Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Top 20 Favorites You Will LOVE!!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Top 20 Favorites You Will LOVE!!

– Sharing 20 of my favorite finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Can you believe it’s here? The Nordstrom Anniversary
Sale, Christmas in July. The Super Bowl for bloggers. It’s definitely the
biggest sale of the year and the reason it’s the
biggest sale of the year is because fall merchandise goes on sale before the season even starts. That never happens. No one does that. It’s always at the end of the season. So that’s why it’s such a big deal. Some people shop this sale and that’s it for the entire year. You can knock everything off on your list pretty easily and pretty affordably. So what I wanna share in this video are my 20 favorite finds
from shopping in-store, obviously not home. I’m in Denver right now and I
went to two stores in Denver. So I felt like I got to see
a lot of the sale product but there’s not gonna be all
the sale items in the store. A lot of it’s going to be online. So be sure to check the
link in the description box to the blog post that I’m doing where I will continually update
my picks based on category, every category from plus sized
to gifts to home to kids, to boots to booties to jackets to coats and that will include online picks. So this video just includes
the in-store picks. These are the pieces that I’ve tried on. These are the pieces that I bought. These are the pieces
that I can talk to you about fabric and fit and sizing and how it feels and all that. I’m super excited to be
able to do this this year. Last year I ordered a bunch of product and it took a week and a
half for it to come in. So I’m excited to be able to share what I actually got and saw and tried on in the store that I think you guys are going to love. Some of these pieces
will probably sell out. So this isn’t the time to
sort of drag your heels and think about it and contemplate. Order it, get what you are drawn to, and then you can always send
something back if you need to. So I’m gonna share my 20 favorite finds, kind of go by category. And I wanna start with
the coats and jackets. And I think I’m gonna start there because that is definitely
my most favorite topic. I love coats and jackets, like love love love. (laughing) So I’m in the perfect climate
for that now in Colorado. I wanna share my favorites
in that category first. (upbeat music) The first find I wanna share with you all is a plaid coat by Halogen. This plaid coat is one of those that I would call very special. The color combination is very unique. It’s very bright, it’s very cheery, and happy and joyful. But then it also has this
sophistication about it. It is the perfect blend of
chicness, sophistication, but also having a little
bit of playfulness. And I love buying a coat that has color for the winter season because I feel like it is so easy to live in your black puffer
or your black wool coat. It’s so special when you wear some color. It really brightens everything up. And so this coat is just gorgeous. It’s very soft. The fit is true to size. This is a size small. It’s very affordable. I’ll put pricing below. This one is not to be missed. It will for sure sell out. So if you like it and you think you might wanna add an interesting coat to
your winter coat wardrobe, I would definitely scoop this up. (upbeat music) The second favorite find that I wanted to share with you guys is actually this blazer. It’s by L’AGENCE. This blazer with these beautiful gold button detailing on the sleeve and then also on the jacket itself. It sort of looks purple
on camera right now but it’s really this beautiful blue tone that will be such an awesome
alternative to black and navy, especially this fall season. And I love this color and I feel like this color works on so many different skin tones. I feel like if there’s
one universal color, it’s this color blue. This blazer is a little bit higher end. It’s by L’AGENCE and so it’s
more of an investment piece. So every year I always feature
a Veronica Beard blazer and that’s the one where
you have the Dickey that zips and zips out. This year I’m not featuring
a Veronica Beard blazer. So this would be the equivalent of that. Although there’s no zip ins about Dickey. I just think the color is
dynamic and it’s a real standout but still neutral versatile wearable. I just love it. (upbeat music) The third favorite find I wanna share is a brown Nordstrom Signature blazer. It’s another really classic piece that I feel like will
stand the test of time and this color is just so gorgeous. I am really into brown tones right now. I think I told you guys last year, I started kind of building
my basics with brown tones. So I already had the blacks covered. Last year I began adding some brown tones, really getting some
basic pieces that I love in these beautiful neutral brown tones. Here’s a basic piece in a
very versatile brown tone that could replace a black blazer. It’ll be that neutral
and versatile for you. So I love the fit, I love the color, I love how classic it is. I think you can wear this over a dress or you could wear it just
with a cami and jeans. You could wear it over a tee. There’s a lot of versatility
with this jacket. But I really think this one is a standout and I guarantee this
one will sell out also. (upbeat music) The next jacket I wanna highlight is one by BLANKNYC and
I feel like every year there’s been a BLANKNYC jacket mentioned. This one is a little bit different. It’s more of a lightweight draped moto instead of the traditional moto. And what I love about this jacket is just how lightweight it is. It comes in this gray color and it also comes in a
beautiful blush tone. So depending on what your preference is. I already have a moto
jacket in a blush tone, so I didn’t wanna get that one. I wanted to get the gray. But this is a jacket for those of you in those hotter climates, where you need something
just really lightweight that you could throw on to
add polish in the fall season but you don’t want anything too heavy. And I feel like this just has such an ease and effortlessness about it. It’s just a really gorgeous piece and the price is crazy good. It’s vegan leather, it’s not real leather. So I just think it’s a standout. (upbeat music) The next piece I wanted to share with you is a Treasure and Bond
black leather moto jacket. This moto jacket is stunning and you will think that it is comparable to some of the most
expensive leather jackets. It’s really that good. If you still don’t have
a black leather jacket, I think this is an awesome option. And before I move on to the next find, I wanted to mention that
AllSaints has some gorgeous leather moto jackets in the sale as well. And they have this really
gorgeous pink tone color. It’s kind of between a pink and a taupe and then they also have a black one. I love all three of those jackets but I think that if you’re talking about best bang for your buck, this one by Treasure and
Bond is really terrific. It does run a bit on the shorter side. So if you’re petite like me or if you have a shorter torso, it’s going to be perfect on you. If you’re longer torsoed or taller, it’s going to be more of
a cropped jacket on you. So that’s something to think about and the cropped jacket
can look awesome too. You just have to play around
a bit with proportion, wear something longer underneath
to extend the hemline. The next piece I wanted to highlight is this gorgeous luxury luxe
moto jacket by AllSaints. It’s in this beautiful blush tone color. I would totally have bought this jacket except I already have a really
high quality moto jacket in a very similar color, so it just didn’t make sense for me. But if you want an alternative to black that feels very high-end and luxurious, this is definitely it. You will love this jacket. (upbeat music) The next jacket I wanna talk about is this really cool jacket by STATE. It’s like a longline blazer. It’s almost like it’s between
a longline and a duster blazer but I love the plaid print. I love the ruched three-quarter sleeve. I just think it’s so fresh and different. I’ve talked about plaid being
very on-trend for years, really I’ve been talking
about it for three years, and I’ve also talked about
how it’s always on trend. But what’s new this year are
these nude like little twists. So one of the things that’s new are the fresh color combinations, like with the coat that
I showed you earlier. Here’s an example of
just fresh design details that make the jacket a little bit special. And that is the sleeve length, the 3/4 sleeve with the
ruching detail at the sleeve, and then also the length of the
hemline of the jacket itself is a fresh take on plaid. And so I just love this
update on the classic print. I think it’s really cool and
I think you guys will love it. This one comes with a skirt, a pencil skirt that matches the jacket. So if you work in an office and you want something that’s
just really buttoned up but also feels really fresh and modern, I think that’s an awesome,
awesome combination. (upbeat music) The last jacket I wanna talk about is this stunning faux fur jacket by FRAME. It’s in this kind of burgundy tone. It’s somewhere between
a burgundy and a red. It definitely makes a
statement, packs a punch, and will take everything that
you’re wearing up 10 notches. You could be wearing this
with like a T-shirt and jeans and all of a sudden you
look like a movie star. I love this I think it’s
absolutely gorgeous, and I think you guys will love it too. Just a quick note about the jacket, is, again, it’s more of
a cropped silhouette. If you have a long torso, this jacket is going to maybe
be a bit too short on you. It’s the perfect length
for me and I’m petite and I think that you could
probably go on up to 5’7″, 5’8″ before it feels like it is truly cropped. I just wanted to mention that in case you want something
with a little more length. This is probably not the one for you. But I just feel like it’s
just a really stunning piece. I love it so much. (upbeat music) The next piece I wanna share with you is a Vince cable knit sweater. I highlighted the sweater in the catalog video that
I did fairly recently. It’s just a beautiful stunning piece, and I’ve talked about this. I don’t know how many years, how much I love Vince knits. I think Vince is known for their knits. They make really beautiful sweaters. What’s funny is that I was shooting today and the photographer’s like, “Well what do you do
if the sweaters pill?” And I said, “Well I actually
have a video for that.” (laughing) Don’t avoid buying a sweater because you’re worried about
the pilling of the sweater. It is so easy to get rid of the pilling and if you missed that video, I did a whole style secrets video and I talked about how you can get, very easily get rid of
the pills on the sweater. Vince knits are just yummy and gorgeous. I love this white cable knit sweater and I love the high
neck and how it stays up and it’s not flopping around. It really has some structure to it. (upbeat music) I wanna really address cardigans ’cause every year cardigans
are such a big seller. The Leith Circle cardigan, I don’t know, three years in a row, has been one of my personal bestsellers. And I know across the board it’s been a bestseller among bloggers. Another one is the
Barefoot Dreams cardigan. So this year Nordstrom
has all of the usual popular suspects on sale. So you’re gonna find the Barefoot
Dreams cardigans on sale. You’re gonna find the Spanx
faux leather leggings on sale. You’re gonna find Spanx on sale. You’re gonna find all your favorite Natori
bras and underwear, and hanky-panky underwear. So all those pieces that
are on sale every year that are very popular, those are all on sale again. And I’m not really
highlighting those specifically because I feel like every
year I talk about ’em. I just wanted to mention a few cardigans that are different this year, that I really enjoyed
when I was in the store. The first is this Vince black cardigan. I really enjoyed the
length of this cardigan. It kinda goes right past your bum but it’s not longer than that. I do love a duster
cardigan also that’s longer but I just really enjoyed
the length of this cardigan. And like I said also, Vince knits are just so
luxurious and wonderful. There’s another cardigan that I didn’t buy and I may, I don’t know, I may reconsider and buy
it later on in the sale. It’s a Nordstrom Signature
brand cashmere in a light gray and there are a bunch of different colors for the Nordstrom Signature brand. But that was also just a
really beautiful cashmere. It was a great length
and it was a great heft and it felt very soft on your skin. I didn’t see the Leith
Circle cardigan in the store but what I did see was this
duster cardigan by Leith that I really love and
I got it in this color. At first I thought it was burgundy but it’s more like a brownish burgundy. It’s somewhere between
a brown and a burgundy. I’m really loving it ’cause it feels like it’s more
of a chocolate brown to me. And again, I told you guys, I’m really trying to build in and add more brown tones to my wardrobe. So I really thought that this cardigan, the color especially, is very cool. But this is going to be your cardigan that will not break the bank, that you will really enjoy incorporating into your wardrobe this fall. (upbeat music) The next find is a top by Vince Camuto that I liked so well, I bought it in two colors,
both black and white or more of an off-white really. It’s a Vince Camuto top, short sleeve. A little bit of a flutter sleeve, so it doesn’t fit very tight
to the arm which I like. It gives you some
breathing room in your arm. It’s a v-neck which is one of
the most flattering necklines and it also has these cool silver grommets along the neckline and
then down the front center part of the blouse. I just think it’s really just a sweet top. It’s very thin so you know
how sometimes you buy shirts and it’s impossible to
tuck them into your jeans and it creates like a
big poof in your pants which is not a good look. This is very thin, so you can tuck tuck
tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck and there’s going to be no
poof which I really appreciate. Almost like wearing a bodysuit but without the annoying
bodysuit part of it. So I got that in two colors. (upbeat music) Another top that I really
love is a not so basic basic. It’s a short sleeve tee by Something Navy that has a puff shoulder and a little bit of a puff sleeve, and it’s a lot like the one
that I bought this spring that’s the bodysuit version. But this is like that top but without, again, the
annoying bodysuit part I got it in both black and white and I love the puff shoulder detail because I tend to be quite
narrow through the shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, that puff shoulder detail is
probably not the way to go and I just wanted you to be
aware of that cognizant of that. But I really love this T-shirt, just something a little bit special instead of just your
basic white v-neck tee. This one feels a little bit more elevated, a little bit more unique, and I think it adds a
little bit of femininity to a regular T-shirt. So I got that in black and white. And then I just wanted to
mention one other basic that I think it’s important to highlight and that’s a long-sleeve, almost like gauzy fabric
black and white T-shirt. So I bought both black and white and I love these T-shirts,
they’re crew neck. The reasons that I love them
are number one, the fabric. Really soft, a little
bit stretchy, very thin. Again, not adding bulk when
you tuck it in or layer it. They’re perfect for layering, number two. I mean you can wear them under a blazer, you can wear them under a jacket, you can wear them under a sweater. You’re not gonna be overheated but you still have that second layer. And number three is the length. So sometimes you buy a layering tee and it feels like it’s
just a hair too short. I mean this one, I could
really pull it all the way down almost to my knees. And maybe that’s an exaggeration, maybe it’s more like mid-calf. I think the length also makes
it a perfect layering tee. So I wanted to mention those. I wouldn’t necessarily say
that’s like a favorite. I just wanna mention that one because I think they
are such great basics. (upbeat music) The next piece I wanna highlight
is actually an accessory. It’s a Treasure and Bond fedora hat. I love this hat. It reminds me of a hat I bought
last year by Rag and Bone but you’ve got the same concept
for a fraction of the price because the rag-and-bone
hats are quite expensive. Even on sale. So I just love the python band in the hat. I love the color of the hat. Again, another brown tone. It’s just a really cool hat,
for me living in Colorado. I love hats like this. I love hats anyway but it’s such a slam dunk
for Colorado, I feel like. So maybe if you live in
New York or New York State or you’re in the Midwest or out west, I feel like it’s just a
really cool hat to have. And I do think that hats when you wear them out
and about running errands, it’s just like your whole outfit is gonna look so much cooler, and then of course, it also protects you from the elements. So if it’s raining that day or
if it’s snowing a little bit, it keeps your hair dry. (upbeat music) Next I wanna skip to jeans. There are a couple pairs of jeans that I wanted to share with you guys. The first is a pair of
L’AGENCE dark-wash skinny jeans that are ankle length. And I wanted to highlight these because I think they’re really flattering and they’re a great basic. But also if you’re on the
shorter side or more petite side and you like to buy jeans that really do fit the
length of your legs, these jeans are perfect. If you’re taller, you can still grab these jeans. It just means they’re going to be a little bit higher on you, giving you room to wear a really cool pair of booties or shoes. So they’re really gonna frame that pair of booties or shoes for you. So it doesn’t mean it’s a deal killer. If you’re taller, it just is going to be
a totally different look and a different fit on you. For those of you that are petite like me and you have a hard time finding jeans that really fit you in terms of length, you will love this pair of jeans. (upbeat music) The other pair of jeans I wanna talk about and you remember, you guys, I talked about in the catalog video, the resurgence of the flare jeans. And I was so excited to see
them back in the catalog. So I did pick up a pair of
flare jeans by Good American. What I love about Good American jeans is I think their pocket placement
in the behind is so good. It really does make your butt
look smaller and more lifted. I also think that the denim
itself is so soft and stretchy. It really feels almost like
you’re wearing yoga pants but you’re really wearing jeans. They make some really
great jeans, I gotta say. And I think you guys will love ’em and they’re very size inclusive. You really can get a
pair that fits you well, no matter what your size. The other thing I wanna mention
about Good American jeans is they do run a bit large. Let’s say you’re typically a four, you’re probably gonna wanna go with a two. If you’re typically a 16, you’re probably gonna wanna go with a 14. And they’re very stretchy. The great thing about
Good American jeans though is that they’re stretchy but they don’t stretch out
to where you feel like, “Oh gosh, these jeans have
lost their shape already. “I’ve only worn them for two hours.” They definitely retain their shape. So I love these flare jeans and I love the way that they fit and the way that they flatter and the way that they kinda lift the bum. There’s a little magic trick
going on there with the behind. (upbeat music) The next favorite I wanna
share is a midi skirt. It’s a black silky midi skirt. Now I’ve talked about this as well. It’s really hard to find
skirts that are longer that are also very flattering and I feel like especially
as you get older, you want some more length on the skirt. I do anyway. It can be very difficult to find ’cause I don’t know why but
skirts tend to be really short and so do dresses in a lot of cases. And so it was really refreshing to find this skirt that’s midi-length, even longer than midi-length really. And it’s just a cool basic
especially for us over 35, I feel like this is a
really cool awesome basic, like you could wear this everywhere from dinner parties, to the office. It has a lot of versatility. There are a couple other
skirts in the sale. There’s one that’s a
python print that I saw and then there’s another
one that’s a leopard print. I decided to go with
the black silky option just because I thought it
would be more versatile, and I also already have a
leopard print, Free People skirt, that’s very similar to
the one in the sale. And then I also just got a python skirt that I showed you guys in the Nordstrom capsule wardrobe video that I did just a couple weeks ago. So I wanted to just make mention of that. So if you’re like, “Well
why didn’t Erin pick out “these cool animal print skirts?” That’s why. So there are two animal
print skirts in the sale, one leopard, one python, and then this really
cool black silky skirt that I wanted to show you guys. (upbeat music) The next favorite I wanna highlight is this gorgeous brown floral
print Sam Edelman dress. And I did highlight this
in the catalog video and I said I was really excited to see it because it’s a very
sophisticated floral print. I feel like it’s hard to
get floral prints right. I loved the brown tone. Well this dress did not disappoint. It is really stunning. The fit is fabulous. I love all the little
details, the shoulder ruffle, the little tie in the front, the high-low skirt, the flowy
skirt, the cinched waist. It’s just beautiful. And it’s so lightweight that it is really ideal for layering too. So if you wanna layer
something over it, you can. And this is gonna look
just as good with flats as it is with knee-high scrunched boots, as it is with booties,
as it is with pumps. Really, sky’s the limit with the shoes. As long as it’s a fairly neutral color. I think you can get away with it. But I really think this
dress is a special piece. I think you guys will really love it. I think it’s a very tasteful floral print. (upbeat music) The next favorite I wanted to highlight is a pair of Blondo
waterproof python booties. And this is one of the pieces that I knew as soon as I
went into the shoe department I wanted to see and I was so
happy to see them in the store. They’re absolutely gorgeous. They feel so good on. They’re comfortable and remember all the Blondo
boots are waterproof. So if you live in a place where you get snow and
sleet and ice and rain and any kind of inclement weather, these are really terrific to have. They do have a U-shaped
detail cutout along the sides and I know that sometimes that
presents an issue with socks. And so what you can either
do is wear no-show socks or just a little ped. I mean, no one’s gonna
call the fashion police if you have a little tiny ped peeping out. But it’s a really, just
a really sweet bootie. I love these so much. There are a couple pairs
of Vince Camuto booties that I wanted to highlight. Every year there’s a great
pair of Vince Camuto booties, but there’s a couple that I really enjoy. One is almost a Western-inspired bootie that comes in a few different colors, and I tried those on too and those are really comfortable. And the other is the, every year Vince Camuto has
the shoe bootie, the Shootie, where it’s peep toe and it’s
got some sort of cool cutout. They have another one
this year and here it is. This one, I really love. I think it’s just really cool and modern, with all this laser cutout detail. I love this kind of smoky gray color. It’s like a between brown and gray. So I feel like this is just
a really great neutral color and I love again, the shape of the heel, I love laser cutouts. I love these shoe booties. And you guys know Vince Camuto makes really comfortable booties. It’s the type of bootie where you could really be
on your feet for a while and not even worry about it. (upbeat music) The next favorite that I
wanted to share with you guys are some necklaces by Gorjana. Here’s one of them, so pretty
and dainty, and lovely. This is a piece you could
wear every single day. Last year I did a lot of Argento Vivo, so it would be really interesting to see what’s available online with that line. But I didn’t see a ton in the
store that I loved by them. But I was really taken by
these Gorjana necklaces. There’s the one I’m wearing, then there’s this really
simple disc pendant with little crystals around it. It’s very elegant and versatile too. And then the third one
I wanted to show you is this longer pendant necklace with these little
rectangles at the bottom. What I love about this is it is adjustable with this little ball. You can adjust the length of the necklace. So if you want it to fall
way up here, you can. If you want it to fall
just below your bust, you can do that. That’s kind of the sweet spot. So you can adjust it depending on where it falls on your body which is really awesome. I haven’t seen that much,
so I really enjoyed that. (upbeat music) And the last find that
I wanted to highlight is a beauty pick and that is this palette
by Charlotte Tilbury. I’m always on the lookout for little travel eyeshadow palettes because I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes but they’re all huge. And so I loved the size of this one. I also love a few of the colors. I almost never love all of the colors in a palette by the way but this one is just really beautiful. And what I love about Charlotte Tilbury’s
colors and palettes, is that they’re very pigmented. So you just put a little
bit of shadow on your eyes and it really packs some color punch. And these are all very neutral colors. There are a few that have some shimmer but mostly they’re matte and they’re all very peachy brown tones. This reminds me of the Naked
palette, just like this. The same, about the same size that I used to bring on every single trip. But then it fell and I broke it. And so this is gonna replace that. So I love this. Oh, and I got the Charlotte
Tilbury Supermodel Bronzer because I bought that last year and then it got confiscated when I was flying over to Europe. So those are the two
beauty purchases I made. There may be more to come
but that’s it so far. So those are my 20
favorites from my experience in-store shopping two
stores here in Denver. There are more items on sale, so be sure to check the blog. Be sure to go below the box, click on the blog link, and I will have pics
delineated by categories. If you’re like, “Where
are your plus-size picks? “Where are your picks for the guys?” That’s where you’re gonna find them. It’s over there on the blog. I just really wanted to
share the pieces that I love from my in-store shopping experience. As I get more pieces in, I will definitely review
them both on the website and then hopefully here on YouTube. I’ll also be doing a video focusing more on high-end
buys or more luxury buys like this L’AGENCE jacket, for example. So be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on that video. And then let me know, is there any other topic in terms of the Nordstrom Sale that you would like me to cover? Do you want me to do a lookbook? Are you interested in more basics? What is that, that you guys wanna see? Let me know. Don’t forget, you guys, that if you have any questions
at all, just comment below. We really wanna be
accessible during the sale, really helping you, guiding you, helping you to really make
those smart shopping decisions, getting those pieces that you need, getting those basics that you need. Let us know what we can do to help you and if you do have any questions. Thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you next time. Bye! (upbeat music)

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