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  1. Yea I remember being called dumb saying it was the Japanese when attempting to use it as a debate point a couple years ago….

  2. According to Potential History, the Nazi German nuclear program was all, but cancelled by 1942. So what’s with the whole heavy water being shipped to Germany in 1944? Is Potential History just wrong or is this wrong (although, I seriously doubt it ‘cause I love this channel).

  3. Interestingly, the words "Sabaton" and "saboteur" come from the same French word for "shoe." A Sabaton is the foot piece on a suit of armor, and to sabotage something originally meant to, at least figuratively, destroy something by stepping on it (with a shoe).

  4. He forgot about Operation Grouse, which was supposed to help Operation Freshman and resistance, until the were tasked with helping Operation Gunnerside

  5. Germany never tried to develop nuclear weapons as stated at the beginning of the video. No "nuclear race" ever took place in reality, it was the result of allied wartime fears and postwar propaganda.
    The "Uranverein" was a small, underfunded nuclear research program. There never was the political or scientific drive needed to build a-bombs.
    What would've happened if the Vemork sabotage had failed? Nothing, because the Germans didn't have a nuclear weapons program. The whole thing was hyped up without any historical evidence.

  6. EA had the most badass commando mission in history laid out for them. Real life Mission Impossible shit. All they had to do was follow history and this level would rock our world…but nah, let's have a fictional little girl and her mom do it all by themselves because feminism! Go to Hell EA! You go to Hell and you die!

  7. there's also a mini serie about this event called: kampen om tungtvannet (or in english 'The heavy water war' (2015)

  8. Hi. It's me again. This video has no russian subtitles too so i made them. Also i noticed that you replied to me that you'll approve subtitles on Field's of Verdun video but still not approved. And i'm noticed that someone else made a subtitles for video about Bismark. I think you should approve them too. Nope you will notice that comment.

  9. Put skies under a Norwegianperson and you will see what happens …..Dominators on the snow! Greetings from your neighbourcountry to the east

  10. Please write a song about this.
    The Siege of Belgrade, Battle of Belgrade or Siege of Nándorfehérvár was a military blockade of Belgrade that occurred from July 4–22, 1456. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror rallied his resources in order to subjugate the Kingdom of Hungary. His immediate objective was the border fort of the town of Belgrade (in Hungarian: Nándorfehérvár). János Hunyadi, the Voivode of Transylvania, who had fought many battles against the Turks in the previous two decades, prepared the defenses of the fortress.

    The siege escalated into a major battle, during which Hunyadi led a sudden counterattack that overran the Ottoman camp, ultimately compelling the wounded Mehmed II to lift the siege and retreat. The battle had significant consequences, as it stabilized the southern frontiers of the Kingdom of Hungary for more than half a century and thus considerably delayed the Ottoman advance in Europe.

    The Pope celebrated the victory as well, as he had previously ordered all Catholic kingdoms to pray for the victory of the defenders of Belgrade. This led to the noon bell ritual that is still undertaken in Catholic and old Protestant churches. The day of the victory, 22 July, has been a memorial day in Hungary ever since.

  11. I feel like there should be a quick note in there, when talking about Hahn's nobel prize, that the woman in that photo, Meitner, was responsible for a good amount of the nuclear research going on in that lab. This is why we have Meitnerium rather than Hahnium on the periodic table.

    The work of Jewish and female scientists during this period, especially in occupied territories, often gets overlooked but deserves a mention.

  12. This should be a movie holy fuck imagine the scene of the Norwegian badass escaping James Bond style

  13. My two favourite things: Sabaton and military history! As for Germany's Atomic bomb effort, I did read some years ago that, despite the availability of heavy water to them, they didn't quite have enough expertise to pull it off. Ironically, if they had chosen not to pursue their awful policies towards Jews and instead embraced all they had to offer culturally and intellectually, the war may have turned out very differently, the atomic program being a major beneficiary thereof.

    But ultimately the whole vile nazi movement was an expression of hitler's sick world view and not in the least bit rational or forward-thinking. Scary to think about now…

  14. A Nazi nuclear warhead could have potentially ended the war by causing a cease fire between the Axis and Allies. At best, the Germans would only break even with territorial gains if they got a bomb after Normandy. If it happened before, Nazi Germany might own virtually all of Europe.

  15. @sabaton you guys should do a song about landing zone X-Ray in Vietnam I have a family member that was ranger support in that mission.

  16. While the idea of Germany getting the Atom bomb first is interesting in an alternative history context, realistically it is impossible. A lot of scientists who were in the Manhattan Project are Jewish, immediately losing a lot of potential brain power. Add that to Hitler's hate for anything Jewish and you have a scenario that makes Germany developing an Atom bomb first impossible.

  17. Rutherford was a Kiwi, not a Brit. You might as well call him Australian, he'd probably get just as angry.

  18. Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson, OM, FRS HFRSE LLD, was a New Zealand physicist who came to be known as the father of nuclear physics. He is a KIWI not a Brit. THat is like saying and Irishmen is an Englishmen.

  19. My understanding that the final decision to sink the Hydro was made by King Haakon himself because innocent Norwegian civilians would almost certainly be killed. King Haakon, operating from his exile base in England was, in many ways, Europe's last absolute monarch.

  20. There is an excellent movie about this story called Heroes of Telemark starring Kirk Douglas. Please support Indy and the show!
    If you guys love this story and the commando style, please check a 15 year old game called Hidden and Dangerous 2. This is still a dedicated, but small, community.

  21. I do not know what could have happened if they had not sunk the ferry Hydro but after Germany surrendered we discovered they were no where near a bomb.

  22. Someone should make this story a movie! It has a bond style action scene on skis and it actually happened!

  23. Nationa Norwegian broadcasting (NRK) have a semi-historically correct series about this mission, here's a trailer with english subtitles.
    The series itself lies free on NRK, but I doubt it's open outside Norway, but here's the link in case it helps you finding the series somewhere where it's wievable for you, perhaps even with english subtitles:

  24. GARRRRRRRRRRR!!!! INDY!!! Ernest Rutherford is not British!! He was and raised in New Zealander and moved to the UK…… But your forgiven anyway. Keep up the good work.

  25. Guys , I'm your fan , I respect you and I like your songs as oxygen , thank you for this translation in Russian!)

  26. Any war video game company that want to make historical story should consult to these guy. And make sabaton song as the sound track.

  27. That power plant reprezentative is surely a Sabaton fan and saw an opportunity to stage a concert at his work place. Smart.

  28. just think about one thing:
    Who told, and how did He argumented, that German Nazi did not create and tested the Atomic Weapon?
    Afterall, when Heisenberg defected to US, He created not one, not 2 but 4! bombs for the USA, 2 test detonations, then Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and He had more on the way!
    So we all should be glad, that the Norwegian Commandos did what they did.

  29. For a complete account of this (and other acts of allied sabotage against the Axis powers during WWII) check out "Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler's Defeat" by Giles Milton.

  30. The Nazis weren't even close to actually having the A Bomb. Heavy water is what you need to handle the uranium. Like styro in a box. The correct isotope for Uranium was an unsolvable problem in order to produce U238. Except for a Chinese Scientist. Then you have to convert it to Plutonium and now Polonium. This produces the Atom Chain Reaction for a Megaton Explosion.

  31. I wonder if you can find any other stories of Nazi Sabotage. Media has nothing but plots of Sabotage. All if find is the same old Saboteurs of Telemark which i found 10yrs ago. 1 story. That's it. The way that guy described his 5mile chase on skis is truly incredible. Esp the end.

  32. Чуваки, это было очень круто) миссия по уничтожению завода в Норвегии была ещё в первой части "Medal Of Honor", и это было шикарно)

  33. the difference between heavy water and regular water is actually just a single neutron,while regular water only contains a single proton in the hydrogen atom the heavy water contain a neutron and a proton

  34. I was in Glenmore, Scotland last weekend where these brave men trained. Weather wasn't all that great, very authentic experience for scottish winter.

  35. In 2011, I was working in the oilfields of Canada and had just discovered Sabaton. I found this song and it helped me endure the grueling labor and winter , having Norwegian heritage as well it gave me the confidence to push through, as if the song was written for me. Thank you so much! "They were the heroes of the cold, WARRIOR SOUL! "

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