Pre-Surgery Consultation ? My Breast Explant Journey Ep.2 [CC]

Pre-Surgery Consultation ? My Breast Explant Journey Ep.2  [CC]

Hi guys, it’s Lara! Thanks for watching
and welcome back to my channel. So today, I’m having my pre-surgery consultation.
If you’re new here on this channel, I’ll have my implants removed soon, and today
is the talk before the surgery. So I thought I should sit down and talk to
you guys afterwards and tell you what the surgeon told me. So if that’s
something you’re interested in, then please keep watching. Alright guys so, I
just came back from my appointment. They gave me this folder. There’s a lot of
information, there is some questionnaires, so we’re gonna go through all the stuff
that I have here. So basically, there is some stuff for my physician, because I
need to get my blood work done. And there is information about what needs to be
checked. Then there is some information for me about this specific type of
surgery, about the risks, and there are a few questionnaires. And then some
specific information for the day of the surgery and some of the stuff I have to
bring when I’ll have my surgery. But first, let me get out of this sweater
because I’m sweating so much. It got so much warmer! Oh, that’s much better! By the
way, I embellished this vest myself. There is a tutorial on my DIY channel – a little bit
of self-promotion. And I think, before we continue, I need something to drink as
well.. (Music: Good Starts, Jingle Punks) (Gulping) Aaaaaah! What could be a day without this lovely yummy organic coke?? I wish they
would sponsor me ๐Ÿ™‚ But honestly, I think they would be like “Lara who??” Anyway let’s
go through with the stuff that brought us actually here. So the first thing that
happened today was they gave me this form. There is a lot of information,
especially regarding the Austrian law as to plastic surgery. There are some
specific laws that need to be respected, and I need to know about. Then, there is
some basic information about the surgery and to my big pleasure, the doctor
actually added that he’s gonna remove the old implants including the capsule.
And I was extremely pleased to see that, because he did it on
own. I didn’t have to ask for it, so he seems like a really honest guy. I think
it was a really good choice to pick this specific doctor. Now there’s also some
information about the payment, because unfortunately, the insurance doesn’t
cover it, so I have to pay for it myself. And there is also some information about
that after the surgery, you will need to recover, so they suggest if you don’t
have enough days for sick leave, or like, if there would be some complication that
you might even want to take a vacation, so that you can recover completely. There
is information that you really need to follow anything the doctor tells you, so
that you can recover as well as possible. Then, there is a list of possible
complications. This is basically a list that covers most of the complications of
pretty much any surgery, but there is also some special information about this
certain type of surgery. Then, there is kind of a prognosis.
They say that, obviously, the doctor is gonna do his best to bring the best
possible results, but he can’t guarantee that everything’s gonna be hundred
percent perfect. Which is of course realistic. But he said, of course, he’s
gonna do his best to make all scars and anything, like all scars as small as
possible, and yeah… Then, there is a questionnaire that I had to fill out.
Basically, they wanted to know my age, how tall I am, how much I weigh, and they had
some questions about my health in general. And also, whether I had any
allergies – known allergies to medication, whether I take some medication regularly, and there’s also a few questions about, like thy… thyroid..
I never say the word correctly the first time! And then, there is also information
about if you had surgeries before, were there any complications. So for example, I
remember, when I had the boob surgery. it was quite a long surgery because I
had a nose job and boob surgery at the same time. And I remember,
I had to throw up after the surgery, and there was a lot of blood coming out of
my stomach. I guess it was because of the nose job. I don’t know, but the doctor
said that’s really good to know, and I have to tell it to the anesthesiologist
(I hope I’m saying it correctly). So that was the first thing. I had to sign this
and I have here the copy and the doctor has the original. The next thing that
they gave me is information regarding the anesthesia. There’s a lot of
information for me, and there is also a questionnaire, that I need to fill out.
And I need to bring this signed for the surgery.
I will also have an additional consultation with the anesthesiologist,
because he needs to go through some stuff. It’s gonna be probably about three
and a half hours long surgery, so we need to make sure that there would be no
unnecessary risks. Then I have here a form that I need to sign, which is
basically me agreeing to the surgery. There is a law in Austria, that when you
are having a plastic surgery, you need to have first consultation – which I had
today – and the doctor needs to inform you about all the possible risks, and then
you need to have minimum two weeks time to think about everything, to change your
mind maybe even. And in two weeks from now is the first day that I am allowed
actually to sign this, otherwise they couldn’t, like legally, it would be not
okay to perform the surgery. So they have even written, like, the first time I can,
like, the first day when I can sign this is on the 12th of March, and the latest
day is on the 8th of April, which is the day before my surgery. And I need to
bring this with me. Furthermore, I have here information for my physician. I
already said, there is written down what needs to be checked in my blood. I also
need to check my heart. And they told me that I can do it actually basically
right away, so I think I’m just gonna go tomorrow already to my physician. And
once I will have all the results, I should email all the results to the
doctor. Then, I have here a list of medicaments
that I am not allowed to take 10 days before the surgery.
For example, Ibuprofen is there, because there is some stuff that would make your
blood thinner and that increases a risk of bleeding basically out during the
surgery. Then, I have here the information about the day of the surgery. So it’s two
papers. It says that I am allowed to eat six hours before I get the anesthesia
and then up to two hours before the anesthesia, I’m allowed to drink maybe one
or two glasses of water. And then it’s over, then I’ll have to wait for afterwards.
And they also already scheduled my first check up after the surgery, which is, I
think, like two weeks after the surgery. And then, I have here some additional
information that I need to read through. It’s about the surgery and also about the
recovery, and about things that I need to be aware of. And in case I would notice
something, I need to notify them. There’s like information also about the tight
bra that I will have to wear after the surgery. So it’s a lot of stuff, a lot of
information and I personally find that this is really well organized. The doctor
put these pink stickers on all the stuff that I need to bring with me, to make it
easier for me, and he also told me that should I have any further questions, I
can always email them to the clinic and they will forward it to him, and he’s
gonna come back to me which answers as soon as possible.
So he was very friendly, he gave me a feeling that I can absolutely trust him,
and that’s a really good thing. Now, at this point, I am obviously very excited
about the surgery. I am literally counting the days already.
But at the same time, I’m also a little nervous, because after all,
it IS a surgery and any surgery comes with certain risks. But I have an
extremely good feeling about this. From my experience, I heal very well and
actually quite fast, and I also trust the doctor, and that’s the most important
thing. And in my opinion, whatever you’re doing, it’s always best you have a
positive attitude, because should anything happen, you can worry about that
later. You should always trust that things will be all right.
And a funny thing – you’re gonna probably think I’m crazy – but I actually already
had a dream about the outcome of the surgery. Two days ago, I had one of these
dreams, that I sometimes have. It happened before. They are extremely real. They feel
totally different than regular dreams. And usually when, I have a dream like
that, it happens. So it happened in the past. Basically, every single time that I
had a dream like this. So let’s hope it’s gonna be the case too this time, because
this one was really good. So I dreamt two days ago, that I woke up
after the surgery, I opened my eyes and I’ve seen the doctor. For whatever reason,
there was something blue. I don’t know if it was the thing that he was wearing, or
something that was covering me up – but I remember specifically this type of blue.
It was such a wonderful calming light blue color. And I remember him smiling
and telling me that everything went well. And then I also remember having a lot of
pain. But it was, even though it was a very strong pain, it was a pain that I
could handle. And it felt extremely real. I can still remember the type of pain
that I felt in the dream. And then I remember looking down and being bandaged,
and everything was completely flat – which made me super, super, super happy. And then,
I also remember, at some point, there was a glimpse of him taking off the bandage.
And I looked down and like one of my nipples was kind of glued to the side, and he
took it off and everything was straight and flat and I really liked what I’ve
seen. And I felt extremely light and happy.
And I remember, it was completely different to breathe. Because right now,
I’m constantly short of breath and I feel like I’m having so much weight on
my chest – which literally is the case. And I remember, after waking up there for the
first time after the surgery, I took a breath and it was so different from what
I know now. And it felt just so good! So I really hope that this dream will come
true. But that’s basically all I have to say for today. So of course, should I
have some additional information, than I would just sit down and tell you a
little bit more. And other than that, I’m gonna talk to you on the day of my
surgery – which I will probably publish afterwards. But I’m gonna document the
rest of this journey. So that is it for today. I hope that this was at least in
some way interesting or useful. Thank you all so much for watching, I love you guys
so much and see you soon. Bye! (Music: Faith, Vibe Tracks)

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