Prologue – Tears of the Antarctic EP05, #01, 프롤로그

Prologue – Tears of the Antarctic EP05, #01, 프롤로그

Free from any human interference,
this is a continent completely covered in ice. In this massive land that is 60 times
larger than the Korean Peninsula, temperatures drop as low as
80 degrees below zero.Narrator Song Joong-ki
The only life form that
has spent countless years here is the Emperor Penguin. Utilizing their amazing
survival instincts, they continue to live in
this bitter, cold land.Esperanza Base
In the land of penguins,
humans started to reside here as well. From one-year-old babies
to adults… About 50 residents are living
their daily lives at the Esperanza Base.Mawson Station What is the limit
to human perseverance? 19 members of the Mawson Station live
their long and bitter days in the cold. Holy Jesus! That is cold!Syowa Station The Japanese way of life endures
even on this frozen land. Conflicting emotions as members rotate…
One group arriving and one group leaving…Sejong Station
The dangerous Winter
approaches the Sejong Station.Expected location of the
Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station This is the construction site of Korea’s Jang Bogo
Antarctic Research Station. These workers are continuously
challenging this cold land. They are driven by the passion to conquer
the coldest continent in the world. Why do we travel to,
and endure, the Antarctic?Episode 4: Men and the Last Ice Continent

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