Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

draw a circle remove dirt and soil at a depth of 1m began to appear groundwater Smooth sand appears. We can use it to build houses at a depth of 1.5m appear large groundwater at a depth of 2m tomorrow draw water out of the well has taken all the water Brick embankment for wells Brick embankment in a circle fill the hole in the well build wells go get wood in the forest grinding fire burn fire to make water barrels clean cover the soil so that it does not burn the edge tie the rope into the basket to draw water draw water from the well draw shapes to build a water filter tank remove topsoil build water filter tank Stretch the line to get straightness Brick boss for tank nails mortar strip divided into 2 water compartments fill soil for the above tank strip of waterproof mortar continue to build high finished part rough beautify the tank complete construction of water filter tank Go get pine tree resin melting plastic The plastic has melted Scan the plastic to prevent water from filtering the tank cut down the tree punch a hole Forced crane system to collect water for crane to support the rack tie the stone as a counterweight to the crane force the barrel to fill the crane with water Scoop water with a crane take charcoal Charcoal Take gravel from streams Clean gravel Take sand from the stream Charcoal small pebbles sand big stone take water from the well to the filter tank Contaminated water water was cleaner than before Clean water water has reached the standard Compare water before filtering and after filtering drinking filtered water

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  1. So much concrete. Where did the concrete come from. Extremely shallow for a well, even by hand dug standards. That structure (with gaps between the concrete block) will compress from the outside ground pressure. You should've pressed each block as close together and filled in those triangular gaps with wet concrete. You did it right on the top (the part out of the ground) with no horizontal pressures. Also, when you were scooping out the water, you wouldn't have gotten to a point you couldn't touch. You would've scooped less and less each time untill you got fed up and jumped down. Last and final complaint. There are at least 3 guys here(camera moves so much). Everytime they cut, all three guys start working.

  2. I would only recommend to heat/boil it before drinking. You can let it cool afterward, but it will kill pretty much anything that still lives inside the water.
    Otherwise great water filter !

  3. Many of these channels have popped up following the success of "Primitive Technology", and most of the videos are a bit disappointing (e.g making a swimming pool…). This was both really interesting and practical. You showed excellent craftsmanship and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the result. You've earned another subscriber. 🙂

  4. while these guys are impressive, can we give some kudos to the camera guy who spent a lot of time climbing trees for this footage.

  5. Can someone shed some light on this for me? I'm really curious as to how the water gets cleaner over time. It doesn't look like they are using the same water over and over, yet the dirty water comes out clean after a period of use. Is it something to do with the charcoal? I'm confused.

  6. I wonder, you dug down and found water…
    But that water was going somewhere, right? What if, on the other end, someone (person or animal) was relying on that water and it suddenly stopped coming because you intercepted it?

  7. Interesting design but wouldn't of it been easier and less cumbersome to do a overhead hand crank or a pulley system like a more traditional well might have?

  8. бесконечно можно смотреть на 3 вещи;
    на горящий огонь,
    на текущую воду
    и работающих людей.

  9. I tought water had to be boiled but since its directly from the well its already ready to drink the filter is just a extra mesure

  10. once all of the bonding charcoal sites will be filled, charcoal filtering wont work anymore and they will have to destroy all… am i wrong?

  11. 48:42 the filter isn't working actually, you can see the water in the lower tank is still muddy. Lots of cuts there switching the water in the bowl.

  12. And they Both drank clean water together Ever After…😁😁😂😂😝
    Apart from All The jokes ….. I Really Appreciate their Hard work…..🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌☺

  13. We need people like you.

    To save the world

    Also i have a theory

    Since people filter stu dont some filters have holes in them too(what im saying is maybe you can do something like that)

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  16. I notice lots of home built bricks lying around. From where did the water come from to manufacture them before the well was dug ????

  17. Why don’t you drink from the river? It’s prob like atleast 90% clean.. in captions when you got gravel from the river you SAID that it was clean

  18. If they know how to make bricks why did they burn out a log when they could have made a bucket out of the mud they made from bricks seems like alot less work

  19. This video, for some reason, reminded me of an old quote I heard: “Equipped with his five senses, Man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure ‘Science’”
    -Edwin Hubble

  20. You guys are amazing, I've watched you guys in other videos building something out of practically nothing. And you go and build THIS, this well-thing that you can drink water out of and it works, I think you could teach our Boy Scouts of America a thing or two about "survival" out in the middle of nowhere and our "Special Forces" a thing or two on the same things and again you two gentlemen are amazing and amazingly smart !!!!!! I gotta tell ya, most of us folks could use what you just did in this video; and to top it off if you were doing this kind of same stuff here in America; the U.S. you'd be making some big money to show us how to do what it is that you two do, I mean "WOW" ; Good going, keep up the good work, more power to you, I pray that you are "SAVED" and Jesus Christ is Your Lord and Savior and you will. And long life and good health to you both. For you made everything by hand and only used what the land had to offer and made tools out of what the land had to give, that is amazing. Most of us Americans would be making a trip to our local 'hardware store' for tools, griping and complaining about the prices and go from there trying and attempting to duplicate everything that you did in this video and that is ; HOPEFULLY AND I MEAN VERY VERY HOPEFULLY !!!!!!!

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