RT Life – Miles in a Tiny Sweater

RT Life – Miles in a Tiny Sweater

Miles come on out Come on out Screams* Screams* Jessica Nigiri was a guest on Fan Service this week and she got us, this lovely, whats known as a virgin killers sweater as a gift. It was very kind of her. Um… Just your typical Tuesday at Roosterteeth I guess. Why are you dressed like that? That’s so weird. Fuck off Shawcross. Alright, don’t look at my butt. This is my life

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  1. Im in the third divine beast
    What about your divine beast
    Because were seeing an awful lot of that right now its very
    Impressive and stony

  2. "Don't look at my butt."
    Completely bends over in front of Evan to pick up a gum package out of the trash

  3. Seeing Jaune in a dress is one thing because he's animated, but to see his voice actor, Miles in that, you can never be mentally prepared.

  4. I adore Miles <3 He is the cutest funniest most loveable human being! XD gotta admit tho…..Jon looked frickin sexy at 1:45 there too XD

  5. Wow, first I turn his girlfriend to dust, then I impale the queen he'll never get, now I embarrass him by wearing a tiny sweater. Trust me this is why I'm a better villain than Salem.

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