Piers Morgan leaves Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after mentioning his late father

Piers Morgan leaves Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after mentioning his late father

 Piers Morgan was back on television screens this evening but instead of fronting Good Morning Britain, he was seen in the interviewers chair with one of the greatest footballers of all time; Cristiano Ronaldo During the conversation, they covered his childhood, family and his rise to fame But it was when he saw a video of his father that emotions ran high.  Piers brought up how Cristiano’s father had been a soldier for Portugal, and asked the footballer whether or not this experience had a bad effect on his father   “The more I learn about the war, the more I understand why he became the man he did,” he said   “When I speak about my father, I [have] no words to explain what I feel.”  The journalist wanted to show Cristiano a video of his father talking about his son’s success    READ MORE ITV Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan reveals secret health battle  Cristiano was seen moving closer to the screen where he watched his father speak with intensity   Within minutes, he began welling up, unable to fight the tears.  Piers commented: “It’s obviously very emotional for you ”  “I’ve never seen the video,” Cristiano remarked before asking for tissues. “It’s unbelievable ”   “To hear your father speaks about how proud he was of you must mean a lot?” Piers asked   “Yes it does. I thought the interview would be funny, I didn’t expect to cry,” Cristiano joked   When asked about his father, Cristiano stated: “He was a drunk person.  “I never spoke to him like a normal person, a normal conversation ”    “Did he ever tell you he was proud of you?” Piers probed.  “Yes, all the time I was like the diamond of the family,” he fondly replied.  Those watching at home then saw Cristiano explain the “sadness” he felt   “What’s the sadness for you?” Piers enquired.  Trending  “To be the number one and he doesn’t see me receiving awards, he never saw how great I’ve become,” Cristiano explained   “He didn’t see anything. He died young. It is wha it is.”  He then spoke about it as a sacrifice: “Maybe I get everything in football because he’s in the sky?” 

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