Rainbow Six Siege: Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set – New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set – New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]


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  1. At this point it is Just getting ridiculous. 3 Ash Elite skins what is wrong with you Ubisoft?
    Why are you trying to take money from us by making a Ash elite (the Kiddy main) showing much skin, you really are just cashgrabbers

  2. whats the point in having 2 elites when you cant even mix and match with them. Kinda disappointed by the poor decision on this one.

  3. When you see the video out of context and you think there might be a new TR game coming out….. And then you realise it's just skin for another game. Oh my god the disappointment… 😥😥😥 I wish the new TR looked like that….

  4. Literally only cool skin on this game. Rest are trash literally and ubisot needs to make a dope skin for tachanka instead of trash.

  5. I think we'll soon get to the point where the classic Lara Croft outfit will be adopted by every single dev studio on earth, except for those in charge of the actual Tomb Raider franchise.

  6. Nah what yall need to do is fix the mf outbreak skin bought like 6 packs just to get the free elite with some fancy fucking camo and the same animation 😂😤

  7. I hat to pull the race card but ash just got her 3rd elite before castle got his first, anyone else finds that a little sus

  8. So what do we do with ash tihis year

    Guy at the bottom of the room : elite skin maybe

    Director:What did you say

    Guy : nothing

    Director : elite skin I love it!!! Promotion


  9. For my fellow siegers, we leaguers have felt the same pain with lux as well, we can all cry about not getting our skins

  10. When an special forces game honors the old Lara look but its original developers does not in shadow of tomb raider lol.
    By the way this game is a joke lmfao.

    Very clownish at this point.

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