Prologue – Tears of the Antarctic EP01, #01, 프롤로그

Prologue – Tears of the Antarctic EP01, #01, 프롤로그

Tears of the Arctic (2008) Hungry polar bears searching for foodTears of Amazon (2009) The natives of Amazon who have lost
their primeval lives to modern civilization.Tears of Africa (2010)
The charred land of Africa
turning into a smoldering ruin. We’ve traveled the world
recording the tears running down the face of earth
for three years. And now, the last continent of the earth,
it’s the Antarctic. The humankind believes that
they are the master of the earth. They also fall into the trap of believing that they rule the world
and brought progress to it.Narrator Song Joong-ki
But at the end of the earth, there is a land
that has denied man for a long time. The land of ice where no man could
live since the beginning of time… Man was not the master there. The land where the emperor penguins
raise their chicks on ice in the extreme temperature
of -30° to -40°C. The land where the humpback whales
travelling through half the world breathe The land where the world’s
largest bird flies in the air The land where the elephant seals
weighing nearly five tons shake the earth with their roars and fight over the females… The fierce life of survival and
preservation in the extreme environment… What do men really know
about this world? The only continent
that hasn’t been conquered by men and the record of two years
in the Antarctic Men were the weakest creature in
that end of the world, the Antarctic.Prologue / Encounter with the World’s End

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  1. Sending 💙 from the USA…you guys are amazing! So glad to have this documentary in English subtitles now 😊🐧

  2. 인간들만이
    지구의 주인은 아닙니다
    더블어 같이 살다가
    떠나는 같은
    생명체 입니다
    ♡남극 사랑합니다♡
    남극의 동물을
    보호해 줍시다!

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