Open Gym: Gridiron Power & Epic Hybrid Training: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Open Gym: Gridiron Power & Epic Hybrid Training: Part II – Sweat Inc., Season 1

They’re dying,
they’re dying.When it’s all
a red line,
you get so fatigued,
your form goes. – That right there,
bicep tendon tear.
– Obi:Oh, yeah.Jillian:
Those ball sounds
are terrible, too.
No one’s using their core.Even though Alex
has adjusted the time frame
of his interval,he’s moving from exercises like ball slams
to monkey bars, and the bottom line,
is that it’s too intense. His heart rates
are too high. All right everybody,
let’s switch it up. The trainer was–
He was really awesome.I was kinda intimidated
at first
just by looking at him.But overall,
I think it was great.
There was a lot of variety, a lot
of multifunctional movements which is good. ( laughs ) It was super intense.
Full body workout. Strength, agility,
body weight, I love circuit workouts. That’s pretty much
all I do. – Good job.
– Let’s do it. ( clapping ) Quickly,
quick quick, yes. Guys, that’s a fire.
You gotta get over the fire. Squat. Excellent. JD:
Is that heart rate up?
Are you breathing heavy?
Look, if we compare,
she’s actually slightly ahead
on average heart rate.– The heart rate is 163, 160.
– They’re both kicking
some ass. – Randy:That we can see.
– He would be getting
better calorie burn,better heart rateif they were actually able
to do all of the exercises. Alex:
Get it.
Oh, no. Almost.
You cannot give them an exercise
that is so difficult that their form is terrible
and you can’t fix it. Uh-oh, you want me
to change it for you? This is my overtime drill,
let’s see who wins this? Look what’s happening.
Because she wasted the time. Randy:
It’s starting
to pull away.
Four, three… She gets lost,
she’s busy looking
at her countdown time. Looks like JD has
retooled her workout and added more
football elements,but she’s still not
familiar enough with it,
to teach it confidently.Alex:
Three, two, one.
Slam it down already.All right.
That is it. Time.Let’s huddle up.Okay, guys,
so everyone has had a chance to try both workouts. Obi:
First question,
which workout was more fun? I would have to say
Alex’s workout was more fun because it incorporated
a lot of team building. Man:
Epic Hybrid made sure
that everyone
was working on in unison,and Gridiron, everyone was set to do
a certain thing, and just go.And I kinda got lost
in that.
Which workout did you feel
was more innovative? You know, a lot of this
you can do outside,you can get like some bands,
football, like, stairs,
things like that.I don’t have
this equipment at home. So, in order to get
that kind of a workout,you have to go
to a gym and get it.
All right,
thank you so much
for your feedback. And now,
finish the workout in the gym
that you would sign up for. We’ve got 18 people
in Alex’s gym, and we have six people
in JD’s gym, with Gridiron. Excellent guys, give yourself
a round of applause. Great work today. – Good job, guys.
– Awesome work, good. All right, everybody.
Great job. You are officially done. ( applauds )

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  1. But this week they're playing two episodes, not a good sign. When this bites the dust (not sayin that it will, but when it does lol) put on something more entertaining. Chicks watch Spike too lol. Reruns of Cops and Jail ain't cuttin it for either gender.

  2. I thought epic hybrid was already let go a few shows ago. THis show is pretty absurd. I don't think you had one legit trainer yet and the fact that during the fat loss phase for lack of a better word these so called trainers should be only using their routines and go for the length of a class they would teach, not go 2 hours everyday using everything and anything.
    most of these people are entertaining not training….

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