Nobrain – Tears | 노브레인 – Tears [Immortal Songs 2 /ENG/ 2018.03.10]

Nobrain – Tears | 노브레인 – Tears [Immortal Songs 2 /ENG/ 2018.03.10]

– Hi, we’re Nobrain. / – Hi, we’re Nobrain. (A charming band that steals the audience’s heart.) (Happy, cheerful, and exhilarating) (Let’s rock out with Nobrain today!) We’ll sing “Tears” by So Chanwhee. A lot of people go to karaoke and sing this song to relieve stress. When you go home, your parents nag at you about getting married and getting a job. There are people who have to deal with that. We’re trying to express the stress they’re getting through this song. It’s kind of my story. Our concept today is “old bachelor.” I’d like to say something to Sungwoo’s mother. I think he’s under a lot of stress because you nag at him. You’ll be able to see how terribly stressed out he is. Please accept him as your lovely son even if he isn’t married. I’ll take care of myself, Mom. To all the old bachelors. – Cheer up! / – Cheer up! (“Tears” is the title song of So Chanwhee’s 4th album.) (The song shows off her high, powerful voice.) (When she was given this song,) (at first, she felt overwhelmed.) (But now she thanks it for putting her where she is.) (In various surveys, this song has been chosen) (as the final song to be sung at a karaoke.) (Also it’s a steady karaoke favorite) (in dance music charts.) Here comes the 11th performer, Nobrain. (The 11th performance by Nobrain) (Nobrain) Hello, nice to meet you. We’re Nobrain. We would like to dedicate this song to all the old bachelors. (A day before the new year’s day) Hey. Hey, let’s drink more. No. I have to go. Tomorrow’s the new years. I have to visit my wife’s parents. My mother-in-law will cook delicious curry rice for me. You stink. Hey. You’ll have another drink with me, right? – I have to go. / – Stay. No. I have to go study. I can’t drink anymore. Come on, man. You’ll stay for another drink, right? Don’t go. Please? Don’t make any excuses. I’m busy. I have to go watch Lovelyz. (His last friend heads home.) I want to see them too. It’s the new year’s day, but I can’t go home. (Old bachelor Sungwoo doesn’t want to go home.) My mom will nag at me and tell me to get married already. What should I do? DJ. Please play some music. (“Tears” by Nobrain) Ladies and gentleman. Please stand up. Please stand up. Nobrain. DJ R2. Everybody, stand up. Let’s go. Come on. Come on! Take it back to the old school. (Interlude) Say “Yes!” Say “Oh, yes!” Say “Oh, oh, yes!” Everyone, scream! Everybody! (Wow! 100 points! You know how to sing!) Rock and roll! (Happy New Year!) Happy New Year! (Wishing love for all the bachelors,) (“Tears” by Nobrain)

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