Oversized Open Gym: Omniball, Cuerpaso, & Focusmaster: Part I – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Oversized Open Gym: Omniball, Cuerpaso, & Focusmaster: Part I – Sweat Inc., Season 1

In this oversized Open Gym,
you have one singular goal: win over this amazing crowd. Now at the end of the challenge,
the participants will then choose the gym
of their favorite workout, and whoever has the least people
in their gym at the end of this challenge
is automatically eliminated. Oversized Open Gym
begins right now! Randy: Time to sweat. The bottom-line is we’ve looked
at these concepts, right, and we’ve assessed that
they’ve got business viability, and they work
at the individual level. Today is going to tell us
what do the masses want to do? My name is Tommy Saunders, and welcome
to OmniBall Training. I am a former NFL athlete, and I use
omnidirectional training, and I’m getting results. The goal for this
is to get you tight,
toned, ripped up. And he gave us a sexy promise.
Such a good student. Nice in rhythm,
so nice and controlled. Randy: Let’s go over
to Cuerpaso. And toe taps.
Let’s get it, toe taps. Cuerpaso, it’s instant
dynamic movements. We’re here to have a great time.
I’m taking you over to Brazil. We’re going to have booty
working those abs. It looks more visually appealing
to me than the other two. Four, three. Tommy’s going to struggle
with this one. These guys,
they’re doing moves that don’t require
a lot of technique, so you’ve got a more
Zumba-like feel going on. Action.
Head up, chest up. Zone right here, guys.
Excellent, hanging in there! He is doing lower body,
which is great. Let’s go, jog and punch.
My hands are coming back
to my chin. You’ve got that rotation.
Good! – Straight on to Tommy’s?
– Let’s go have a look. – Forward raise.
– This is the least fun, which is where I think
he’s in the most trouble. Remember in the first Open Gym,
over and over, it wasn’t just the fun concept
that won. It was the one
that kicked everybody’s ass. That’s right. Throw the ball, knees up,
and let’s do it! And whoo! Kyle and Tadeo
are such high-energy, and they’re sport-inspired. That’s where I just wonder
if Tommy’s going to take a hit. But he’s got something
that nobody’s ever done. So, he’s going to have
some innovation points. I want to get down there
and talk to some people – in Tommy’s gym.
– I’ll bet you do!

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