Rich Homie Quan Details His Debut Album on Get Sweaty with Emily Oberg | Complex

Rich Homie Quan Details His Debut Album on Get Sweaty with Emily Oberg | Complex

what’s up guys it’s Emily over with complex and you’re watching get sweaty today my guess is rich homie Quan and we’re at Riverside epicenter in Atlanta we’re gonna run through some basketball drills with former NBA player Mark Davis and see if you can keep up let’s go this is Mark Davis he’s gonna be taking us through the drills today tell us a little bit about what we’re gonna be doing don’t be doing speed and agility you got to work as well then we’re gonna do some leg exercise and hip movement okay Sue’s gonna win and we’ll be keeping score let’s start with light–not warm up to get our blood flowing we’re gonna start with 20 push-ups next room for Emily and Quan it’s jump rope so we’re gonna jump five board four or five then we’re going back five total of ten I know that earlier this year you suffered from the seizure right uh-huh can you tell me about that and how its kind of affected your overall health in your lifestyle Oh who’s that the walk to a video shoot it was pretty okay uh I would say hydration is the most important thing though so you weren’t sure he and if no water nothing no word the whole day then we had to be happy part I would say about 98 degrees I started cuz I know a lot of people thought it was drugs but that wasn’t it right it was drawn and how have you changed your lifestyle sets or have you I watch that I eat on the road make sure your arm I miss how you love vegetables yeah like enough water looks like your cheat meal if you’re eating bad ken everything you do I love candy there can be a bit more kind of skills are stellar oh I love that – oops Nick who won Raghava sake WA he works for you oh you work hard hey Jim man he worked hard fine you can win this one on this we have the ladder which is footwork drills that use for basketball we’re gonna start out with the icky shuffle object is using our footwork oh just like it were playing defense or making the move so you’re always the one to ask about hit the Quan what did you think about that blowing up after class my dance is fighting over haeseong right even though it was nothing I had nothing to do the song still felt good on it because I was in part a part of and I’m gonna make me feel good about something maybe the like kids are watching what I do better go see you were flattered and what are your plans for 2016 Oh 2016 drop drop my debut album do you have a name for it yet yes rich hasn’t spirit ooh I like that thank you so what is rich in spirit mean like Hicks I’m a rich in my blue I’m rich and everything I think who’s gonna be featured on it who are you working with producers uh uh way I’ll be on there Jadakiss will going to have Musa will be on there Oh sassy would be on there oh and what is the kind of concept behind the album real-life events so the kind of like storytelling yes I’m married what’s the story oh just like my real life story for me growing up with then blowing up over then rip it off yeah see the guy that got him breathing he had the heart pumping good way to work its out go on me I think Quan guy I’m telling one it’s okay work is whatever the next rule that we’re gonna do is call it a Statue of Liberty okay so we’re gonna have the wall in the squat position knee touch the ground coming up Tim then we switch so what was 2015 like I know you had a lot of backlash from like lyrics and like the video with your kid was it like what do you think when people kind of criticize the things that you do all right that’s it I don’t really think about it too much you don’t care I care but anyway we all mess up so how do you like not let the pressure get to you how do you avoid all the drama and that people say nice daddy hillier yeah try not to do bad or you know sometimes you can’t have it like he just follows you and does your team or anyone around you get mad when like you’re in the headlines for something bad how do they react I won’t say to get mad but they always pull my shoulder all right are your works you did great yeah sorry let the way I come back in well don’t let it get to me and what was the highlight of 2015 for you the hotline well we like the best part of the year Oh slit windows well yeah we’re going to wrap okay don’t go down we’re still going is work their entire office eight more hey Irene by default this drill here is called 100 killer dribbling drill first twin pounding the ball finger tips on next 20 double-cross next one I can’t do Pat what you want to do with speed okay I have to uh why did you rap about having sex with your cousin well in Georgia you have big families so like when I say it like I didn’t know the person was my cousin but it’s like so that you meant it yeah like urtica the good so then how did you find out that your color really awkward what happened man staying at the table I like what she’s over here see what I was doing I said to my family just my family that’s it those times in life how’s your cell phone and it kinda all right when I not technically cousins cousins but it ain’t no immediate family okay yeah that’s a little different in alejandra killer Rowling’s rail we didn’t have Nathan we didn’t have a winner neither way so it was a tie we go for it so that’s all for now I want to give a special shout out to rich homie Quan for me our guest today special shout out to Riverside epicenter and Mark Davis for training us and I’m pretty sure it was a tie no it was not a time I definitely want you’re gonna have smart he knows you can think that but it was the time okay okay thanks for watching guys thank you rich homie thank you Oh I know what you do that’s why I do it a success idols of Kardashians with this in the face of the prima facie Wow lastly is my personal favorite Kendrick Lamar’s alright putting pepperoni on a pizza and throwing out pokemons number three Denzel Washington at the

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  1. I don't get it tho. Why is an anorexic, weak, skinny girl in interviewing for complex in a fitness video.

  2. Rich Homie is such a cool genuine dude his personality makes his music even better. I love his interviews

  3. pretty sure at 4:00 "Statue of liberty Squats" are more lunges than squats. Great series and Emily cute AF !!

  4. Wtf is the point of don g this exercise interview if the girl ain't even doing it properly, might as well stop acting and sit behind a table and interview the guy properly!

  5. Yo everybody this is the best video ever emily nipples waz watch thru out next lose the shirt you'll get more views

  6. I would wife Emily up so quick, she seems like the perfect wife material type girl, if you don't think so then you don't have a soul, this girl is the perfect girl to take home to mom, not tryna get too salty!

  7. Who tf has a seizure from not droning water for a fucking day???
    Smfh gimme a break mf…this dude suss af fr

  8. Quan acting all healthy and shit is hilarious when you know he's gonna light up that kush as soon as he gets home

  9. who The Fuck does burpeess didn't that originate from mexcican gangs in prison… like wooooo smh. people are Remidial.. Latinos controlling us

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