Pattern Cutting – New! Part 1

Pattern Cutting – New! Part 1

A New Version of my Pattern Cutting Tutorial Draft the Bodice Block – A simple and precise guide This is the METRIC VERSION The Fully Featured eBook
with detailed explanations is FREE Visit my site –
Check the Info Button I am using these measurements for this draft Draw a Rectangle Make the Width equal to ½ Hip plus 3cm Make the Length equal to the Back Waist
plus the Waist to Hip measurement plus 2.5cm a little more in larger sizes Refer to Nape Line coming up The Waist to Hip is usually between 21 and 23cm
down from the waist or the level of your maximum hip measurement Label the down lines as CB for Centre Back and CF for the Centre Front and the bottom line is the Hip Line The Bodice Back We will start with The Bodice Back
This is how the block will look when finished The Nape Line For an 88cm bust the Nape Line
is 2.5cm down from the top line This is average for UK Size 12 (Bust 87cm) Add or Subtract 0.25cm
for sizes smaller or larger respectively Measure down from the Top Line 2.5cm Label it Nape Line Square across for a guide line of 8cm or so The Waist Line To find the Waist line, measure down from the Nape
using the Back Waist measurement Square across to the Centre Front and label it Waist Line The Bust Line Measure down from the Nape
the half Back Waist measurement plus 1cm For Bust over 100cm, add 1.5cm instead and label Bust Line. Square across to CF The Bust Line is also the Armhole Depth The Back Neckline Calculate the Back Neck Width to find the Neck Point To do this divide the Bust measurement by 8
add 3cm and halve the result for the Back Neck Width For a Bust 88cm, the Back Neck Width is 7cm Another method for finding the Back Neck Width
is to divide the Neck Size by 5 Measure along the Nape line and square up 2cm Label it the Back Neck Point Draw in a shallow Back Neckline curve
flattening out at Centre Back Check the Info button for Free Extras including
The FREE eBOOK of this series My Complete Table of Average Measurements The Imperial Measure Version Guides for Taking Measurements
and everything else to do with Sewing Pattern Drafting from The Back Shoulder Line Measure 3cm down from the Nape Line Square across a guide line of about 25cm
and label it the Shoulder Line The Across Back Line Find the mid point between Shoulder Line and Bust Line Square across a guide line and label it the Back Line Measure along Back Line
half the Back Width plus 0.5cm From this point, square down to the bust line
and up to the shoulder line This is the Armhole Guide Line The Back Underarm Point Where this line meets the Bust Line
extend the line out 5cm and label Back Underarm Point At the angle made by the Armhole Guide
and the Bust Line draw a guide line at 45º and measure along 3cm A little less for small sizes
and up to 4cm for larger sizes The Back Shoulder Point From the Back Neck Point draw a line equal to the Shoulder Length measurement plus 1cm to wherever it meets the Shoulder Line Complete the Back Armhole Draw a curved line from the Shoulder Point to the Underarm Point flattening through the point on the Back Line
for about 3 cm The Shoulder Dart Position Find the middle of the Shoulder
and draw a vertical guide line down 6cm and measure 1cm to the left Use this as the end point of the shoulder dart Draw a line back up to the shoulder mid point This is the dart centre line The Shoulder Dart Draw the dart lines up to the shoulder seam
0.5cm either side of the mid point of the shoulder giving you a 1cm wide Shoulder Dart The Back Hip Point Measure across from CB along the Hip Line ¼ of the Hip measurement and label Back Hip Point The Provisional Side Seam oin the Back Under Arm Point to the Back Hip Point with a straight guide line We will complete the waistline shaping later Drafting the Front Bodice is next in Part 2 Check out my other videos and Pattern Cutting on If you like this format of tutorial please let me know and subscribe for more of the same Continue in Episode 2 Thank you for watching this series

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