REACTING TO Jacob Sartorius NEW SONG Sweatshirt (Ft.LeafyisHere)

REACTING TO Jacob Sartorius NEW SONG Sweatshirt (Ft.LeafyisHere)

So the other day I was watching my latest video because, you know, what else is there to watch? You know? I was having a- I was having a really good time, right? You know, I was enjoying it and, you know, I slowly scrolled down to the comment section… And I run into this comment, Why does he have the same shirt as Jacob? I had no idea so I immediately went to Jacob’s Instagram, and what do you know man, We have the same exact shirt on, man, this thrasher tie-dye shirt – right? But not in one picture – not in two, but three of them, right? So I immediately take it off and set that shit on fire. So I get back to my computer and I still had his Instagram open, right? And according to this post he has a new song out. ♫ When you go to sleep at night ♫ ♪ When you wake up in the morning ♪ ♫ And when you walk the halls ♫ ♪ Girl you know you want to slow dance ♪ (the clip restarts) But that was just a preview and if you wanted the full verse you had to buy it on iTunes, and like does this kid think money grows on trees or something? So I had to pull some strings. So I start hacking away, you know, beet bot batta bing, batta bing, batta binga POW. I hacked the song, got the song for free, so this is the full version Ricegum reaction to Jacob Sartorius’ brand new song les gettit * Jacob singing away * I’m home! Yo, wassup. You wassup dude, uhh, how’s it going? Why you actin’ weird? Uhhh, I’m not acting weird, like – whaa – this is usually how I act. Open up a browser. But why? There’s nothing going on – OPEN UP A BROWSER! Okay, God. Click on the browsing history. My bad, homie, my bad, I – See, I told you man, there’s nothing going on! But well, we ’bout to film this new video because I have an idea so basically – What is that file!? I’ve never seen that file before. Open that file right now! But it’s nothing! It’s just – Open that file right now! Bro what the fuck is this!? AH! What is that shit? Bro are you serious? Dude, it’s not that bad Dude, come on – it’s not that baad! Are you? Dude, you’re so extra. It’s not that – What was that? Jacob’s new song. Did you actually think it was good? Answer the question! Yes? … Is that your final answer? Wait, no! Can I phone a friend? Yo Leafy, what’s good? Yo what’s up. Have you heard Jacob’s new song yet? Nah, I actually haven’t seen it yet. Well go listen to it right now! It’s a banger. Sounds good, call me back in 5. Alright man, I’ll call you back. Peace. All right, let’s check out this Jacob fucking Sartorius. I mean it can’t be that bad. I mean he has a go full, like, it’s a full studio dude it really can’t be that bad, right? I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I wonder if he likes it. This is because of you, Jacob. This is all because of y- Alright, I’m about to call him back. So what’s your final answer? Um… I like the song? … I gotta go man. (Jacob singing) He tries to roast me. BOI. You legit look like a burnt sweet potato. But yeah, that’s gonna wrap it up I want to say a couple of things before the video ends. First thing is thank you so much if you made it to the end of the vid like you are honestly the best if you can slap that like button that would be muchly appreciated. Second thing is the whole video was kind of like a skit in a way. So it was even really really my reaction to the song. So my honest reaction to the song is like lyrically it was better than Tupac and and just, this song is going to go down as a classic one day – and actually this girl said it the best. Yeah, I didn’t hack the song or anything it was just part of the skit. I actually bought the song it was only a dollar. And since I used, like, Jacob’s song as a video idea You guys should definitely check it out . I’ll link in the description – his iTunes thingy (if you want to buy it). Shout out to Leafy for drinking bleach in the video, alright? Don’t do it at home, obviously it was part of the skit. He’s a trained professional. But yeah, Thank you again! Subscribe if you haven’t already Comment your opinions on Jacob’s song. Is he the next Justin Bieber? Who knows. Let me know. But I will see you guys next time. Thank you again for the support and I am OUT.

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  1. I miss the old Ricegum
    "Set on his goals" Ricegum
    And now it's sad to think that I don't really know Ricegum
    I hate the new Ricegum
    The "I'm too cool" Ricegum
    I liked it better back when they were asking "Who's Ricegum?"
    You used to diss up on these people
    Now you let them get away with it
    Going out to parties in LA, you never take me with
    Same ones that you dissed, the same ones that you hangin' with
    Don't know what to do so you do Q&A's with famous chicks
    Now you think you're cool because you're hanging out with models
    If you loved your fans, you would hit em with a follow
    I don't know what happened man, I thought that we was up next
    Now you wearing girl clothes, got you looking suspect
    Said you wouldn't change, not even for the fame
    But now you're not the same, you turned into a lame

  2. I miss the old rice gum I’m watching this in 2019 takes me back when he actually made videos and they were good like if u agree

  3. Wow. The same shirt. So shocking?. Yeah like a BUNCH of people don't have the same shirt. And you can't see the song FOR FREE on Youtube. Oh my gosh I am didn't realize you couldn't do that or nobody has the same shirt. So informative.

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