Renée Rouleau Explains Skin Type 3

Renée Rouleau Explains Skin Type 3

– I’m Renée Rouleau, let’s
talk about Skin Type 3. The name of Skin Type
3 is oily, combination, sensitive, consistent breakouts. The symptoms are enlarged pores and produces oil mostly in T-zone. So Skin Type 3 is somebody
that can have shine in the T-zone which is the forehead, the nose and the chin. It can extend out there,
particularly if a lot of your breakouts are more in that area. Typically where you break
out is where you have the most oil often times. But it’s a little bit more in the T-zone. If you have more oil all over the face and a lot of breakouts
you may want to look at Skin Type 1, but Skin Type
3 is a little more T-zone. Next is you break out from heavy oils and pore clogging ingredients. If you’re somebody that always has to be really mindful of what you use, whether it’s skincare products, whether it’s makeup,
like foundation makeup, then you could be a Skin Type 3. If you’re somebody that you find that you get little bumps
and breakouts easily you could be a Skin Type 3. Skin that may become
red and flushes easily, gets tight and irritated
by harsh products. So when I created this I
put the word may in it. So if you’re somebody that
doesn’t get red easily, that’s okay, you could
still be a Skin Type 3. The idea here is that you’re also somebody that gets tight and
irritated by harsh products. So we want to keep water
levels in the skin. If you’re somebody that finds
that products are, you know, when you use them they’re too
strong, you can feel tight, then you can be a Skin Type 3. Consistent blemishes and cysts, several new blemishes a week. So this is an identifier
that’s important to know with Skin Type 3 which
is consistent blemishes. We have other skin types
that are more occasional, but consistent is somebody that could get new breakouts every day, may be kind of maximum of six a week, one every day. If you’re getting into
the ten to fourteen a week then you want to look at Skin Type 1. But this is somebody that one a day, one every other day, probably up to about seven, eight breakouts a
week is what I would say. So that’s important to really know about Skin Type 3 is how many
blemishes you’re getting. Then there’s clogged pores and blackheads. So if you’re somebody that
does get clogged pores easily, you get little whiteheads,
little bumps under the skin, you have blackheads mostly in the T-zone where you produce oil then
you could be a Skin Type 3. Next is post-blemish red
dark scars that linger. Anybody who gets breakouts,
regardless of your skin type, will get marks. But
obviously, if you’re getting a lot of breakouts, trying
to clear up those skin marks on the skin is a real top priority for you for Skin Type 3. Wants to keep skin healthy and smooth and concerned about aging. Even though your focus
is to clear up the skin and clear away breakouts, you’re also somebody that’s mindful of keeping the skin in a healthy state. You also might be thinking
about how you can prevent aging down the road and Skin Type 3 definitely addresses this. As far as Skin Type 3,
the age you might be is anywhere from teenage,
the teenage years, up till maybe 25. I mean you can be over 25
and still have Skin Type 3, but typically your oiliest years, where you produce the most amount of oil are during those years. Oil is what fuels breakouts. And so those years are the years that you’re breaking out most. For Skin Type 3, we sell the products in three different kits. We have our Basic Kit,
this is three products. So if you’re somebody that just says “Hey, I want to start
the Renée Rouleau line “but what are the best
products to start with? “I don’t want to have a lot of products,” then The Basic Kit would
be great to start with. The next is The Essential Kit. This is six products for Skin Type 3. If you’re somebody who
wants to add some products above and beyond the basics, then The Essential Kits
would be great for you because it has six products and gives you some more treatment focused products to give you great results. And lastly is The Complete Collection. This is ten to twelve
products for your skin type. So if you’re somebody that really wants to drive results faster, you’re somebody that likes to do masks, kind of go above and beyond
kind of the basic products then this will definitely
give you the quickest results. When you order one of the skin type kits, and this is really helpful, you’re going to get
this little card inside. And it’s going to give you
step-by-step instructions on how to use the products. I think that’s the biggest
problem that people have is when they’re ordering new products and they get them, they’re
reading the instructions on the back of the box and
they’re trying to determine how to use it. But we give you morning
and evening instructions so it takes all the guesswork so that there’s no confusion. We make it easy for you. If you have additional questions or want to determine your skin type be sure to take the skin
type quiz at and we also can offer a
personalized skin consultation with one of our estheticians. It’s called My Skin Rx and
you can do it via video or over the phone and it
allows one of our estheticians to really make sure that
you’re in the right skin type so they can help determine
the best game plan for your skin, so you can be on your way to the Renée Rouleau glow.

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