People Try Black Water

People Try Black Water

– blk is pure, premium hydration. blk is premium, you heard it here first. – Premium alkaline water, it’s pure, it has 70 plus trace minerals, non-GMO. – Maybe it’s like from
the roots of a tree. Maybe it’s like dirt liquified. – Tastes kinda like tasteless tea. – My mind wants to make me think that I’m drinking something not water. But it tastes just like water. – With a powerful
combination of electrolytes, vital trace minerals, and
an alkaline pH of eight, blk is pure, premium hydration. I don’t know what any of that stuff means. – It’s just water, it’s just plain water. – I like this. – Wow, it’s weird, this blk water tastes
just like regular water. Who woulda thought? – I’m gonna try and see
if I know the difference between regular water and blk water. – Oh my gosh, I can’t tell the difference. – This one felt more like authentic, so I’m gonna say the
one on my left is water and the one on my right is blk water. (bell ringing) – Is this a prank? Is it just both regular water? – blk water. (bell ringing) – Oh, so I was right. The minerals that are in here
are found in plants and soil and they’re highly nutritious. Wow, look how smart I am. I was like it’s probably dirt water. (record scratching) But healthy. – Doesn’t taste like refreshing as water. – They taste almost exactly the same. At the end of the day
it tastes like water. It doesn’t look like
water, but it’s water. (upbeat music)

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  1. greedy exec : ok, water is not profitable enough, how can we charge 10x more but at the same production costs ?
    other greedy exec : lets add black dye, say its the water of the future and name it BLK
    greedy exec : brilliant

  2. wau…did u say that water from root plant that black in colour, that im using to bath actually a nutritious drink…no wonder ma granpa looks so young despite his ages which is 90 years old…

  3. We have:
    – Clear Coffee
    – Black Water
    What's next… Edible Bottles and Cups?

    Oh wait… Those are already exists…

  4. 1:30 oh myyyyyyyy goshh PLEASE GET BRACES.and use charcoal as well to clean those terrifying teeth. c'mon yoo

  5. I bought one of these once. Right when I was about to drink it, a cop came along, ripped it right out of my hand, and started beating it with a nightstick while screaming, "Stop resisting!" The he put cuffs on it and shot it 10 times. SMH

  6. Whether it is black or clear, in the end, it's just water. Maybe our society should learn a thing or two from this.

  7. Guarantee if this country were divided between whites and asians, that water would be yellow and called Yellow Water.

  8. You can prank your friends with it

    You say : hey do you want to drink coke
    And he whil.say ok . And whin he.drink it he know it was water and not a coke

  9. Live water*
    It's heartbreaking seeing how ignorant consumers are…then again I too used to be misinformed and uninformed (judging from these comments)…..!
    You should really think about 'not/stop' having kids…. it's child abuse!

    Misguided brainwashing;
    You don't need to go to school for knowledge! It is a misconception for monetary gain! It is a devised plan to keep us enslaved and dependent!

  10. am i the only one that can taste the dirt/soil qualities in it? (i have been told my pallet is very good w tasting)

  11. Drinking this blackwater is like drinking coffee without adding flavors or the taste of coffee, but looks like coffe lol 😁 🤣. And what do u know Jean cluade van dam comes out with a movie called black water. Not saying this is the reason but what a coincidence

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  13. People in this comment section are people who say that it's died water, but when they see it in a supermarket, their mouth start watering.

  14. You can make it by adding Humic acid with the ingridients they listed on the bottle [HOMEMADE BLACK WATER IS A THING]

  15. Heres an Idea:
    If you have a Carbonator
    1. Buy this BLK water-Safeway, Nugget, online they all sell it
    2. Carbonate (Fizz it)
    3. Throw in some Mio or any of your favorite drink mixer
    *The finished product is Black Sparkling water
    Or simply just put some mio inside a cold bottle of Blk
    -it actually taste pretty good and its a great alternative to Soda

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