corduroy or type as this fabric is called Hello, my name is Zulma Ibeth, welcome to my channel today we have haul from the shein shop that were
waiting, so let’s start the first garment this beautiful skirt,
corduroy or suede type, but it’s very nice only that there is a detail that I’m left with very big of this
part has here like these lines I do not know if they reach it to perceive, it’s like “A” shape, it’s supposed to give us a better body, Oh one thing I was going to tell you
is that the buttons if you do not put them well, if not the it stretches like they all twist and that
I do not like it very much but the skirt is very beautiful and is very thin does not bring background,
and it opens completely it is totally open I like that because it’s easier and
comfortable to use but then the truth struggled a lot because it is crooked and
I have to fix it so that I stay perfect because if I’m left with very
big the following is a very cute blouse but
as a sweater type that this pink color, have frills, Sorry for the wrinkled clothes, but I had it well saved because you have time for me
it arrived but I had not been able to record them this haul then good here eta and I love it because It has frills, the sleeve is bell type, and down at the waist It has a waistband, the fabric is a sweater type, it has those beautiful lines and they will see what it looks like state is not alive and they will be
seeing how it looks like dancing as you know I’m fan one of the pigs and
two of the unicorns so I asked for this sweatshirt OMG, how beautiful is the unicorn, is white with gray here it has as its spring and has its
hat also, if they want it as for the cold because they will not serve much longer
it’s not very hot, but it’s very thin and very pretty that is what
important Following with the hello, I ordered this skirt, checkered, white and
black and I liked it a lot because it has the they wave diagonally and that makes
that disguises a little the ones that we have stomach and also it is also to the
waist has its zipper very nice back and I love it according to me truth according to me so that
I combined I ordered this blouse that is equal of pictures and frills, but
this is totally transparent that already they saw it in a video is
the one of the review of a palette also in the sleeve has frills
and I really liked it because although this transparent with ubralette down it looks
very pretty but for the combination of the checkered skirt and this one does not
liked what you see as very saturated by the frills of the skirt and blouse,
I feel that with another garment it is perfect, Now I’m going to show you this sweater that I love for the office, and pearl balls obviously type and simulates a shirt down, this one is very hot, with this you do not have to put anything down, it’s very nice and I like it that even in the sleeves have pearls and
down at the end as everyone has its spring and I like it very much up to here, it was all the shein clothes, now I have two of romwe that last time I could not show you what is this pants this is like pants is not leggings, this I do not know how I stay and It has some lines on the sides that I do not remember
what kind of fabric is like corduroy type or something like that, leave me in the comments and then to see what is left according to it is also to the
waist but this one I see it as more big then let’s see how it is, this down if it has its spring then we will be seeing, it is assumed that
You can also use it with heels not matter that they are not tennis then we go and finally this dress
you will say that crazy how are you going to put that but it’s very nice it’s like rocker, that’s why I liked the wave besides that she has a super cleavage,
but it does discrete lestas lines which is like some ribbons and they are tied down here, this one I ordered in extra sizes because I did not want it to stay like
muddy then this if I asked for it as extra size in plus size, and has the
longer sleeve is short but at the same time not so much and the fabric stretches but it’s
very thick and then let’s see what You can see it because I already love it and this video came to an end
I hope you like it as always and not forget to leave me your comments or what
that you like in my social networks here or where you want not to be
forget to subscribe and activate the little bell and also do not forget that
there is an open draw so check the video so they are participating can
take it away and this week’s greetings they will be showing up in this part and
see you in the next, goodbye

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