Police Find Elderly Couple In Tears, That’s When They Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Police Find Elderly Couple In Tears, That’s When They Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

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When They Take Matters Into Their Own Hands When police in Rome, Italy, responded to a
report of crying and shouting in a block of apartments, they expected to find evidence
of a crime. What they found instead left them floored. Inside the apartment, they found husband and
wife Michele, 94, and Jole, 84, in tears. Apparently, the two of them had been watching
television and Jole had asked her husband why there was so much hate in the news that
day. Grieved over the lack of love in the world,
Jole began to cry so loudly that someone became concerned and called the police. When the officers arrived and realized no
crime had been committed, they started to talk to the couple about their lives. Michele and Jole told them that they had been
married for nearly 70 years, but they often felt lonely as it had been ages since anyone
had come to visit them. When the officers looked in the couple’s
kitchen they saw only a few old grapes and little evidence that either of them had eaten
a proper meal recently. They called for an ambulance to check on the
couple, and while they waited they prepared a simple meal of spaghetti with butter and
parmesan cheese. As Michele and Jole ate, the officers sat
with them and kept them company. The couple told them about their life spent
together, but also said that they often feel so lonely in their flat that they put the
television on to keep them company. What the officers did that day may not have
seemed like much, but for Michele and Jole, that act of kindness meant everything. Were you touched by what these officers did
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  1. Just think about the amazing good things, the human heart does. No matter who u r or what color of the skin, we r still human beings with one color of blood. I hope for the rest of their lives they find happiness n peace. To the officers, God bless them for taking the time that they spent with them

  2. As an elderly person, myself, it is quite cruel the way elderly people are treated. Often ignored, they spend days isolated in their homes. Nobody visits. I get the occasional phone call from my son, my daughter says she is too ill to be bothered with me. Mind you she has been ill for the past 25 Years!! I do have my husband and my two cats. So that is some company. The thing is everybody will get old one day and will then see how it feels to be ignored.

  3. It is a shame that more people don't seem able to do these small acts of kindness. As a retired nurse who worked with seniors this is even worse when the children drop them off and ask, sometimes, to be called when they die and never visit… So very sad.

  4. This is so common in UK government closed doors now too old people who gave their life for the country, regardless what they 
    say in government or media, as the saying goes what you give you will receive​ in care.

  5. I was walking home when I notice a little old man looking at the buildings. I started walking slow and notice that he kept coming back and forth. I asked him if he was ok. He told me that he could not find his address. I asked him what was it, and he told me. He was at a T-intersection where that street ended in a cemetery and continued at the other side of the cemetery. The ice was slippery, so I grabbed his arm and walked around the cemetery. when he saw his address he said, "There, I live there."
    His granddaughter yelled, "Grand Pa!!"

    I did a Batman and continued walking home.

  6. Later, the officers felt threatened and tasered the couple in self defense. The 94 year old husband was shot three times in the head. He died. The wife received a broken hip and is currently in jail. The shooting was cleared as justified because the spaghetti was thrown at the wall by the old man to see if it was done. It stuck indicating it was perfectly cooked. But the cops were threatened by the unexpected move. Case closed.

  7. That totally restores my faith in humanity! The elderly are often neglected by the rest of society which is a sad sad state of affairs, Ohls it takes is one person to touch their lives even if it's ever so gently is still positive feedback for these people and it's necessary. God bless you officers and keep up the wonderful wonderful work that you were doing, don't change stay the way you are you're perfect

  8. yea its sad now we have trumps hate group we need to love one unother not hate thats what god whants us to do my god is the god ov love

  9. Was there any follow-up? Did they keep coming back every day? Did someone brought in to come take them by car to do errands? The video stops before these questions are answered.

  10. That wouldn't have happened here in the states…
    Those cops would have had the 84 year old in cuffs and the couple in the system.
    These are sad times we are in.
    God bless those policemen and the couple as well as the 84 year old.

  11. may the Lord bless those officers for helping elderly couples, I truly know how they feel I can write a book about loneliness I know how they feel.

  12. That is sweet that they checked on them. And then it was sweet that they stayed with them for awhile because they don't get visitors. May God bless the officers.

  13. My heros❤, that act of kindness made me tear up. Thank you to all the officers, and other who have brought that kind of heart and time during their day to those who are in need. My heros❤

  14. please try and get them proper food. just a little would go a long way with them I feel. god bless the police men

  15. I had tears in my eyes hurting badly over this awful situation this mature couple have suffered by being neglected by the state. Shame on all the Governments lining their own pockets, I dislike the UK politics due to ruining what was great (Britain) ha😟😷not any more, T. May is the worst P.M. In history. No checking on lonely old folks ie their well being ever. God bless them all, my heart goes out to all lonely people living alone with no friendly visitors etc. Am normally a happy woman. Just hate what is happening in this Once lovely World. Carina

  16. This is what the President should be worried about. We as a country feel that our elderly are a burden rather than looking at them and realizing they are who made this country great. If our young people would stop texting long enough to talk to an older person they would realize that they hold a wealth of information about our history in their memories. They fought the wars to keep our country free and now they starve? What has happened to compassion and respect? We raise millions to feed other countries and our elderly are going without. A little love and help goes a long way people. Remember one thing, we all grow old so next time you are in line at a store ranting because an elderly person is going to slow know that that WILL be you one day. Walk a mile in their shoes my friend, they have done nothing wrong but we have sentenced them to their own little prison.

  17. Yes, How wonderful for that couple to have such special company!! Those guys were Great! Thanks for police men like you, for truly helping people!

  18. Just one simple act of kindness could mean the world to someone. It'd also be wonderful if these officers also started taking the time to check on them. An elderly woman passed away where I live, and no one knew for about a week, or more, which brought tears to my eyes. It's not nosy to know your neighbor's habits, to say " hi" every once and in awhile, to ask if they'd like some of the dinner you made, because you made to much, and it'd only go to waste, etc…. I had a neighbor call the hospital, and she was so excited to see that I was alright, because she hadn't seen me out with my Fur Babies, nor had she seen my daughter, so she got worried, and called the hospital to find out that I had been admitted, and sent her son to check on me when I got back home, from then on out.


  20. God bless the officers.
    So sad that older people are left alone…they have so many wonderful stories and life lessons to pass on.

  21. God told us to Love our Neighbour and these police officers certainly did this ,Thank You for this act of kindness .

  22. Awe. It is amazing that they can watch all these horrible people, yet still don’t curse or yell. They simply cried because of all the hatred. God bless them.

  23. Wow that is such an amazing story and so very touching those officers deserve an award for their care for the couple and looking after them so well and spending so much time with them this is what you need in life people like that

  24. God Bless the Police Officers, what they did for the Elderly Couple was Very Nice I would have brought them some Groceries to fill their Refrigerator, God Bless the Couple.

  25. This is beautiful this is why I love helping the elderly bcuz u just never know what they go through May God bless every elderly person on earth…God bless the officers we need more like you…

  26. This happens everywhere, the elderly need our help. Some of them are robbed and abused by their own families! God Bless the Police department for coming to this lonely couple's lives. Kindness comes back to you.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  27. Yea I'm 66 and broke a hip and shoulder. NO ONE CARES OR HAS VISITED ME EXCEPT TO SEE IF I HAVE PAIN PILLS because their pain is far worse than mine and I am USED TO PAIN. I have been neglected and people t honk I'm crazy and don't comprehend what is going on. IM NOT STUPID. Once I turned 65 I be came a NON PERSON. Understand this happens to msny

  28. God bless u officer where are there children children must thought u should take care of your parents the way they take care u were a baby god help us all anticriest is about to come it's end of the world that's why it's hard to find people with manners

  29. bless there hearts god i always talk to my hubby i hope we can live a long life married 18yrs his dad is 95yrs god is good

  30. That's so sad that their family didn't go visit them and care for them it would of broke my heart seeing them like that I would of stayed n cleaned for them cooked a bunch of meals and sat and talked for as long as they needed

  31. I can not for the life of me understand how all of these billionaires in this world allow people especially the elderly and kids go hungry while they maintain a lavish lifestyle. If I were rich I would definitely help those in need as much as I could especially with the basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Furthermore, if this couple have relatives or neighbors would it hurt for someone to drop in to do a welfare check omg!! Smh so sad. May God bless this couple and any elderly couple in the struggle for survival because it is tough in this world today.

  32. God bless all that were involved and someone in their community take turn going to spend an hour or two a day with this couple!!!! Where the hell are their children?????

  33. I cry over all the hate I hear about too and all the shootings. It is sad. I hope this will start more people going to visit elderly people. Many have had their entire families and friends pass away before them.

  34. That was very kind and caring they prepared a meal for the poor couple,they need to be more people like that in this changing world.👮👮👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😀😄

  35. Good to know there are people wanting to help those less fortunate and alone. What a blessing to these fine officers for being there and comfort this couple. May God Bless your kindness.

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