Hello guys! Bailey here, and today I am going to be reacting to the new BTS album, Love Yourself: Tear. So if you’re new to my channel, I do a lot of videos where I react to music, and do album reviews, but I also do lots of random videos, and vlogs, and concert diaries, and just funny videos like I gave myself a spray tan last week, and a couple weeks ago I cut my own hair… Just all kinds of crazy, fun stuff! So if you’re new, definitely subscribe so you can become a BALIEN! and join our Balien Family! Because we’re the best, most welcoming, kind family on the internet. So you should really join us. It’s great 🙂 So if you are ARMY, or if you at least know a little bit about BTS, I guess then COMMENT below who your bias is in BTS! Mine is probably Jungkook. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it, or if you are ARMY because I know you guys can do it! …and let’s get right into the video! Okay so starting off with the intro… That was cool! Next song is Fake Love Starting off strong! Okay I wanted to pause it to say, I saw that this song was doing really well on the charts. I mean all of their stuff was like their album was number one and everything, but I know this song was like number two on the over-all songs on the over-all charts on iTunes so that’s awesome. And it’s really cool. I can see why it’s doing so well. (wtf why can’t i dance ahhh) I really like the beat of this song. Or the rhythm. The next song is Sincerity that Couldn’t be Delivered. I can feel the emotion. Wow. The piano is really pretty. OOH those vocals!! so pretty!!! I need to look at one of those color-coded lyric things, so I can see who was singing that part. I love it! It’s so good. Let’s do that real quick. Oh man. I’m totally gonna mess up his name, but Jimin? Jimin? I think? I’m sorry if I pronounced it bad. I know I’m not doing a good job. Beautiful, amazing, sounded so pretty. Okay, next song! The next one is 134340 Does that mean something? I looked it up. 134340 is apparently the number for Pluto the “planet” or whatever. That’s cool. The tempo is really cool in this song. For some reason I’m getting like tropical vacation vibes from this song. I don’t know why! The next one is Paradise. The slight harmonies there are so cool. I like that. Okay so now we’re about half way through the album and I just wanted to tell you what I’m thinking so far. I don’t know if I like it as much as their last album. So far, I kind of think I like their last album -actually their last couple of albums more than this. But I might like it. I think it just takes a few listens to really get into liking it as much as the other ones. Yeah, it’s cool. It’s pretty dang cool. Also, BTS work so hard like they are the most hard-working people ever. Really, all k-pop idols… It’s just crazy how hard they work. The next song is Love Maze. Strong rapping. So this is Magic Shop? Yes. This is so cool. I love this part. Nice! I like that echoing part in the background. It’s so cool. This song is Airplane Pt.2 This one is super cool and fun. I am digging this one! That was probably my favorite one off the album so far. I liked that. Next song is Anpanman, which is a Japanese anime reference, I believe. But I also read they could be referencing an asteroid that was named after Anpanman, which makes sense because of the whole Pluto song title thing that they did. I think? Wait! I take it back! I think this one’s my favorite one! Yeah that one is really cool. Next is So What and it’s the last song before the Outro: Tear. I’d love to see BTS on tour. Anyways- here we go! The harmonies there! So good! And now for Tear. By the way did you guys see the interview of BTS with puppies? That was so cute. I just had to throw it out there while I’m still doing a video about BTS because – oh my gosh I like … I loved it. I love all the interviews with puppies. They’re so cute, so yeah. Awesome. *sneeze x2* Sorry. Bless me. Got it! Dude! The way it ended with the breathing…was like *flails arms rapidly* so cool. If you guys want to see me recreating kpop idol photos, you can check out the video I did a few months ago. You can click the “i” button to watch that. And that is the end of the video! Thank you guys so much for watching it and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye~

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  1. YOU'RE THE CUTEST!!! Loved this so much. I love reaction videos. Such a fun video <3!! I love your energy!! Keep up the great videos, xoxo.

  2. I don't know what BTS is, if their a band, I have quite a few favorite ones. Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin.

  3. Never heard of them before, but love listening to music reviews. My favorite artist to watch reaction videos to is NF because everyone is literally blown away, haha. 🙂 Just liked and subscribed

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