Open Gym: Caliente Fitness & Plyoga Fitness: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Open Gym: Caliente Fitness & Plyoga Fitness: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

– That’s it?
You’re done?
– That’s it. You have
three minutes left
of your class. I guarantee you,
if we look at the results, they did an awesome job. A 12-minute routine
works for beginners, but these guys were fit. And I’m starting to wonder
if Jason is taking this seriously or not. They need more! Okay, everybody.
Switch gyms, please! You go. Let’s go.
Knee, and then kick it out. Steady and then slowly
bring it into a capital T. She’s got to give
modifications, Randy. Like, this guy,
hands should be back,
not out in front. They’re too fatigued.
Look at this guy’s form
right there. Obi: Yeah,
this is a hot mess. One, two, three, four,
five, six. Clap! One, two, three, four,
five, six, and clap. In totally different order. Jason:
Yeah. Yeah. You could tell
he made it up on the fly because his sequence
and his timing was off. Any time that you’re creating
an exercise program, it needs to be sequenced, so the person can follow
the instructor properly, and it also helps
to improve scalability. This time,
it’s Caliente funky legs.
Right, left, right. I felt really lost. I think
that it would be
a lot easier if he maybe
explained the moves
before we did them. Arms up. Now drop. Plyoga combined
a lot of workouts that really
complemented each other, from intense cardio
to the yoga stretching, and I– I thought
that it really matched well. Obi:
Caliente Fitness
is 830 calories. These guys
are neck and neck right now. You work hard for 12 minutes,
and you go on in your busy day. Tap, tap, push up.
Arms up. Come on, don’t give up
on yourself! You rocked it.
Thank you, boss. Randy:
If Jason had programmed
a longer workout, he’d be beating Stephanie
in calorie burn. Open Gym is over! Jillian:
Okay, everybody. You’ve had a chance
to test both workouts, so we have
a few questions
for you. Obi:
Which workout was more fun? Jason was awesome. It was, like, kind of silly,
but at the same time he just made it
really fun and really engaging. Which concept do you feel
gave you the better workout? All the exercises she had
were very, very dynamic, and there
is no easy workout
with hers. Thank you. Jillian: All right.
Final question. We want to know
which was your favorite workout, and the way
you’re gonna answer that is by filing
into that gym, now. Choose your gym!

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