Assault Rifle with a scope dude that is the longest name ever

  5. 1:30 Ssundee if you didn't have a skin before skill based matchmaking and didn't have any skin people would sweat all over you

  6. wait. this was season 3. and the victory sign on this vid thumbnail was intruduced in season 5. so ssundee predicted the future perfectly.

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