Open Gym: Focusmaster & Stryke: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Open Gym: Focusmaster & Stryke: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Huh. Huh. Uh-oh. Oh, no. Here. Randy:
Uh-oh. Jill:
Guys. Oh, my God.
All the bags are breaking. Randy:
She should’ve spent less money on the water bottles
she gave us and more money
on some quality bags. Erin:
Keep going. Jill:
Erin’s entire class
is falling to pieces. Wow. All right. I like the machine.
I actually want one ’cause it’s something
very unique. It’s different. I feel sorry for her,
but the entrepreneur in me is, like, buttoned up. Five more seconds to go. Unbuttoned. Erin:
Hey, I like it. And time. This is the best part, and this is where
we get to ask you guys a couple of questions
and get your feedback. We need to know
if you liked it, if you didn’t like it, and Obi will kick us off. Which workout was more fun?
Yes, sir, you. Stryke was fun for me. I mean,
I felt like I was at the club, – with the grinding
and everything, so. Yeah.
– [ laughter ] There’s the dancing, right,
and the fighting put together. That’s fun,
but I’m not at the club. – I’m here to get
a workout and–
– All: Whoa. – That is hurtful.
– I feel like
I need more rest, and I just felt like my movements were sloppy
’cause I like to take my time and make sure I’m doing my
movements correctly to prevent injury. All right. Give us a couple of thoughts
on innovation of Stryke. I thought it was excellent.
She’s using boxing, too, so I just thought it was really
different. It was a lot of fun. – Thank you.
– [ laughter ] Which of the of the concepts
did you feel gave you the better workout
overall? I liked Focusmaster because
you’re using your whole body, but you’re going from punching
at mitts, and after that you’re doing circuit training.
So, you’re never stopping. You’re doing core;
you’re doing everything. Honestly, I just really liked
the 30-second interval. You just get in there, and you just keep going
the whole time, so my energy is up
from beginning to end. We just need
your final opinion. Which gym
would you sign up for? Which one
would you pay money for? And you’re going
to answer that by going to that gym. Okay, everybody.
Go now, please. Kyle:
All right, all right,
here we go, baby. – Erin: Come on over.
– That’s it. See you in Focusmaster.
Come on in. Good job.
Good job. Good job. Kyle: Love it.
Welcome to team Focusmaster.

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