Hey Youtube family! It’s ya girl Lia back
again with another video. And today’s video as you can see from the title is
another clothing haul fall clothing haul. And today’s retailer as you also saw from
the title is a Rosegal. Now I brought to you guys before a Rosegal haul but
this one’s a little bit different. Today’s video is in collaboration with
Rosegal and I wanted to test out and see what their higher quality pieces are.
And when I say higher quality that means when I went on the site to pick out
today’s pieces I sorted instead of low to high or best-selling or most
top-rated I sorted by price high to low. So meaning
I wanted to see what their most expensive pieces what the quality of
them are. I know their low price items sometimes I get them and I’m like well
you get what you pay for. If you get a $10 blouse you get a $10 blouse and
that’s what it is. But I wanted to see the higher quality items how they
actually worked out because I know a lot of you guys want to know the quality. The
pieces look good online but you guys really want to see what the quality of
some of these pieces are and today’s video is bringing you that information.
Now everything I say in this video is my honest opinion so I’m gonna keep it all
the way 100 with you guys cuz that’s what I do on this channel. So without
further ado let’s just get started. If you are not familiar with my channel I
know I say this in every video but I know some of you guys are new. I’m
very top-heavy. So I am medium larges a lot of times in tops. But I’m very bottom
nothing so I’m very small extra small down below. So it makes buying dresses
and things of that nature very difficult. So we’ll see today if today’s pieces
sizing wise fit me correctly. Now the first piece that I got is a piece you
actually see me in right now and I’m wearing it because I do actually like it.
It is the sexy v-neck long sleeve slimming solid color
women’s dress. Now the titles on these sites a lot of times are crappy and they
are really like you could have did a little bit better with the creativeness
of the title but that’s neither here nor there. It is in the color blue size small
and this is I believe the most expensive piece I got from this haul at $29.74. Now
again like I said I wanted to test the quality. I didn’t want to get $10 pieces
this time I wanted to get kind of more expensive.
I do actually really like this piece. This piece is probably my favorite from
this haul. Some of these I want to wear to both my homecoming and reunion that are coming up. It is my college homecoming. So it’s been what six years
since I’ve been out of college. Has been six years since I’ve been out? Oh my god
whew chile. I’m going to my college homecoming as well as my 10-year high
school reunion and I wanted pieces that would work well for both. So more casual
and some more you know upscale. We do typically have like a party for our
homecoming and I think this dress just does a good job at you know giving my
boob some light but also giving my booty a little bit. Making it look like I gotta
look something going on downstairs. Now do I think it was worth $29. I’d say yeah.
I’d say yeah. I can’t argue with the price on this one. This one is actually
high-quality made. Now the next piece I got is an example of how some things look way better on the site than they actually do when you actually get them and it is
called sleeveless cocktail mesh yarn dress. And this dress is in the color
color mix but as you can see it is a black and kind of a nude color. I got
this in a size a large and this was twenty six dollars and 19 cents. Now when I say it looks better online the model was rocking it. I put it on me it just
did nothing really. It kind of looked like a bag um and it had a little tie string
around it. Now maybe I should have got a medium and maybe it would have fell a little bit differently but in my opinion $26.19. So $26.19. Do I think this was worth it? I don’t. I think it should have been more so in the
18 dollar range. It might be cute for some but for me it is a little bit
more cheaply constructed than I would actually like for a piece to be that
would run meet almost $30. I know I could probably walk into somebody’s H&M
Forever21 and get something even higher quality
than this and it be a little bit cheaper. I know Forever 21 H&M pieces
ain’t meant to last but this also doesn’t feel like it’s meant to last and
it’s upwards of over $25. Now this is the next piece that I have and it is called
the bodycon houndstooth pattern knee length dress. It is in the
color red wine. It is in the size large and it is $24.93. I should
have actually got this in a size medium. I actually went a little too big.
Sometimes on these Asian boutique sites you have to size up. In this case I
didn’t need to really. It fit me really good up top down below it’s just really
kind of too big and it’s maybe because my bottom area like I said in the
beginning could use a whole lot of work downstairs. Gotta do my squats gotta eat
my yams. Gotta eat my cornbread downstairs to kind of work out that area. So down below could use a little bit more work. I do kind of like it overall. Do I
think it’s worth $24.93. I think so. I can get some cute wear out of this you
know coming up in the fall. I could see me wearing this to work I like wearing
dresses to work on Mondays. I tell everybody at work I wear dresses on
Mondays and then the rest of the week boom boom boom boom.It’s not
downhill really but it’s like I come in really hard and then the rest of the
week I’m just trying to make it thru. Just trying to get into Friday. So the
next dress that you guys are seeing right now is the long sleeve cricket
knit dress. It is in the color fire brick as it says online. It is in the size
large and it is in twenty eight dollars and 53 cents. I really do like this
sweater dress. Now I was a little shocked. I was a little taken aback.
I’ve never kind of owned a sweater dress. I really liked that. Like I said it was
$28.53. Now pricing wise um I think it could be a little bit cheaper. It’s not
bad quality it’s not bad quality at all but I can see this being on somebody’s
shelves at forever 21 too and being somewhere in the sense of like twenty
one dollars. I know that’s only like seven dollars difference but I do think
it could be a wee bit cheaper. It doesn’t need to be close to 30. I could see it
being closer to 20 and kind of working out that way. But overall good quality
material. And the last piece I got was this actual coat. I don’t think I’ve ever
tested out coats from there but I wanted to see how their outerwear works and
this is called the stylish turndown collar color-block long-sleeve coat for
women. It’s in the color apricot. It is in the size large and it’s $23.70.
Sizing wise it is way too snug it’s way too snug. I have thin limbs as you guys
can see. My chest is kind of the only big thing I have going on
upstairs but coat couldn’t close. It took a lot for that coat to close. If you
actually want the coat to be functional and to be closing in my opinion for me. I
should have got 2X. So if you look at me and say okay sizing wise I’m a little
bit bigger than her they don’t even have the size thing out there. Truth be told.
I think the sizing on this is way all over the place overall on this site and
for this to be a large and it to fit very much so like a small/medium-ish. It’s
really weird. I think I’m gonna get some cute wear out of it this fall. You know
as a when the season is a little bit cold and you don’t need a big coat
that’s gonna close and do all that you’re just looking for a little throw
on coat situation. That’s a little chilly outside in the morning you can take it
off by the afternoon like that time period This will work for. $23.70. I
think it’s will accurately priced too. For what you kind of get with this jacket.
And that’s it. This has been a pretty I would say overall successful haul. There
are a couple pieces that I have some reservations with. I think that they’re
high quality or the products that are high quality. I do think they can be
priced a little bit lower. A little bit lower but overall got some cute pieces.
So if you liked this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up. If you have any
comments about anything that I wore today. If you hated some pieces. Loved some pieces let me know down below. Just don’t leave no thumbs down. We don’t want to see that on this video. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram at
lialavon89. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss any of my
content and I will see you in my next video. Thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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  1. I like the first dress on you and the coat, as for the I think striped dress, just get the bottom part adjusted and you're good to go girl.. I didn't like the second dress either, but other than that, slay girl!

  2. Long Sleeve Cricket Sweater dress was my favorite on you. Tell your sister she is doing great job assisting you with the filming πŸ€—πŸ€—

  3. The sweater dress was too cute. I actually like the gray dress w/the black lace top. It looks like a baby doll dress. Super cute. Great video as always. Hope all is well.

  4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘TFS! Saw a similar dress to the sweater dress at Walmart about 1-2 weeks ago for less than $20, may have been $14.92.

  5. My fave was the blue dress! It looks so nice paired against your skintone! Your hair is popping..really pretty 😍 I love the wine colored dress fave fall color.

  6. The second dress made you look like little bo peep.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I saw a reasonable light weight jacket on Zulily. After 3 waiting three weeks ( never knew it is a China based conpany) The jacket looks like crap. Needless to say I'll be leaving it on a public bench for who ever wants it.😏

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