Pubertet (3:8): Guttetissen // Puberty: The penis

Pubertet (3:8): Guttetissen // Puberty: The penis

Newton’s puberty series starts here.
It’s normal for some parents –
– to feel embarrassed.
You have been warned.
Line Jansrud

Today we’re going
to take a look at this chap.
When you’re little, the penis, aka the
cock, dick or willy, has one function. You need it to pee. But during puberty
it gets another function.Before puberty
the willy is 2 – 3 centimetres long.
It’s hairless, and the testicles
are the size of acorns.
But then, at the age of 11 or 12,
puberty sets in. Then the testicles begin to produce
a sex hormone called testosterone. That’s a chemical messenger that tells
the body that the boy will become a ma Now things start to happen. The first
is that the testicles begin to grow.Then some hairs start to appear,
the first ones long, thin and blond.
But not before long,
they grow thicker and curlier.
After the first hairs have emerged,
the penis begins to grow. First it grows longer,
then it grows thicker. When the penis begins to grow
differs wildly. Between the age of 10 and 15 is normal
Before you’re 17 it’s fully developed. And here we see the end result. A penis with a shaft,
and here in front is the foreskin. If we pull that back,
the glans appears. This is one of
the most sensitive areas of the body. Because it has lots and lots of nerves
and the foreskin is there to protect i And then we have the scrotum
with its two precious testicles. During puberty the balls swell
from being this big to being this big. And no wonder,
because in the grownup testicle – – there’s a crazy production of sperm.More than 200 million a day.But the semen consists
of more than just sperm.
Under a microscope the sperm look
like tadpoles swimming in a liquid –
– which protects them
when they leave to make babies.
95 % of the semen is
actually protective fluid.
And have you ever wondered why
the scrotum hangs outside the body? It’s because
the sperm factory works best – – when it’s a couple of degrees
cooler than body temperature. That’s also why the scrotum
shrinks when it’s cold – – and expands when it’s warm. Sorry.It regulates its own heat.Penises come in all shapes and forms.Small, large, thick, thin,
long, short, pointed, tilted, –
– pointing left or right.
It can also be stiff.
Also known as a hard-on,
a stiffie, a boner or an erection. Which means
the penis gets longer and harder. Because the penis is made up of
sponge tissue and works as a sponge.Let’s say this is a penis,
a limp penis.
What happens during an erection is
that the penis is filled with blood.
Just like this sponge expands,
so does the willy.
An erection means
getting blood into the sponge.
This often happens to boys during
puberty whether they want it to or not On the bus, in class, at the dinner
table, often when they sleep. Then they’ll often wake up with
a stiff willy or a morning hard-on. But why do boys get a hard-on?
To be able to pump out sperm. And in puberty
boys get their first ejaculation. The ejaculation can be involuntary,
and then he may wake up to this. But what is really the point of sperm?
To make babies. But boys, it’s a good idea
to leave that for a little while. Subtitles: Tone Sutterud

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