Prologue – Tears of the Arctic EP01, #01, 프롤로그

Prologue – Tears of the Arctic EP01, #01, 프롤로그

This is the northernmost
ocean of the world. Some of the icy grounds here
have never melted before. In the winter, the sun doesn’t rise,
and in the summer, it doesn’t set. The Arctic. For thousands of years,
snow and ice dominated this land, and the wildlife survive
using unique survival methods. The musk oxen live
only in the Arctic tundra. They always stand in a circle
to protect themselves. The sun doesn’t set in this white night. Spring has come to the Arctic. The emperor of this icy kingdom
stretches and sets out to hunt. The polar bear is
the largest carnivore here, but they don’t live in set territories. Sometimes they travel alone
hundreds of miles in search of food. Beneath their long white fur,
a black undercoat can be seen. They evolved from some
of the Siberian brown bears that survived from being
isolated in the glaciers. Their mouths elongated
to better break through ice, and their ears shrank
to protect against the icy wind. The bear wakes up and begins to move. It is setting out again to find food. Polar bears live alone after
leaving their mothers at age two. Even during breeding season,
they only mate and never create families. It searches for food with its nose. Polar bears have
such a great olfactory sense that they can smell prey
over 1.5 kilometers away. It caught scent of something. This animal that broke through
the melted ice is a seal. It is the polar bear’s favorite prey. Unlike when it’s underwater,
it has bad eyesight on land. The polar bear is well aware of this fact. It tries momentarily to blend with
the snow, but it has been seen already. It was too late. It sets out on a long hunting trip
to find other food.

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About the Author: John Markowski


  1. 어렸을때 봤던건데.. 안성기배우님 목소리와 영상이 너무 잘어울려 다시 다운받아 보곤해요ㅋㅋ

  2. 남극의 눈물이랑 안성기님 목소리가 너무 잘 어울리네요.
    라디오스타에서 듣는것보다 열배 더 감동이 느껴지는건 왜그런지 저도 모르겠지만요

  3. 저렇게 귀엽고 죄없는 동물들이 참.. 안타깝네요 ‘뉴킷’이라는 멸종위기동물 디자인 브랜드가 있는데 가방, 팔찌, 옷 등을 판매하며 수익금의 일부가 멸종위기동물들을 위하여 WWF에 기부되어진다고 합니다! 저도 이번에 팔찌를 구매하였는데 디자인도 예쁘고 북극곰 등 멸종 위기 동물을 조금이나마 도울 수 있어서 좋은 것 같아요 다들 한 번 방문해보세요!

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