recreating bts AIRPORT outfits with the clothes i have

recreating bts AIRPORT outfits with the clothes i have

hello hello my frens it’s nina and welcome back to my closet i am back to recreate more bts outfits and if you don’t know who bts is there’s the magic of the internet you can look them up so i’ve actually already recreated some bts outfits but those were performance/music video outfits for this video i decided upon popular request to recreate their airport outfits now i just wanna say this was not easy so i was looking extensively through the available airport outfit options that are available on the internet from bts and although they have amazing style i am not able to pull off at least 95% of those outfits because i don’t have the clothes for that but i tried my best and i found 7 outfits that i could try to do so i know i might not be doing all their iconic looks but to be honest anything they do is iconic so it’s ok also in light of future videos if i recreate other groups i’m just going to call bts by their stage names even though i know in my last video i called them by their real names just because that’s what i’m used to i’m just gonna call them by their stage names just because it’s less bias for other groups in the future so first off we have suga in this outfit he’s wearing a grey coat which i definitely have that’s the first thing that caught my attention the grey coat bc i have a grey coat pretty similar to it actually whoa i haven’t actually looked at this coat in a very long time just because it’s been frickin hot here so i haven’t been able to wear my winter clothing in a long time but this is pretty similar actually and then he’s also wearing a black turtleneck i don’t have a black turtleneck but i have a dark grey turtleneck i got this turtleneck a heck of a long time ago back in high school so it’s definitely not going to be available anymore so just find a turtleneck that you have and although it’s dark grey it’s fine and for pants i have these faded out black jeans that are also from high school as well and then to top it all off i do have a black cap so this is my best attempt at yoongi’s outfit or suga’s outfit and then for shoes i don’t quite have the shoes that he’s wearing but i do have low top dr martens that kind of look similar so i just decided to wear that it’s a very fancy looking outfit now for jimin i decided to do this outfit it’s an oversized sweater which i definitely have where is it i have this oversized sweater this is the only oversized knit sweater that i have but i think it will look somewhat similar and then i’m just gonna wear the same black jeans that i have because i don’t have i want those pants i want those pants i’m just zooming in on his pants and then for shoes i’m gonna wear dr martens as well and i do have a beanie it’s not bold red like jimin but where is she oh my god wait where is it oh my god hold on oh there she is i do have a maroon beanie it’s not red but it’s very wintery that’s that with that outfit now next for rm i always say namjoon i decided to go with this outfit just because it’s the one that i can recreate there are so many cute looks but i don’t have the clothes for those outfits i don’t mind this outfit i think it’s very wintery for this outfit i decided cuz i i know that i had this coat it’s a khaki beige-ish coat where is she i have a coat similar to this i don’t know how i have this coat but i have a coat so i decided to pull this out and i’m going to wear just any jeans that i have that compares to his i have these jeans that i thrifted a while ago they fold up nicely just like the picture’s so i decided to pull these out then for the shoes i’m wearing my timberlands they’re not quite the same timberlands also these timberlands don’t have shoelaces what is that the style or is he just lacking shoelaces oh that must be the style then because why would he be walking around with no shoelaces but also that would be a namjoon thing and then he’s just wearing a white t-shirt on the bottom so i’m wearing a white t-shirt and for the beanie and scarf i don’t have a grey beanie or a grey scarf but i do have the same maroon beanie and then a scarf that kinda goes with it but that is my attempt for namjoon RM now moving on to v I this was the only outfit that i could pull off for v my closet’s just not as poppin as his so i’m sorry i know he has a lot of good looks but this outfit it’s still great it’s still iconic it’s bold so for his top what was i going with oh god is it not here aw dang it where did she go i had a black sweater but i’m not sure where it is at the moment where did i put it is this not it oh is this it ah see i planned this video so it’s right here so i have this black sweatshirt and then for the pants i also do have red pants they’re obviously not quite the pants that v’s wearing but they’re still bold and they still have something on the side as you can see right here and then what i liked about this pairing is that there’s also a little bit of red right there as well so i thought it was really cute and then for the cap i literally have one cap so i’m just wearing the same cap and then for shoes he’s wearing slides so i’m just gonna wear my slides as well but this is what i could do for v bow for j-hope i wanted to recreate this outfit because it’s such a look and i could kind of come close to it not really, i was really aiming high i don’t quite have the coat that he’s wearing which is fine because i’m not here trying to be j-hope i have this coat it’s not quite this fun brown color that he has but oh well and then he’s wearing a black shirt on the bottom so i’m just gonna pull out a black shirt as well and then for pants i have a pair of black oh my back i have these sweatpants they don’t have a white band on the side but it’s chill and then the only reason why i wanted to recreate this outfit was because i knew i had tube socks so i really now that i’m looking at it these aren’t even the right socks either but they’re still tube socks i just really wanted to look at this outfit it’s just a great look and then for shoes i’m wearing my stan smiths just because those are the white sneakers that i have and then to top it all of i have a black beanie now i’m realizing this outfit’s not anything similar to what he’s wearing oh my gosh wait is that a fanny pack please tell me that’s a fanny pack because i do have a fanny pack so he does have a giant fanny pack i have a regular sized fanny pack so i’ll add that to the outfit as well he truly invented fanny packs but that completes this outfit for j-hope now for jungkook i wanted to do a style that was very reflective of the kinds of outfits he wears to airports i could’ve done a more fashionable outfit for him but i also wanted to wear hoodies so i decided to go with his classic all black hoodie/sweatpants outfit so i have this black hoodie with adidas right smack in the center and then i’m just going to wear that with the same black sweats that i mentioned before right here and then for shoes i’m just gonna wear my stan smiths just because those are the only white shoes that i have and then he’s also wearing a cap underneath the hood i’m also gonna wear the same black cap as well and that was my best attempt for jungkook he wears a lot of clothes that i don’t have as well so this is the only viable option for me now for jin i am doing his iconic oversized hoodie look i know that his hoodie is very oversized and that it’s a beige color but i don’t have that but i do have a pink hoodie that kinda gives off the same vibe why did i bend down it was right here this is a pink hoodie and it’s not as oversized as his but it’s a light bright color and then for the pants i’m just going with my mom jeans and then for shoes i’m actually going to wear my nike trainers whatever they’re called they’re not the same shoes as what jin’s wearing but who cares but this is just a very comfortable laid-back not even trying kind of look and it looks great on him and that is my attempt at recreating bts airport outfits i don’t have a lot of clothes that they have and that’s ok because we are all unique individuals but i might also go shopping later because i would like some pieces that they have but also i don’t know where i was going with that but that is it for this video i hope you enjoyed it i hope it gave you some inspiration i know that it actually made me look at the rest of my closet but that is all i have for this video let me know what other groups or artists you want me to recreate outfits for i already have some in mind so if you can read my mind you’ll probably guess who’s next but other than that that is it for this video bring it in for a hug thank you for watching and i will see u next time :’)

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  1. “These Timberlands don’t have shoelaces. Is that the style??”
    “Or is he just lacking shoelaces…”

    “Also that would be a Namjoon thing” 😂

    Oh Joonie. 😂

  2. i really like your aesthetic and cute style! so beautiful tho😍
    it would be great to see more "whats in your wardrobe" videos! ✨✨

  3. i'm not even into bts (or k-pop in general, for that matter) but i'm procrasinating studying for my biology exam tomorrow, so i'm watching this video instead. i loved the video by the way ;D

  4. girl trust me, i always use real names too odjsmssh its so unsual to use stage names for me idk why. sometimes jhope slips out occasionally but thats about it 😂

  5. first time on your channel and woahhh you're so pretty and you nailed all of the outfits asqwerdyxklp you're wardrobe is goals

  6. I would love to recreate some BTS outfits in my life. The problem is: I live in Brasil and is freaking hot here. Maybe I can recreate summer looks… 😂 I really want to see you recreating EXO outfits ❤ Baekhyun wearing Prive clothes designed by himself is one of my favorite things in the world.

  7. When the video started I thought that you were going to jump out of your closet!!!!~~😂😂😂I don’t know why I thought that!!!

  8. recreating Tae’s outfit

    Her: “I had a black sweater but idk where it went”

    My mind: …..

    My mind: the sweater you’re already wearing looks exactly the same ,._.,

  9. I am too only caulling them by their real name cause otherways I don‘t feel pretty close to them. Wtf am I talking about haha. 그리고 방탄소년단의 스타일 너무너무 좋아요
    Obvious Taehyung has the most weird and colorful style with Hobi if you know what I mean
    Maybe I, I can never fly
    (Goes on with some korean)
    Maybe I can‘t touch the skyhyhyyyyy

  10. How old are you?? You look SO young … like 14/15 to me XD
    That must've been hard for you to call them by their stage name … oof

  11. Jungkook always wearing BLACK colour😂
    Ok, but i love it💜
    *my english is so such,sorry.*

  12. JK 2016: blue jeans! Timberlands!! Big oversized white T-ShIrT! Maroon Beane!

    JK 2019: oversized black T-Shit, black cargo pants, black boots, soon long hair

    He has become emo and in on the road to becoming a real E-Boy

  13. When you said “if you don’t know BTS” I automatically says “then shame on you” 🤦🏻‍♀️ sorry 😅

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