Hey guys, it’s me again. So I’ve been getting a ton of comments, tweets You know requests on reacting to this brand new song by Tanner Fox. What’s up with all of these youtubers making songs nowadays? But me being the guy and I’m really good in deciphering of a song to do or not. I sit down I break down their video. You know and react to it. So what? why am I stalling? Let’s just jump right into it there’s the video and let’s just reacting!! Uhh (trash video) This is your captain speaking. Today’s forecast lookin’ a little hot because this song is about to be fire as f*$k Okay, I clicked on the video not expecting too much you know it’s just a little white kid rapping but he’s over here saying it’s going to be fire as fu*k. You know me being the artist I’m gonna always let the audience decide if its fire, but hes already claiming its fire So now I’m expecting a fire. So if it’s not fire. I’m gonna get mad. Lil Fag, big flow That rover, it go slow. Skirt off in the race car, slow mo. I don’t wanna see your face no more. Okay, rude, bro. Aight, he just said no more. like we don’t want to see your face You know, but we have to deal with this every day man like leave us alone I don’t want to see your face no more. Yeah, i’m back and I’m better don’t hit my line, just send me a letter. Yeah, she switch like a lake– wait a minute. Why does that sound so familiar?? You aint got bars to FLOW like a LAKE do. If you offer me gum, Imma say no never. Yeah I’m working hard everyday and every night. Wait What? Is that a sneak diss? I’m pretty sure that was like a subliminal bar towards me. But I’m not sure because he doesn’t actually say so I mean he might actually not really like chewing gum But uh I’ll let this one slide for now aight. Yeah, working hard every day and every night, but my mom– I just don’t get why like his voice is just so robotic I mean it’s really it’s not his actual voice guys. Yeah, working hard everyday and everynight. You know what I’m sayin’ when I’m rapping and stuff.(Its EveryNight Sis) I could tell that you came with a Disney flow aye. That’s my voice you know I’m saying I don’t have no mono- tone* but like why does he have auto-tune? I mean at the start of the video tanner said this song is going to be fire as f word. But you know what I’m saying I don’t I don’t see the fire yet. We just been working all night all day In with the real, and we kick out the fakes. Not bad. And you know we still gettin’ noise complaints. I don’t know who this guy is. We do it best We do it best. Uh is that We doing back up my debut serious. My name is on this car and let’s see what they do We do it man We do a big repair space row like what are you doing? You wrote my name on a car, and then just plan what crossing it out as if it’s a diss to me What have I ever done to this kid guy? I swear man I’m all ideas picked on if you guys don’t remember let me retrace your memory I mean
This kid has some history played back to what chander had like under a million Subscribers dude like I remember he like tweet every sub mad disrespectful stuff It was just neat dissing me for no reason and then go to show that it was like a huge fan of me I was like checking our DnS bazoogles blowing me up. I remember this kid was right, so I’m saying what it doesn’t make sense Why man just shutting up way back then it wasn’t that good I got so much better like watch my old district back that I Honestly got so much better. All your fans are 10. They don’t know what they are doing Hey, you got girls where they at. Are you serious? Hey? Did it seem like toward? I’m just curious And on its a grand common, so if you know there’s a grill in distract you And she just said the m on instagram comments by the M4 million. She’s kind of like flexing. I had Emma Instagram girl You ask these 21 dating a 17 year old no one knew who you were before you danny tanner As soon as you didn’t you started gaining followers all big mystery know you’re his girlfriend relax wait a minute. You know what a summer? All right look I got a just a quick question right um how many instagram so long as you have 1,500 900 really The Kolakozhi Scottsdale kid trying to hand me back chillin at your in and out that shit swag any now is wack What are you talking about? That’s the best burger don’t ever disrespect. No. I want to instagram Shout out any likely honesty to jump on me. His wifey. Hey, we just don’t honestly guys I mean it was better than tenors verse honestly tara’s on you later old girlfriend Have a better bursting you on your saw But I was a lot better than Tanner’s but I don’t like how she like Dragon flexing We only know you because you date a lot of social media people I like before tenor you were kind of hopping around a little bit I and now we know you again because of tenor I just relax what you’ve listed and um rich I don’t think so You only got money dissing jake tall ball those eight floors. They are rented and that lambo It was landed wait wait a minute. Yo those last four balls were about me dude. She does d me four bars What did I ever do it at the dessert? I just did dumb rich I don’t think so in my song I said they don’t call me bitch. Come here to dumb rich now. The only God may just in Jake hall, bro What is it bro? I’ve been had money like way before the jay paul disc I was already falling out Oh, no, if this is about me But that disobey pot helps me ball even more, but I was already you know to me to killer shit But uh yeah does a fly state are rented. Oh yes, so this house is rented. I didn’t know that was a roast I’m in the house like 15 million. I don’t have enough money to buy all that. So we’re just renting it out You know we’re just chillin from now. I might buy a trip in the future you know whatever man Why does judges readily roasted me spray-Painting like name his girlfriend’s over here bragging like she’s doing something Too I must say I’m out to go to the studio, and I’m not talking about a program for shooting studio, bro I’m serious you thought I was playing. I’m in the studio. No one disrespects me. Here’s a quick snippet. They are very quick Mask oh don’t get your chest She’s got red hats national really give you one to know why you guess the pretty with the stuff you can show That’s all you get for now. This always basically already done. I’m filming the music video Mauro Zucca Left Click sneak peek

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  1. 4:20 if you watch tanner foxes song hold up at the beginning he was seceretly talking about rice gum by saying “your girlfriend had a way better verse then you”

  2. I don't care what you say about tanner fox he is still the best YouTubeer ever and all his songs are the best cuz they do it best

  3. Dude, you just said that you always get picked on but you drop diss tracks on everyone and your rude a douchebag .

  4. you are mean s to tanner you said he was mean how come i can't call you mean wait yes i can i hate you ricegum i will neaver eat rice and gum agian

  5. Rice, he crossed out RIP Ricegum…. he is on your side….

    If you don’t understand it basically means tanner didn’t want RIP Ricegum

  6. Bad for Jake Paul and Alissa Violet cuz they broke up at night and I like them back together and they were back together

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