Open Gym: FitX & Fuse45: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Open Gym: FitX & Fuse45: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

This is a disaster.
What is happening? All right. If yours aren’t working,
we’re just gonna start. All right, guys. Arm station.
At the knee. At the shoulder. Sam’s already
lost five minutes of her workout,
and I’m praying to God she changed up
her strength exercises Well, that’s
a — show going on out there
with the retrainer. They’re not getting
the pivot mechanics. Obi:
Their form
is completely wrong.
They’re only rotating
their arms,
not engaging
their core and legs
into the exercise.
When form is compromised,
EPOC drastically drops because anaerobic activity
is not as high. Give me about 70%,
nothing crazy. Good job. The treadmill adds
a great cardio component to Jason’s workout,
and I like how he’s monitoring their effort
during the rest intervals. And he’s a great instructor. Keep that back straight.
Come on, 12 seconds. 11 seconds. Great job! She’s not using
the monitor she brought. I think, I think– Well, she’s not
referencing it. Look, she’s having issues
multitasking. That’s just the bottom line. What are our heart rate
monitors reading? Jason’s workout is 171. Heart rate for Fuse 45
is 143. Holy crap. Sam’s average
heart rate is too low!

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