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  1. I like them together but I dislike how she only apologises not because she thought she did something wrong or admitted to her wrongdoings bevause she necessarily wanted to but she only apologised because she wanted seo Joon to like her,( although this is completely relatable because I think most people have tried changing things about themselves or did something to get their crushes approval) I truly wish that they give her character more development and instead of making her out to be this selfish person, hopefully they'll present us with an episode where she actually learns to appreciate the friendships she has and may build with others. Which can must likely be possible as in the drama she is merely 20 ( where most are still immature and reckless ) and has lots of years for development.

  2. It is heart warming to see the growth of her personality and the positive changes from the self centered, anti-social used to be. 👏 to the writer to cover lots of issues the youth are going through. It sends so much positive vibes ❤️

  3. As someone who like to studying people, I can't say someone is bad and someone is good. There's dynamic that play role in someone behavior. Getting an antisocial, that is lack of remorse, and self centered as lead role is something new for me (has there any love story kdrama with antisocial lead role before?). So this is very entertaining.

  4. you done well yi seo, thank you for your understanding and keep doing your best to help royi. man have gone through alot, he need someone to stand beside him through ups and downs just like what you always do. let’s go keep ur man

  5. You all realize she only did it to get in her bosses good graces she does not care about the guy she helped so she really has not grow as a person she still only helps people when their is something in it for her which in this case is getting in her bosses good Grace's and getting her job back

  6. She needs to stay away from park sae ro yi. She may have helped the bar but it doesn't change the fact that she is a self-serving sociopathic bitch. Sociopathic narcissist like her never truly change. They are toxic to the people around them and need lots of therapy. Despite that, I like how atypical kim da mi's character as a female lead, I hope her arc is she becomes less of an asshole, and not end up with PSRY

  7. She only one thinking I feel fustused for her she smartnot saying everyone not but do leave the smart person I in the room!!

  8. Thinking of dropping this drama because Yi-seo is the worst character and the drama shoves her in your face screaming to like her just because she's crazy and not ordinary. Being a sociopath doesn't give her the right to be a b!tch, nosy, transphobic, racist, a selfish and spoiled brat and literally mean to everyone.

    I don't think I can recommend this drama so far, the fact that a main character is so unlikable really bothers me and it's so hard to watch, mostly because viewers give her free passes just because she's "badass".

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